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Wedding Date: June 13,2011

When I actually wrote this: June 21, 2011

I now pronounce you husband and wife! *Goes hyper* *claps* *giggles*

This is the first wedding I ever attended in all my 20 years of existence, sure I made it sound so dramatic but it was a dramatic, successful and a very memorable event. I still recall the days before the wedding; how busy everyone was, how tensed the bride seemed, after all she only wanted the best for her wedding plus it’s a once in a lifetime event. (*Coughs* for most people at least. xD) 

On the day before the wedding, most of us including the bride, checked into the Manila Hotel. We all had to make sure we had our gowns and shoes ready and that nothing was missing. Everyone was going to need a good night’s sleep for the big day ahead. In the morning, the makeup artist arrived and started working on the bride and her bride’s maids. They did an amazing job with everybody’s makeup and hair style. The photographers also arrived and started documenting everything. The groom even appeared in the room and saw his bride before the wedding, I always thought that was some sort of bad luck but I guess they don’t believe in superstitions, neither do I. Me and a few others went ahead to the church bringing along the flowers. It was nice seeing a lot of relatives that I haven’t met yet in my one week in the Philippines. The bride took long to arrive at the church, it took her about 30 minutes to get there, we were all wondering if she was ever going to show up! xD

The bride, my dear cousin, Ate Meg, was the most beautiful bride ever. She was blooming like a white rose even though she cried a bit while walking down the aisle along with her dear parents. The background music didn’t help at all, it just made the whole moment even more touching and dramatic. I heard that as they passed by the benches a few people started crying too. Crying is contagious. The bride was handed to her groom, Kuya Paul, who took her happily and led her to the altar. The mass began and then the exchanging of vows. Then the offerings, I had to go light the candle for my cousin with another person from the groom’s side. I wished my lighter my more cooperative. The veil was placed over the bride and groom by two members from both the groom and bride’s side and then the cord was placed around them both by other two members. The mass was finally over and they are hooked for life!!!! Sorry for the unprofessional language, I just always wanted to say that! ^.^

The wedding was followed by a reception at the Manila hotel. It was filled with laughter, tears and entertainment. It started off with the host acknowledging all the flower girls, bride’s maid, groomsmen, secondary members (I so forgot what they call it. >.<) and the godparents. After that, there were a few songs sung for the newlyweds by relatives and really touching speeches given out. Everyone’s eyes were tearing as the father of the bride gave his speech, I must say it was the longest and most touching speech ever. Finally the groom and the bride got to give their thanks to everyone. The funny part was when the groom had to give away a garter to one of the single men, they made it a sort of passing game, I wasn’t there to witness it because I was busy elsewhere (*coughs*) , it was then followed by the bride throwing her bouquet to all the single ladies. The bride’s sister got the bouquet, and the guy who got the garter was one of the groom’s friends. The guy had to slip the garter in my cousin’s foot. Everyone was howling and laughing. Their expressions were hilarious. Just to make it clear, while all this was happening we were all already eating. The food was great. There were so many pictures being taken. Outside the doors there was a photo booth where you get 4 takes and they give you a souvenir. Like the one below.

That’s the bride and groom alright! Well thank you for reading my summary of the entire wedding. It was really great occasion and I am honored to have been a part of it. I’ll never forget this day, and if I ever do, I can just check this site and read about it again. xD 

My personal messege to the bride and groom ( Ate Meg and Kuya Paul)

I know you both have been through a lot throughout the years. But I know this was meant to be!! You both are great together and may you have a very happy married life. May God bless you both endlessly. I want to see you both smiling like this forever, ofcourse there will be ups and downs but I know you both will be able to pull through like you always do. I love you both!!