There was a cool breeze around them while Lil watched the old man, her father, move towards the centre of people gathered around him and stood near the huge bonfire. Silence prevailed, everyone locked their gaze on her father with such respect, Lil held her breath just like the others around her waiting in anticipation and curiosity for her father to utter a word. Her father gazed at each of the lycans with a calm stare

“Miasma City, a city of legend. Different creatures exist; live amongst each other, even lycans like us. The Kumori is weak, troubled and hassled by Vampires. Who amongst you will have the courage take it upon yourselves to take over the Kumori and bring me good news of your progress?”

Lil blinked once and snapped her gaze towards her elder brother, Chakuri, as if she knew he was going to react, which he did. He stood up and stepped forward bowing his head in respect.

“I shall conquer, father.” He stated.

Lil knew her brother would be the best for the job but she wanted to go with him though she couldn’t speak her wish now so she remained seated patiently waiting. Her father smiled towards his son.

“I knew you would, my son.”

Lil watched her father as he gave Chakuri his blessings and then she cheered and howled for the future Alpha along with the rest of the crowd. Her father raised his hands then lowered them in slow motion, silence fell over the crowd once more, Lil bit her lips as she waited to hear what more he had to say, her eyes on her brother trying to get his attention but he was too focused on their father.

“Kill their current Alpha and the other wolves will automatically follow your lead as tradition. The stubborn ones will just go into exile.” The old man stated, “Build up your own pack and take whoever you need to help you.” He added gesturing towards the crowd of lycans.

Lil quickly rushed to her brother and with so much persuasion he finally agreed to take her along with the other lycans he chose for his mission. Lil was excited for this is the first time she would be away from the main tribe and it was her chance to prove herself and become a much more experienced lycan. She was trained by her brother in the art of battle and she is calm and controlled.

The day finally came when they had to set off, Lil hugged her father goodbye who seemed very sad to see her go but he knew she had to have the right to be able to venture out there and she had just turned twenty-one, she was in the right age. He also knew his son would take care of his little sister. Lil stepped back and moved along with the other few chosen lycans as she watched her brother and father converse briefly.

Then they set off, towards Miasma City. Lil didn’t know what to expect but all she knew is she’ll help her brother take over The Kumori pack and build a new better and stronger one that lives with the same goals they were brought up with: To grow and conquer.