Just like the blooming of a red rose,
This is how a fairytale grows.

Magic mirror on the wall,
Midnight struck at the royal ball,
A magical lamp from a distant place,
Beauty fell for a beast with a hidden face,
A kiss that awakens a long sleep,
A love growing from the ocean so deep,
Each line from a different fate,
Each story taught a lesson so great.

Two strangers from worlds far apart,
Brought together by bonds of their heart,
Their hope is a bright gleam,
Living a wonderful dream,
Flying without wings in the sky,
Everyday they will fly high,
Trying to reach each other,
Hope they make it forever.

Their days are filled with happiness,
They get caught up in their craziness,
The flowers around them bloom in delight,
The sun is shining ever so bright,
The breeze of the wind is blissful,
This feeling they have is wonderful,
Will this last for long?
Hopefully things won’t go wrong.

They will live Happily ever after one day,
Just like a fairytale far far away.