From this day onward,
I’m going to look forward,
No more turning back,
From the entire false act,
All the mistakes I’ve made,
All the mean things I gave,
All the wrong things I say,
For all I’ve hurt I pray,
I’m sorry for my selfishness,
I’m sorry for thinking of my happiness,
Absolutely sorry for not being there,
I really blame myself because I didn’t care,
I quit complaining,
I quit judging,
I quit predicting,
Most of all I quit contemplating,
If ever I caused you pain,
I really didn’t have anything to gain,
If ever my words killed you anytime,
Sorry, I hope at present its fine,
If ever my opinions shattered your heart,
I really regret trying to impart,
From now on I will seize to think,
I’ll ignore every false link,
Just look for the good,
To avoid unnecessary feud,
Sorry to all that I’ve hurt,
Hurt indirectly,I didn’t mean to blurt,
Hurt directly, I meant what I said but its wrong,
I shouldn’t have done it all along,
Thank you for everything,
Thank you for shouldering,
Thank you for forgiving…