She was born to a high middle class family; she got everything she needed for her age and her life was going swell. When she turned fourteen, her parents died in a plane crash which made her an orphan.

She was taken in by close contacts of her parents. She was anti-social, always in her own world and she would rather walk alone then talk or be with anyone. Until her parents were alive, they never tried to change how anti-social she was. Unfortunately her new family wanted her to be friendlier with people so they forced her to act, dress and be a certain way. They dragged her to random social events, made her visit girls her age that she wanted nothing to do with. She was living a big fat lie.

When she turned eighteen years, her foster parents even went so far as to get her engaged to some rich man without even taking her consent or permission. She was miserable and she didn’t know how to stand up for herself or get out of the situation. Since she was supposed to be married at the age of Twenty-one, she still had time so she decided not to think about it.

She was successful either way, she studied Psychology and worked on the side even though her foster parents didn’t like it, it was the only thing she fought for that would give her a chance to do something on her own for once. She graduated when she turned twenty and she felt good, she wished her parents were still alive. Right after she graduated her foster parents announced her wedding date. She was devastated and still didn’t gather the courage to decline due to her gratitude towards them for taking her in.

The fiancé never got along with her. They both obviously didn’t want to marry but they both didn’t have the guts to stand up for themselves. One night, her fiancé was acting too sweeter than usual and invited her for a drink. She declined but he convinced her saying he wanted to talk about the whole wedding plan and what would happen afterwards. She decided it was best she went with him to see what he has to say.

While they were in the car on the way he suddenly stopped in the middle of the highway just next to the forest, it was already late at night and it was kind of deserted. He suddenly pulled out a gun and pointed it at her and asked her to get out of the car. She was so angry she didn’t listen; she remained on the seat and just ignored him. She’d rather be shot than listen to what he has to say to her at gunpoint. The guy got out of the car and dragged her out roughly throwing her on the ground with the gun still pointed at her.

She didn’t fight back or react, she felt overwhelmed, she didn’t even look at him, and he proceeded to tell her about how she is ruining his life by her existence and that he isn’t sorry to end her life now so he can live peacefully. Suddenly many things happened at once, there was a howl in the distance and they could hear barks and snarls. Around four wolves that looked much bigger than any normal wolf surrounded the two individuals. She was stricken with fear, she remained on the ground and closed her eyes, she heard gun shots and then growling and ripping of flesh and her fiancé’s screams. Suddenly something furry lunged on her and she felt a number of pains from all over her body, she was screaming in her mind and possibly out loud too, but her mind was in a trance.

Something hurled the wolf off her in one swift motion. She heard a whimper before she lost consciousness. She regained consciousness a bit when she heard howls coming from far off in the distance, she could feel the blood all over her form and then someone lifted her up which made the pain even worse, she wanted to scream but she didn’t have the strength. She felt herself being laid gently over something soft and someone pressing their bloody wrist to her mouth, she could already taste the blood, she moved her head away.

“Drink it, or you will be gone forever.” A man stated in a quiet tone.

She was near drifting out of consciousness so she just drank the blood from this man’s wrist quickly despite the foul taste. After she couldn’t drink any longer she stopped and she felt faint like she couldn’t keep awake any longer. She decided to give up and she lost consciousness and her heart stopped beating.

She woke up feeling something she never felt before, she felt this strong pain in her throat like she was very thirsty, she wanted to drink, not water, but something else. She felt soil all over her, like she was buried deep within the ground. She screamed and dug through the soil, she was stronger than she was before and she managed to dig her way back up to the ground. The moment she ascended she was greeted by the same man.

“Welcome, my little fledgling.” He said pleasantly.

She just screamed in his direction and lunged herself on the man, he was stronger so he managed to get her off him then he grabbed a bag and broke its contents over her, it was blood. She just grabbed the bag and began to drink hungrily, when it was over she moaned for more and he gave her another bag. She began to calm down the more blood she consumed. After a while, he sat in front of her.

 “You’re officially a child of the night. Now if you come with me, I’ll teach you everything you have to learn.”

She was a bloody mess and despite her confusion she just followed the man. She didn’t even dream vampires could actually exist, now that she was one, she didn’t really mind, the only thing she missed was her humanity, she was glad though of the escape she got from that life she once lived. She didn’t like to draw blood out of people, her mentor fortunately had similar beliefs, and he taught her to be able to survive feeding off animals and only to feed of human beings if they are willing and to use her gifts to make them forget. Slowly after he gained her trust he began to teach her the sweetness of drawing human blood and the amount of satisfactions vampires got from it. She enjoyed it but somehow felt guilty afterwards. She still did it every chance she got and as time went by the guilt went away; she learnt to accept her true nature. She is picky when it came to her meal and there were times when she got angry or real hungry and she lost all her control allowing the animal within to take over.

It took him almost 50 years to teach her everything and when he thought she was ready he disappeared leaving her a farewell note, he told her of a City and how free it might be for a vampire to roam the streets there, she could even get away with feeding if she did it right. She knew this day would come and she was prepared, she owed her mentor a great deal, at least now she could live her life, her undead life, the way she wanted. She didn’t take anything with her apart from the letter that was under a hidden pocket in her white dress. She traveled to the city and joined a vampire order because she wanted to be amongst other vampires. She remained anti- social and she won’t admit the main reason she joined the order was that she liked being amongst those of her own kind. She is very opinionated, open minded and observant. She is very quiet and less aggressive depending on her hunger level or how she is treated.

It was ironic for her about how as a human she wanted to be alone but now as a vampire she wanted the company of her own kind. Maybe it was a vampire thing. She finally found her goal after a while, to serve the order with all her undead life and protect those within the family that needs it.