Most people tend to ignore the father`s love, he loves you to the depths of the earth yet he doesn`t show it a lot like the mother does. He developed an outer core to make himself look tough since he is the head of the family and its up to him to be able to give you an example of how hard life is and how we should deal with it, he toils everyday and works really hard to be able to give you a better life and a secured future. Just like how the mother teaches you how to walk with your own two feet, the father teaches you how to stand up in life with your own two feet, sure he holds you most of the way but he knows at one point he will have to let you go and venture out on your own. Just like the mother, the father`s love is unconditional and unmeasured and super duper strong. 

(Disclaimer: I do not own this picture nor take any credit for it. If I knew the owner I’d have mentioned them. =))

 I love you Papa.
Cheers to all the fathers out there!