Well, my roller coaster vecation in the Philippines has finaly comes to an end. So many things have happened in these two and a half months, I’d like to make a recap of the memories and thank so many people. 

Remember when we arrived here on june 16th and you made us wait 3 and a half hours in the airport? *Giggles* well those three hours where worth the wait. xD

Remember when we went to Manila hotel on the eve of Ate Meg’s Wedding, damn that was fun!

Remember on June 18th when Ate Meg and Kuya Paul tied the knot! So emotional and so dreamy. A day I would never forget because its the first wedding I ever attended. 

Remember all those crazy random moments we have when we just use our laptops like there is nothing else to do or take random crazy pictures.

Remember how Kuya Yman used to always annoy us to eat our meals, thank you so much Kuya Yman.

Remember when kuya Cons brought us to the mall and we watched transformers 3 on the big screen. Weee!

Remember Kyrie’s 4th birthday and the games ate Rocky hosted. That was a cute day, Kyrie looked like a princess. THINK PINK!

Remember when Papa arrived in the Philippines on Mic’s birthday. Oh and also that half of us went to the airport to collect him!

Remember when we went to pangpanga to visit one of Mama’s long time friends and how some of us went to subic beach and had so much fun. Me and Mei walked in the dirty ocean like crazy girls but it was worth it. xD

Remember all those times we escaped and went for late night foodtrips.

Remember Kuya Conz’s huge birthday celebration in the condo! Hehehe and also the day when Papa went back to Kuwait. =(

Remember RC’s pizza birthday food trip. We just went for a ride and ordered Pizza. xD So simple yet awesome. (Ano RC? =p)

Remember when we stayed a week in Kuya Marlo’s house and ate Essel cooked anything we wanted. Plus durng that one week, the internet connection got cut for 3 days plus there was no water in the house PLUS the electricity company wanted to cut the electricity! Talk about bad luck in one day. xD

Remember when I went to UST with my cousins to meet my old time awesome pinoy friend  and the best basketball team mate I will ever have, Marviiii! There was no electrcity in KFC and they couldn’t even serve us soft-drinks. >.> But it was still fun catching up Marvi. Oh and after Marvi went for class, Remember how we( mao, RC and me) were laughing like crazy people on the street and getting wet in the rain. xD And also rememer SM KFC foodtrip. *Dies laughing* Friiiiess

Remember when me and Tita bunini joined the gym. Oh the PAIN. >.>

Remember all our random laughs and random annoyances. Muhahaha.

Remember all the failed meeting plan, Marie. >.>

Remember when a cockroach decided to crawl on my back while I was sleeping and elias tried to beat it to death and beat my twins(Mao) legs in the process and how I woke up all scared and almost squished my twin when I tried to move away from the damn roach. >.>

Remember when we went Bagiuo! I say that was the best trip ever. All the treeeeees! Especially since I met my best friend. Dalulululu!!

Remember when we played cardgames and some of you managed to mess up my pretty face with lipstick. Oh joy.

Remember when we ate ice cream and took crazy pictures like idiots.

Rememeber how I would always be lazy to go to the gym and how Tita bunini would just roll her eyes.

Rememeber when we went to Bulakan to visit Sami boy. We even played hide and seek and got chased by dogs!! xD

Rememeber when uncle Don brought us to mongolian all you can eat reataurant with Maji and tita Balla.

Rememeber when we realised that these days are coming to an end. =(

Rememeber when me and Elton made my twin(Mao) like a bed basket, hahaha that was fun.

Rememeber when we went back to Kuya Marlo’s house and we started recording those singing videos like crazy girls. Also our heart to heart talk with Ate rocky.

Remember when Kuya cons brought me peanuts with chilly and garlic for a whole week until I left back to Kuwait. Soo tastyy!! Thanks Kuya cons!

Rememeber when Kuya Marlo took us to cloud 9 and we could almost see the whole of Philppines from above in the dark! After that we went to a nice noisy live band restaurant then reached home at 2am. Damn!

Rememeber how me and my twin didn’t sleep that night and continued recording more songs until we almost passed out. 

Well there you have it, a small summary of some of the events of my awesome two and a half months in the Philippines. I guess words aren’t enough to discribe how wonderful this vecation has been for me. I realised I needed the vecation after all and this place would mean nothing if it weren’t for all you amazing people. 

I love you all and I can’t wait till we meet again!!!!!

P.S: I will miss my twin (winky) the most because she was the poor one who got dragged everyhere I went and she is also my sleeping partner! Will miss sharing a bed with you Twiney!!!