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Fight! Fight!”

The crowd cheered as two contenders emerged. This wasn’t the usual cage fights that people witnessed. This was something different due to the way these contenders appeared. One of them walked slowly through the caged path leading into the bigger area appearing calm with eight fingers wrapped around a bat that was leaned against his shoulder brushing against his double pair of right ears; his moreno skin tone was glistening from the sweat all over his bare chest. A huge smirk appeared on his face as he came to a stop before his opponent. The other male was much more buffer compared to the other, he was slightly taller and obviously weighted more but he had a lot of tiny pimple like bumps all around his body which were varying in color, some were purple, blue, green, pink, yellow and his dark complexion didn’t help hiding those bumps, they could have passed out for tattoos but if anyone looked closer they would totally cancel out the assumption. He didn’t carry any sort of weapon in his hands which were balled into tight fists.
The two men appeared to be exchanging remarks then the fight broke out which caused the crowd to go wild with excitement; people calling out bets, cheering and screaming their lungs out at the two mutant fighters. The cage area had two exits or entrances on either side of the underground facility, the mutants were only allowed to go through them to enter the fighting area but they were never permitted to get out, the pale skinned guards who were posted around the area made sure of that.
Meanwhile things were being set in motion; a thin lady wriggled her way through the underground ventilation just above all the loud noise, she held her breath as she emerged before the room she intended to infiltrate, she peered through the tiny holes within the vents and spotted the guard in the surveillance room, the male seemed to keep his eyes glued to the screen and unlike most surveillance guards, this one was wide awake and very alert.  The lady used her forked tongue to lick over the vent causing a sort of acidic reaction to melt it down a bit.
The male below was instantly aware of something going on in the vents, he stood up and knocked on it only to receive a huge surprise when the lady emerged from the huge hole she created and tackled him to the ground her forked tongue slithering out of her mouth dangerously wiggling at his face, the male bared his fangs and a fight ensued. The lady looked human except for that tongue of hers and the fact she was very flexible, she got her tongue around his neck and allowed her saliva ooze to paralyze him. The moment the vampire went limp, she moved to the screens and began adjusting a few stuff on the panels.
“Surveillance room is secure.” She blurted out after pressing through her ears at the hidden communication device and took a seat monitoring the screens, she spotted the cage fight that was going on and smirked, “You boys are doing a great job.”
The cage fight was still going on, the fighters were staging the fight on purpose to make it drag longer to keep the bloodsuckers busy, it was causing the crowed to grow more and more wrestles.
“Adeline got the surveillance, we’re clear.” a male muttered silently into his communication device, he had his hood up and after his orders, a group of other mutants began to infiltrate the underground camp were their fellow mutants were being held against their will to fight these cage duels for entertainment.
The male retracted his hood which showed half of his burned skin which turned greenish as if he was a half lizard species. He didn’t look too good; it was obvious before this that he went through so much beating, but he was still standing.
“Tomi, you could wait out here, you’re still haven’t regained all your strength.” Said Mr. Luke, who was Tomi’s second in command that has a human skinned covered tail swaying behind him like an angry cat.
“No, I’ve made it a point to save them, I promised, I’m going in there and fulfilling it.” Tomi stated.
The man nodded retracting his hairy fingers, his tail remaining stationary and moving back into the van, “We’ll be standing by.” He muttered.
Tomi nodded and followed the rest of his fellow men. They made their way from the hidden tunnels. Tomi remembered these tunnels very well; it was how he managed to escape along with Adeline, his sister. They were one of the unlucky ones who were captured by the vampires and forced to fight in those cage tournaments. Tomi made a promise to the mutants, most men, some women and many children that he’ll get them out if he escapes and since then he managed to build a huge colony of mutants from all around the world, a secret community and their first mission is to bring down the vampire’s exploitation of their own kind. It started with him and his sister’s escape and before they did, they made sure to take with them a good memory about the underground fighting camp and a few friendships.
Adeline continued her surveillance when the door to the room opened; she quickly got on her feet then heaved a sigh of relief when she saw who it was. The male who appeared before her flashed a warm smile though his fangs were still shown, she quickly leaped into his arms and he hugged her to himself affectionately.
“I was glad you and your brother finally managed to set things moving. Don’t know how long I could’ve lasted without you.” The vampire murmured.
“I told you we’d be back, I missed you a lot, Kyle.” She said letting her forked tongue slide across his neck though it didn’t hurt him for she wasn’t releasing the toxins. The two obvious lovebirds moved to the control panel of the monitoring screens and continued surveillance, every time someone checked in, Kyle would respond to void any suspicions.
Tomi’s team finally reached the back building where the other mutants were gathered. The team consisted of around eight mutants; they all appeared human despite their minor defects in skin tone, extra limbs or deeply hidden marks, all of them have their own individual stories of how they mutated.  They gathered around and began planting dynamites. There were huge amounts of planning for this operation to even happen, thanks to Kyle; they all managed to coordinate their plans with the inmates within. Everyone was doing their part well. Adeline and Kyle got the surveillance room. The two fighters outside kept their fight dragging long to keep the vampires and guards busy.
Tomi and his team were going to break out all the mutants within the vicinity and they were one step closer to doing so, he only needed a match stick and a light, but once everything goes boom, they would have to move real quickly for it would make a large noise and the guards outside the cell would be alert but it will take a while for backup to arrive since the vampires were cocky enough to just place three guards for over fifty mutants of all sizes. They underestimated the mutants, just because they were only human beings with a little twist in their DNAs doesn’t mean they can’t fight back against vampires.
A huge boom was heard from the other side of the cage fight. The guards posted around the cage looked at each other but didn’t dare to move from their place. The surveillance room was being called at continually to check for the culprits but Kyle just told them calmly everything seemed normal. They didn’t buy it though and sent two men to check on Kyle. The two lovers easily disposed the surprised vampires, they got the hell beat out of them and their limp bodies were placed just next to the original guard on duty for surveillance. They were not dead and they might regain consciousness soon, so the two was hoping that Tomi and the rest would get the others out quickly so they could leave as well.
The mutants eyed Tomi and his team and cheered, they had made sure to keep away from the wall that was going to be bombarded, and they all quickly moved out after disabling the three leeches who didn’t stand a chance against the rebelling mutants.  Tomi and his men guided them through the tunnels, four of them posted in front of the group while the others at the back incase some bloodsuckers followed suit. As per Tomi’s calculation, it should give them ten minutes before any vampire would be able go through the whole facility before reaching the tunnels and if they wanted to meet them on top, the stand by team was going to take care of them.
Someone screamed for them to stop and a vampire attacked one of the mutants from within, without another word one of Tomi’s men fired up his flame thrower and quickly set the leech on fire. It screamed and ran around the place, but quickly after that, others started showing up. In the same way all the other men disposed of it while the skilled fighters kept them busy while the rest of the group moved on.
The crowed was still cheering and the two mutants within the cage went on with their fake fight, they looked exhausted and Adeline and Kyle were patiently waiting for a signal so they could go out there and break them free. Finally Adeline’s com beeped and she nodded towards Kyle.
“I’ll go to the main power line and cut out the electricity, it’s a signal for them to be able to sneak out of the cage through the loose end you created.” She stated eyeing him intently.
“Alright, I’ll be with you in a second, I’ll just delete all these evidence.” He stated and began messing with the controls to delete whatever video footage was taken of the mutants infiltrating.
Tomi managed to get the mutants out, they only had a few injuries and the leeches stopped following them due to the huge fire barrier between them and the base which was caused by a dynamite detonation. The mutants were safe for now. Everyone was happy but worried for the two cage fighters plus Adeline was still in the building. Tomi frantically spoke into his communication device.
“Sis, get out of there now, we have to leave before they come.” He barked out.
“Relax Bro, just got to get Wartsfoe and Butterfingers out, Kyle is with me.” She stated as she messed around with a power cord and licked her tongue over it causing it to static a bit then the lights went off at the same moment she felt herself getting shoved against a wall, she screamed but a rough hand covered her mouth firmly.
“Shut up, bitch. You’re going to die.” An eerie voice whispered into her ears then she felt a huge twang of pain as this man’s hand moved around her neck to suffocate her before she could use her tongue on him. He banged her on the wall numerous times.
The crowed outside began to get restless when the lights went out but Butterfingers and Wartsfoe quickly moved to the part of the cage that was loose and slipped into the crowed, they got out fine and quickly ran off to find Tomi and his crew.
Adeline was struggling to stay awake when she heard Kyle’s voice in the background; she couldn’t see clearly or open her eyes due to the power cut she caused. Kyle cussed at the other male and the two began to wrestle or that’s what it sounded like. Both with their vampire speed banging against the walls, breaking machinery. Adeline forced herself to move up and then she was grabbed by someone but this time it was Kyle, he guided her out of the room without saying a word. Most of the vampires were on the other side trying to stop the mutants from escaping but were caught within the fire barrier.
Just as Kyle and Adeline were about to leave the vicinity Kyle felt something and quickly shoved Adeline out of the way to be caught by a silver arrow right where his dead heart was which caused him to growl as he felt a burning sensation within him. Adeline yelped and tried to move towards him but he pushed her away.
“Go!” Kyle hissed out.
“Fuck no, I ain’t leaving.” She whined and moved towards him with whatever strength she had left, she tried to touch the arrow but Kyle wriggled in pain and fell to the ground. Adeline’s eyes began to fill with tears, she shook her head.
“We’re so close, Love. So close.” She pleaded.
They heard screams in the distance and Kyle took out his necklace with one hand and moved it over Adeline’s head, “This isn’t just a silver arrow, they probably thought it was a good time to test the venom they devised for vampires, since poison doesn’t affect us, but some weird wizard asshole gave them a potion that would.” Kyle managed to blurt out then began to spit out black blood and his form started spazzing. Adeline closed her eyes moving back slightly.
“Kyle…” she murmured.
“I love you Addy. Forever.” He whispered out hoarsely then held the arrow in his hands coiling into a ball his form began to drizzle and emit smoke like he was actually turning into dust. Adeline’s tears just continued following all the more when she felt two sets of hands from either side of her pulling her up and dragging her off, she didn’t even care what happened to her now when she heard Wartsfoe’s voice.
“We gotcha Missy Adeline.” He said in his gruff tone.
“Indeed we do, we do.” Butterfingers said as he held Adeline firmly with all sixteen of his fingers.
They both sounded sad and indeed they were, Kyle wasn’t like all the vampires and if it wasn’t for him, half their mission would’ve failed. They reached the others and everyone set off to continue their free lives leaving the angry vampires trapped within the underground vicinity that was slowly burning.
“Where are you both heading?” Tomi asked Butterfingers and Wartsfoe.
They both told him about a place called Heretic Pass where they’d be free to wander around without getting funny looks and they have been there before and would like to go back. Tomi thanked them for bringing his sister back and making the fight last long.
Tomi watched everyone moving along separating into groups, he vowed to make it a point to free the mistreated mutants and to make sure they were all safe. Always.