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She walked along an abandoned path then noticed two paths converging from the main path she was on. She stopped and assessed which of the two paths she should take, she looked further down one as much as she could, considering she had a better sight of vision compared to normal human beings, she was able to get an idea where it led, and then she took the other path and did the same. She seemed hesitant to move forward so she just remained there standing like a painting in between the crossroads. She wasn’t breathing, her pale face was blank, and she could’ve been mistaken for a statue if it wasn’t for the wind blowing back her blackish-brown wavy hair with curly tips. She wore normal clothes, she could’ve passed for a normal girl, but she knew she wasn’t normal anymore; she had a craving that made her a monster in other people’s eyes. Her chest contracted out of habit, she didn’t need to breathe but sometimes she did, she began recalling the last time she was faced with crossroads.

The stench of blood filled the air, the cries of pain and mercy began to die down. She walked towards the centre of all the dead bodies, bodies of those she just murdered. Human beings, mortal and alive, like she was once upon a time, but that didn’t matter, she accepted what she was now and she looked down on the lifeless bodies and felt a sense of satisfaction wash over her. Her task was done, she did her part. The blood all around her made her feel restless and uneasy but she had to wait for the rest of them to arrive before she did anything, she didn’t want to disrupt the plan. She heard a faint sound behind her and she twirled around instantly as three of her team mates arrived, two males and one female, the female waltzed her way to her side, her lips curled into a sly smile.

“Nice work, but they look so alive it doesn’t seem like you had fun.” The female said and faked a pout. One of the males shrugged, “You know how Claire likes to be efficient.”

The other male waved his hand at the two, “Shut up and stick to the plan, Claire, finished off all the guards in the main entrance, now it’s up to us to get in and get the kids out.” He barked out the orders.

He was the leader of their team and one of the commanding officers of their order of vampires. Claire just rolled her eyes and nodded moving in forward, she crouched low, prepared for the kill as she moved with the other three behind her.

That was another one of their successful nights; they managed to rescue their brothers and sisters from the scientists, mere humans, who conducted experiments on them. Claire saw something different that night though, compared to all the asylum like facilities they broke into, this one was bigger and she saw other creatures, some she didn’t even knew existed. There were wolf children, elf like creatures with pointy ears, mere kids that looked like human beings but there was something in the way they stared at her that made her cringe mentally. She ignored all of them and went for the goal; fellow vampires. She was never one to deviate from instructions or plans but right after they achieved their goal and rescued all the vampires. She was back at the camp and she found herself recollecting these creatures, their features, the way they looked at her, some of them seemed so young. She didn’t know if she felt a bit guilty for leaving them behind, she wasn’t supposed to feel guilt anyways. The rescued vampires were recovering slowly and the order was growing strong. Claire asked the leader of their team about the creatures, he told her that they didn’t have to worry about the other creatures but their own since there was an agreement with all the founders of different orders including theirs, that they would rescue their own kind and leave the others to be rescued by their own to avoid unnecessary war or complications. Apparently when they were briefed about the plan, Claire wasn’t around when they discussed the other creatures, she just showed up during the infiltration plan where she was needed most. She tried to stop thinking about the other races and move on.

A week later, Claire went into town and decided to hunt; she usually went alone when she wanted time to herself and a little fun, once in a while. She reached the local bar and flopped on a stool like she usually does when a man sat next to her; she smiled mentally; bingo. She shifted on the stool and the male turned in her direction and leaned into her.

“Want to get out of here?” he asked softly.

she smiled towards him and jumped up from the stool and walked out of the bar without another word. He was right behind her and he caught her arm as they got out in the pavement, he led her towards a building and then up to an apartment.

He silently shoved her into the room before he bolted the door. She just watched him, putting on her fake charming smile, he turned and grinned eyeing her from top to bottom before he grabbed her roughly by the shoulders, now, if she was human, that would’ve hurt but she wasn’t so she just played along and found herself being flung on a bed. He descended upon her, pinning her wrist on the bed and placing his warm lips upon her cold ones, he was kissing her lustfully and she returned the gesture, she had to play along, she felt him tugging her top off which gave her the opportunity to sit up and roll him over, she straddled him firmly and then leaned over placing soft kisses on his neck, she felt him relax underneath her, she could sense the blood within his veins causing her fangs to come out of its sockets and she just sunk them into his neck in a swift motion. He screamed. She dragged a hand over his mouth to silence him while she fed. She drank hungrily letting the red liquid fill her mouth and move within her system, suddenly she couldn’t feel anything except the blood she was drinking, and it fulfilled the thirst she was suffering from. She found the strength to pull back and she stared into the male’s eyes working on her enchantment.

“We had great sex, nothing more, nothing less.” she whispered.

He seemed hypnotized and he nodded slowly, she leaned in to drink some more enjoying the sweet taste of blood that set aside the pain of thirst before she licked the wound close and the male lost consciousness. She straitened her shirt and then began getting rid of any visible signs of blood on the bed.

She left the apartment satisfied; she played her game once again, her favorite game, it just seemed so easy. They never remembered her or remembered what really happened. Now that she wasn’t thirsty, she set off towards camp recollecting that night a week ago when they rescued the other vampires, the creatures she saw, no matter how much she tried to stop thinking about them, they always came creeping back into her mind. She found herself walking in the direction of the asylum instead of the camp. She frowned to herself but since she was near, she decided to snoop around a bit. She noticed new guards were placed; she hid herself amongst the trees as she silently watched. Suddenly she felt all numb and stunned into place, she couldn’t move her legs or her arms, or any part of her body, she hissed silently then a figure shimmered in front of her and glared at her. It was a man, he didn’t look old yet something about his eyes told her he was well mature and he experienced a lot of things in life. The male’s expression grew casual as he realized she was just a vampire. “Oh, a bloodsucker.” He stated and waved his hand over her face.

She suddenly felt feeling come to her all at once, one moment she was numb then the next, she could move and feel again. She eyed the male with a blank expression, he wore normal clothes but there was something off about him. He stared towards the asylum standing close to her. “They also have some of my brothers and sisters, younger ones, I am sure you’ve seen them when you went to rescue your own.” He stated in an amused tone, “I see the elves haven’t been right on schedule. I guess we can do them the favor.”

He snapped his fingers and about ten other people suddenly shimmered into view like ghosts, Claire just stood against the tree motionless as she watched, thoughts rushing through her head; so this must be the other creatures rescuing their own too, her thought trail was interrupted as quickly as it began when she heard the man state in a calm tone but with authority and firmness. “The same plan, except we take in everyone, including the elves.” The others nodded in unisons and all of them disappeared.

A few minutes later, Claire turned to see the whole asylum on fire; that was quick. “Heretic Pass, it’s where we live, you should come by sometime.” The same man whispered into her ear. She didn’t even notice him return due to the chaos that unfolded before her just within seconds, the building set on fire, the guards screaming.

“You ought to run before they find you.” He said sounding like he was smirking. She turned around wanting to get a look at him but he was gone. She took a last glance at the burning building and then ran back to camp.

As usual, the camp was alive with laughing, loud music and chattering. There was a blood barrel and one of the vampires was passing down paper cups of blood. She rolled her eyes at the scene yet she smiled genuinely. She has lived with them for years and she never regretted a minute of it, they were her family, her own kind, each of them had their own story. The order had a hierarchy, she was in the fourth level since she joined them, it’s been only fifty years and most of the others before her have been in the same order for hundreds of years. They didn’t have to do any more rescuing because apparently the asylum that got burnt down was the last one in their area.

A year went by; she usually spent time hunting with the new vampires and teaching them how to cover their tracks and how to efficiently use their gift of charm and enchantment. She always found herself recollecting that night, especially the male who seemed kind yet dangerous at the same time, how he stunned her and then managed to set the asylum on fire within a few minutes, the name ‘Heretic Pass’ kept ringing in her head. She decided she had to leave the order and venture out on her own for a while. When she told them her plan they felt sad but like a family they supported her, she left the younglings with her training and losing her for a while wasn’t such a huge difference. She was always welcomed back to the order anytime she needed to return. She just felt the need to see him again.

She left the camp after farewells and felt a sense of relief wash over her, like she made the right choice. She began traveling from town to town, studying the people, how they lived what they did. She made a record of her findings on notebooks she carried with her. She even looked deep within cities and found other creatures. They all had one thing in common; the government hunted them and used them as experiments. But they learnt to fight back and conceal themselves. While she was amongst a tribe of felines, half cat half human people, they told her about a city where vampires, lycans, celestial beings, changelings, elves and other creatures lived amongst each other, they had a law and somehow they stuck to their law. The feline tribe was very hospitable towards her even though she was a vampire.

Claire found a library in the next town she visited and she looked up ancient myths of different races. She finally came to a conclusion that the kids she saw in the asylum long time ago and the male who was always in her mind could’ve been demons, warlocks or mages it was hard to tell. She was just a vampire; she didn’t have magical powers to know these things. She decided to carry on her journey, she wanted to somehow stumble upon Heretic Pass, but there seemed to be no one who knew a way or had a map. So she relied on fate, ironically she believed in fate despite the fact she was undead. It has been almost six years since she left her order and she still haven’t found what she was looking for, she continued living true to her nature, feeding and hiding, but she longed to live in the open and be free.

And now she stood there, in between the crossroads, she wasn’t sure which one to take. So she waited, took her time, she had all the time in the world. She decided to take the left path; it looked like no one ever traveled on it. She didn’t see any footprints or catch any recent scents. The right path had many footprints on the soil and she smelled varied amount scents from different types of creatures, mostly human begins. As she walked along the left path, her sharp vision caught sight of a sign board that was well hidden within the trees. It read ‘Heretic Pass’ with a red arrow pointing ahead. If Claire’s heart was working, she was sure it would’ve leaped, she moved along composing herself, not sure what she would see ahead.

She suddenly froze in place out of mere shock. The same man she couldn’t get out of her thoughts all these years, just appeared or shimmered in front of her. She didn’t expect him to even know she was there but somehow he knew. He smiled.

“It’s about time you came along.” He stated and extended his hand towards her.

She eyed his hand for a while calming herself down, she was a vampire yet she felt nervous and she took his hand awkwardly, smiling slightly towards him. She didn’t feel nervous anymore after a while, and he began to tell her about Heretic Pass as they walked along the left path towards a place where anything could happen.