(Disclaimer: The pervigilium and The lore in this story isn’t my own creation, but Mami Jenny’s, I just wrote this story as a character in her world!)

He watched the earth from high above the heavens. He sensed the varied amounts of energies; negative, positive, evil, good, neutral and many more. He always stood by the heavenly gates, loyally guarding the holy doors and awaiting the messengers with their daily news or requests. Another one of his orders were to keep track of severe injustice that prevails within the earth. Due to his gift of being able to manipulate energies and control them to his will, he managed to undo most of the evil that was being done on earth by the minions of Lucifel.

As the years passed by, he began to feel strained, like a heavy burden kept on building up within his heart, he wasn’t satisfied to just stand by the heavenly gates and remain stationary while he could be down there cleansing the earth of all its evil. It has been exactly a thousand years from the day of his existence until now that he has been doing all that was asked of him. He didn’t have his own free will, being an angel; he only followed God’s orders and didn’t dare to question it. He was created to be part of the third order of the first sphere of angels which are the closest to their creator. Like all of those before him, he also has the ability to manipulate energies and sense their existence. He is trained in the arts of war and if he was ever allowed to leave heaven, he would have made a fierce army general. He helped in the training of the new angels who usually were asked to leave heaven on missions. He envied them for he was never allowed or ordered to venture away from the heavenly gates.

One day, he decided to seek audience with the lord. For the very first time, he requested to be sent down to earth so that he could use his skills and powers more efficiently and probably rid the earth of more evil than he could ever have accomplished by staying up in heaven.

“Your request is denied, Erelim.” God said in a quiet tone.

Erelim couldn’t see God, he could just feel his presence and hear his voice, God didn’t sound male or female, Erelim couldn’t make out what he sounded like, God was unique after all, only one and nobody can be like God or be compared to God, for he is the greatest creator ever. Erelim began to feel anger, something he never felt before. He tried to convince God to allow him but God made up his mind.

“I do not wish to go against you, my lord, my God, my Creator, but you leave me no choice, I want to help you cleanse the earth of evil and the only way I could do that is if I was down there and not up here.” Erelim stated.

“My will shall be done.” God said simply.

Erelim shook his head and turned his back as he began to walk away. He found himself being thrown out of heaven, his white wings began to turn black slowly and they began to rip out of his back and disappear completely, he heard voices in his head;

“You are cursed with immortality as you live below, just like others before you who have fallen, you won’t lose your abilities and if you reveal heaven’s secrets you will perish and turn into nothingness. You are banned from haven forever and if you die; your soul will remain in captivity.” Erelim felt a tear slide down his cheeks as he continued to fall, he made his choice and he wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Erelim lived amongst the humans perfectly well, all those years of wasting time watching the earth from above have paid off. He chose the name Miler which was a common human name. He was strong and physically able so he easily got jobs in the construction field and made a decent living. After he was settled down which took him less than a year, he began to track down the chained army minions who were also called demons.

The chain army minions are all Lucifel’s followers, they are scattered around the earth and even beyond the universe. Erelim travelled from town to town slaughtering all the minions he managed to find. He still had the ability to control energies and sense them, especially the evil auras. As time went by, he discovered he was able to manipulate certain energies around him; the earth isn’t as stable if you were not looking at it with human eyes. It was easy for him to manipulate objects, alter them into something else, cause illusions or bring objects into his possession by orbing their energy composition towards him.

He spent countless years just travelling the world and getting rid of as many demons as possible. As time went by, even the demons tried to capture him, but they always failed, he was far too experienced compared to them, he even went as far as to slaughter their women and children.

Erelim was always on the run, he discovered the few pleasures of the human world and he would occasionally indulge himself with it. He knew the rules of heaven and he was very careful in his dealings but nothing would ever last because of his personal mission to purge evil.

Erelim came across other fallen angels like himself, but most of them has their own personal agenda. He met one who was part of an order that looks after half angel, half human children called Nephilims. Erelim knew that this was against heaven’s rules so when this fallen angel tried to convince him to follow in the order’s path, Erelim declined; he wanted to be his own boss after all. He found out that fallen angels had families with humans and were happy but their children were constantly hunted by the heavenly army. He knew that it was the biggest and unforgivable rule for an angel to bear children, especially with human beings for it is not natural and against the nature of how things are supposed to be. This fallen angel that was trying to convince him had a pet dog, but it looked more like a wolf, it was a black wolf that had white streaks on its tail, the wolf didn’t have a collar or leash, it just sat beside the fallen angel listening intently or that was what Erelim thought it did.

“If you happen to change your mind or if you do fall in love and bear a child, don’t hesitate to inform me, it will be safer for you.” The fallen angel murmured and he handed Erelim a parchment. “A means of contact.” He concluded and patted the wolf’s head, it made a sound that sounded like a snort.

Erelim shrugged and took the parchment nodding his head, he knew he wouldn’t dare to have children or fall in love, it just didn’t seem like something that would happen to him, sure he had his fun with human women but, he never felt a deep connection with any of them. He also didn’t really care about what the other fallen angels were doing as long as they didn’t get in his way, he decided to remain in good terms with them but follow in his own goals.

As the two fallen angels conversed, they didn’t realize that there was someone lurking in the shadows listening to their conversation, they didn’t sense him because he was a far older fallen angel compared to many. The wolf though seemed to tilt its head and yip towards its master who shrugged and bid Erelim farewell saying that they had an appointment elsewhere. Erelim noticed how close the wolf and the angel seemed to be which caused him to wonder about certain things.

Sadly, not everyone escapes the temptations of the earth. Erelim had been tracking a band of newly born demons in the new city he recently took shelter in, he was about to set their base on heavenly fire when he sensed a normal aura of energy amongst them. He found it odd that there would be one human amongst a group of demons so he decided to put off his usual surprise attack, after all, he didn’t want to murder an innocent.

Erelim decided to play the oldest trick ever and he just barged into the building appearing clumsy and pretending to be a drunken man. The demons were all seated around an altar with a lady tied down to it who didn’t seem dead yet but unconscious. After all, if she was dead, Erelim wouldn’t have picked up her strong aura. The demons all averted their gaze in his direction, now that he got their undivided attention, he realized they must be doing some mumbo jumbo ritual and using this poor human girl as their sacrifice. He began to suck in all their energies and convert them, which would take some time so he summoned his sword and began slashing and executing whoever he could on his way towards the altar. Once he managed to alter all their energies, the rest was easy, it was in his control now so he set their life force on fire and they all perished before his eyes.

Newly born demons are not so powerful, so it was easy for Erelim to have done what he did. They were baby demons as he called them who were probably trying to please their daddy demon that is probably on its way now. Erelim had to act fast so he moved towards the altar and undid the lady’s bindings. She was still unconscious and her breathing was light. For some reason he didn’t want to just leave her in the hospital so he decided to take her to the motel he was renting and he nursed her back to health.

It’s been a week and the lady still hasn’t woken up. This made Erelim anxious, he wasn’t really sure what was wrong with her, he already healed her of many external and internal injuries, and he realized she struggled a great deal before getting tied to the altar. Few days more have passed and the lady didn’t budge, despite the various methods he used to try to get her to be well, he injected her with basic nutrition everyday and she seemed healthy enough but maybe what she went through was traumatic that she didn’t want to wake up yet.

Erelim wasn’t allowed to read into people’s minds but he have grown attached to this unconscious lady he knew nothing about and he wanted to know what she really went though, everything. Maybe he could help her if he knew. He sat on the corner of the bed near her as she remained in her slumber. He began to concentrate, he tried to explore the memories within her mind and he finally reached it.

A little girl smiled as she rolled in the grass and then her form shifted into the same lady that was in deep sleep, the surroundings as well shifted into a more spacey office like atmosphere.  She was smiling as she blew out two candles shaped like the number two and five, she was surrounded by people who appeared to be her office mates, they are singing happy birthday for her, she turned twenty-five years old. Her name is Trinity, she is still young, she is successful, kind-hearted, she loves animals especially birds, mainly doves, white birds. She grew up with extended family because her parents died when she was very young but that didn’t stop her from being a lively and happy person. She brought smiles to people’s faces whether it was a mere stranger she was passing by and it was just her own smile that did the trick. The memories seemed to be jumping around.

The memories began to show a few years earlier of when she finished university with honors and quickly found a job in social services, she didn’t get paid well but she didn’t mind because all she wanted to do was to help people, from rape victims to physically abused wives and children. She lived alone and she had two cats but she seemed very happy.

The memories began to change, she met a man and he lured her in. He made her want him, made her fall in love with him. Erelim couldn’t watch but he didn’t want to break the connection, he needed to know more, turns out this man was one of Lucifel’s minions and since she seemed to have a happy life and she was making other people’s lives happy as well, they decided it was too much of goodness so they had to give it some balance. The man hurt her in the long run, left her alone. She was depressed, broken, all of a sudden lost, but that didn’t stop her from being what she was, even if her smiles weren’t that real, she managed to do her job and continued to help people. It just pissed the minions off more so they sent a bunch of new born demons to kidnap her and damage her good enough so that she would stop fixing people’s lives. She wasn’t an angel but she did what angels supposed to do.

The minions were not smart and they just charged her apartment posing as teens, after much struggle they managed to drag her bloody form out into their base. As they positioned her in the altar and began their ritual, they did something stupid and injected a few of their blood into her system. The rest, Erelim knew because it was when he arrived. He wasted no more time, broke the mind reading connection and acted quickly.

He hovered his hand over Trinity’s form and the tension within him began to rise, she was being consumed with demonic blood and he didn’t sense it because she was human, he was only able to sense demonic or angelic beings, if there was something hidden within humans such as demonic blood, he wouldn’t sense it instantly, only after focusing, plus he never came across a human being consumed with demonic blood before. Those demon minions were stupid and if he didn’t kill them, they would’ve been severely punished. His hand began to glow slightly and suddenly his black wings ripped out from his back which alarmed him, he never lost control of concealing his wings. He began to focus hard on trying to manipulate the little demonic blood within Trinity’s veins. He managed to collect them into place and then everything was easy from there, he orbed them out of her body and into one of his many flasks. After a while he set them on fire with his mind watching the flames engulfing the blood within the flask.

Trinity’s eyes began to flutter and she was suddenly staring at Erelim with big eyes full of shock. She gasped as she noticed his wings but she didn’t scream. She looked around the room still laying there before she turned her gaze back to him. He just stared at her obviously mesmerized by something; her beauty? Her obvious curiosity? Her sudden awakening? He didn’t know why he couldn’t find his voice, all he knew was his heart was beating fast and he didn’t even know it was possible for his heart to beat that fast. Since he remained silent, she sat up slowly and groaned a bit, her body was stiff since she was lying down for almost a month. It caused him to snap out of his daze and he extended his hand over her shoulders lightly to prevent her from getting up.

“Please rest, Miss Trinity, you’re not fully recovered yet.” He stated like he knew her, like he was a close friend. His wings twitched and he gained control to fold them back behind him. She smiled towards him, she wasn’t even afraid nor she resisted, she just lay back down and watched him, he closed his eyes and concentrated so that his wings would disappear from his back, totally out of sight.

“They looked lovely, you didn’t have to hide them, I didn’t think my guardian angel would have black wings.” She stated sounding a bit surprised faking an innocent tone.

Erelim eyed her and shook his head. He found himself telling her everything, pouring out his entire story towards her, up until that moment when he took away the very little demonic blood that was hindering her full recovery. All that time she just listened, nodded occasionally and she even smiled though she was mostly serious through it all. After he was done, she was tired and she went to sleep. He decided to go out and get her some food.

Erelim and Tirnity began spending time with each other, despite the fact she knew everything about him, she wasn’t afraid, it was like deep within her she knew things like this truly existed. They became close friends and he would, he even went as far as to drop her off work every morning or have lunch with her, even dinner almost every day. This was the first time he forgot about his personal mission. He found an apartment near her own despite her constant nagging at him to live with her for it would be more convenient, she had a spare room, but he didn’t want to invade her personal space plus whatever feelings he had towards her were multiplying the more time they spent with each other. He didn’t want to go out of control and make mistakes, even though deep within him, he knew it was a mistake to be spending so much time with her. He ignored it and continued anyways, it was the first time he felt happy. Their relationship just grew stronger; he even prepared a surprise dinner on her twenty-sixth birthday.

A year passed by and he realized he haven’t killed a single demon which caused him to feel guilty. He came to a decision to leave the city; he had to get away from her for she was keeping him from fulfilling his goal even though being with her made him happy beyond something he never imagined. He felt he was growing selfish, something an angel shouldn’t be. He began packing his things and when he told her his plan to leave, she looked heart-broken, she wanted to convince him to stay but she knew his mission, she knew what he had to do. She didn’t want to stop him from fulfilling his goal so she smiled and supported him. He was happy she didn’t get angry with him or he wouldn’t know how badly that would have affected him. The one thing that hurt them both but they didn’t dare to mention was that they both knew they would probably never see each other again.

Erelim dropped Trinity off at her place but he sensed a huge amount of demonic energy nearby so he went with her to her apartment and just as he predicted, there was a demon hidden somewhere, a higher demon compared to the others he fought, he instructed her to stay behind him when the demon came out to them in the form of a child smiling brightly. If he didn’t already know, it would’ve been easy to have lured them in. Trinity closed her eyes and pressed her head against his back as she clung to him.

The child before them began transforming into a hideous monster and it snarled and charged towards the two. Erelim pushed Trinity towards the bathroom and managed to lock her in despite her shouts of protest. He began battling the creature and using whatever he could around Trinity’s apartment to his advantage. He orbed huge furniture in the demon’s way while he summoned his weapon and began hurting the creature. After what seemed like forever, both Erelim and the creature were weakened, Trinity came out holding something that looked like a pipe, probably from the bathroom; she just stabbed the creature from behind without a single thought. It disappeared into fire and nothing was left.

Trinity closed her eyes and dropped down next to Erelim wrapping her arms around him. He smiled weakly despite his injuries and brought her closer to him. Both of them didn’t know who made the first move but suddenly they were kissing each other with such a passion, it was like all the feelings they have been bottling up for each other came out in the open. Erelim didn’t want to break it up but he had to and with much self will, he pulled away and found her staring at him with a surprised almost hurt expression, he caressed her cheeks and pointed around them.

“We have to go.” He stated.

She quickly understood and she moved to her room and began packing a few necessary items. They both knew they were meant for each other and nothing will tear them apart. She had to leave everything behind but it was necessary, her life wasn’t the same the moment he saved her, the moment he entered her life. There were probably demons trying to track him down and with her around, she was in danger so he didn’t want to leave her alone and he wanted to keep an eye on her. It was like his entire mission was changed, now, all her cared about was to protect her. They both got into his car and drove off, they didn’t know where but it didn’t matter for they could conquer anything as long as they had each other.

The old angel was watching them from a distance and a sneer formed across his face, the demons were stupid, they probably couldn’t keep track of him, but he was old and he knew the tricks, he knew Erelim was hiding his aura with an invisible cloak of illusion, only one like himself could see through it for he had great experience. He decided to remain hidden as he followed them silently.

Trinity and Erelim found a town that wasn’t too huge, it was quiet and they managed to buy a nice house with the amount of savings Erelim had. They even got married privately and despite Erelim’s constant paranoia they managed to get along fine. Erelim began living his life like a mere human, he rarely used his powers plus he kept his aura hidden from others. He made sure that they were always safe. He didn’t want to take any risks and settling down in one area got him worried that they might be discovered. The two of them had their quiet moments, Erelim didn’t know pure ecstasy existed but he always experienced it when he made love to Trinity. She loved him dearly and he felt it within the depths of his soul.

It’s been three years since they settled and nothing seemed to disturb their peace. Trinity was teaching at a local school and Erelim had started a business of contracting with a few trustworthy men he knew. They had a happy life; the only piece that was missing was a child. One day even that worry died, for Trinity found out she was pregnant. Erelim was shocked at first, he didn’t think it was possible, but he was happy, he wanted the two of them to have a child that was the outcome of their love, a living memory of their forbidden but blissful life together. They would talk endlessly about the child; they didn’t know if it was a girl or a boy and they didn’t care, they would love him or her either way. Trinity wanted to name the baby George, if it was a boy, after her uncle or Lilian, after her aunt, if it was a baby girl. Erelim just smiled and he liked both names.

Erelim started thinking about the fallen angel that had a wolf pet whom he met long back that spoke about Nephilims, he told trinity about it and with her consent, he took out the parchment that was given to him and began scribbling a few sentences about his wife currently being pregnant and if anything happened he would know where to find them and what to do. The parchment disappeared as he signed his name. Erelim waited for a few days but never got a reply back. Everything was going well anyway, he didn’t think things would take an unfortunate turn.

It was Trinity’s ninth month; she was due anytime within the week when Erelim detected a huge amount of demonic aura. He felt a lump in his throat and a pain within his chest, like worry mixed with anger and annoyance. He woke Trinity up and told her what he sensed. He begged her to go away and escape in case things got out of hand. He had built a secret passage since they moved that lead into the main city. With a heavy heart, they said their goodbyes, they both didn’t know if they would see each other again but Trinity felt she wouldn’t see him. She stole a kiss and he hugged her tightly stroking her belly before she moved within the underground tunnels with her pregnant stomach, she just wrapped her arms around it whispering to the baby within not to be afraid because mommy will never abandon him or her, no matter what happens and daddy was keeping them safe.

Erelim suddenly unleashed all of the control he had, his wings shot out from his back and his aura was at its highest, he was angry and he summoned not only one weapon but two swords and waited. Just as he thought the demons barged into his house snarling, growling and slithering towards him, he slashed at them with both weapons and his power. He killed them all; he probably made up for the four years he was slacking. While he was killing more of the demons, someone hovered into the room and this one wasn’t a demon. It made Erelim stop and he just stared at the old fallen angel in shock. He obviously knew him.

“Why?” Erelim asked in a painful tone.

“You’re messing with our plans, my brother. By killing all these minions, I didn’t want to do this but, it’s necessary.” The angel replied with a sneer.

“You’re a traitor; you’re siding with the chained army, you bastard. I’ll kill you.” Erelim barked.

Erelim proceeded to strike at the man but all the man had to do was raise his hand which caused Erelim to freeze in place with wide eyes. He felt his heart getting crushed as a rush of memories took over his mind and no one will ever know what he saw but it was enough to make him drop his sword and to seize fighting. He fell to the ground limp and lifeless, his heart beating slightly.

“Trinity.” Erelim whispered and released his last breath. The man’s hand dropped back to his side as he eyed Erelim’s lifeless body.

“Get rid of it.” He ordered. The demons hovered over the body and disappeared along with it. The angel looked around for Trinity but didn’t find her in the house so he just moved out quietly pondering to himself.

“My work is done here. I don’t have to find the pregnant lady. I’ll let her live for it was because of her that I managed to kill him finally.” He thought aloud.

If it wasn’t for her, Erelim wouldn’t have been so distracted and easy to track down by the higher angel. Trinity dragged herself all the way out of the tunnels and into the main city. She was tired, hungry and she ached all over. She felt something die within her, her heart probably; she didn’t know why but it felt very heavy. Then she heard her name and looked around but no one was calling her. She got into the streets and tried to make her way towards the hospital. She began feeling contractions which was making it hard for her to move. A taxi stopped in front of her and offered to take her to the hospital which she gladly accepted.

Once Trinity reached the hospital, she didn’t know what was happening. She felt weak and she could hear so many voices around her. They kept telling her to push while keeping her awake. She felt a huge amount of pain within her but nothing as painful as the pain she felt in her heart. She heard a cry all of a sudden and after what seemed like an eternity she forced herself to open her eyes and she caught a glimpse of the baby. She heard the nurse say it was a baby girl.

“Lilian Milere.” Trinity mumbled, her lips curling into a peaceful smile then she lost consciousness and suddenly she was drifting in space and she felt at peace.

“Her mother died, poor thing, we can’t get a hold of the father but there’s a rumor he died in a fire just before this cute thing was born.” The head nurse said.  

He was sitting in a corner just listening to the nurse as she pointed towards the glass window and began gossiping about some of the new born babies. The baby she was pointing at has been there for a week now. No one was claiming her and they might have to give her up for adoption if no immediate family shows up. He just decided to wait for a while. He kept watching the baby from where he sat. When the nurse was alone, finally, he stood up and went to the nurse.

“Excuse me, I came for that baby.” He said pointing towards Lilian who was sleeping peacefully wrapped in a pink blanket.

The nurse eyed the man suspiciously. He was dressed in knee torn jeans, a tank top that had a scary picture of a clown on it and his hair was spiked. He also had a tattoo of an angel on the right side of his arm. He looked like he just entered his mid twenties.

“I’ll need to see an ID card, lad.” The nurse stated. He shrugged and showed her a driver’s license with the name ‘Lokhe Milere’.

“You’re related to her?!” The nurse asked in an obvious exclamation looking Lokhe over with a surprised expression and began prodding him for more information. Lokhe sighed knowing this was going to happen and told her a fake story he came up with.

“I’m her uncle. Her father was my older brother but we were not close, I had no idea, until I got the call. It’s a loss to lose both him and my sister in law.” He stated trying to sound as sad as possible. Lokhe didn’t like death so he was sad, just not the kind of sadness he would have really felt if they were really related.

Lokhe prepared himself. He decided to come to the hospital and watch the happenings so he could collect enough information about the baby, like her name, so that it would be easy to bring her back with him as he was instructed. He found out her name since the nurse wouldn’t stop talking about her to almost every stranger that looked through the glass plus he managed to make a fake driver’s license.

The nurse made Lokhe fill out the release papers and he paid off whatever amount was due to the hospital and then he gently carried Lilian to the hotel he was renting. He placed her over the bed then moved to heat up some milk bottles which he had ready. Lilian just eyed him with big confused eyes; she wasn’t such a fuzzy baby. She didn’t cry when he held her. She obediently sucked on the milk bottle when he gave it to her.

“Well, you’re not like the others now.” Lokhe Whispered.

He was smiling as he watched her fall asleep. He pulled out a wooden wand when he was sure she was fast asleep and snoring lightly. He waved it over her form and an invisible shield formed around her as she slept. Lokhe moved out of the hotel room and then ran for the woody area across from the hotel. His form suddenly began to shift into a black wolf that had white streaks on its tail. He ran as quickly as he could and reached a hill side just overlooking the sea. Lokhe stopped, raised his muzzle in the air and howled.

Across the forest within the mountains, a woman stood by the river with a white wolf that had black streaks in its tail. They both looked at each other when they heard Lokhe’s howl.

“Please love, ask him how the baby is.” The lady asked the wolf next to her. The wolf yipped and nodded its head howling and barking back. They heard another howl and a few barks from the distance. She nodded slowly and smiled as a man came up behind her and stood next to her quietly.

“What did he say?” The man asked.

“He found the baby and she is in his care now, he also said its good you responded to the message quickly for it looks like the chained army had something to do with this.” Said the lady her smile vanishing as she mentioned the chained army.

“There is nothing we could do about the chain army; you know the agreement between the order and them. Plus the kid’s father was on his own, he didn’t want to be part of the order, Lokhe was with me when I tried to persuade him.” The man said sighing softly.

“How are you going to fair without Loke, you love the kid.” The woman asked narrowing her eyes at the man.

The man snorted, “Yeah, I love the kid but he needs some exercise, it will only be for a few years, when she turns fifteen he’ll be back with me.” He stated. The lady just smiled and the wolf next to her grunted and pressed its nose into the woman’s leg. She giggled patting the wolf over the head gently as they waited for more howls or barks from Lokhe.

“Dolfur told me to tell you that his brother isn’t complaining much compared to the other Nephilims you put under him in the past.” The lady said towards the man.

“Really? I thought this would piss him off a bit because she is just a baby.” The man replied his expression turning curious as he brought his hand to scratch at his head.

“Oh brother, no one would believe you’re more than three thousand years old with that sly attitude of yours.” The lady smirked and playfully nudged the man’s side with her fist.

“Oh sister, no one would ever believe you’re older than me and you hit hard.” He groaned as he rubbed the side where his sister hit. The wolf grunted again his white fur almost shimmering in the sunlight, he barked as his tailed wagged then he let out another howl and ran off into the forest.

“I and Dolfur will do our usual training.” The lady said and gave her brother a wink then ran after the wolf.

“Training! Liars!” the man scoffed, “I know what you naught royal halo lovers will do.” He yelled as he watched his sister disappear into the forest. The man looked up at the moon as he heard another howl. He smiled, “I’ll see you soon Lokhe, hang in there man, you’ve been my one and only halo for a reason.”

Lokhe arrived back at the hotel, his clothes muddy and he was tired. He quickly went to check on Lilian who was still sleeping. He took a shower and got dressed then moved to the bed next to sleeping baby and took the wooden wand out waving it over Lilian’s form. The shield disappeared; there was no need for it now that he was present. She was safe.

Years passed by and Lokhe eventually moved into a proper house and posed as Lilian’s real uncle. He took care of her, nursed her, watched her grow, enrolled her into school, cooked for her, played with her and did everything a father should do for their daughter. The little girl adored him and when he wasn’t around she would throw a tantrum. It was either Lokhe or no one.

Lokhe found himself growing attached to the girl like she was his own daughter. He told her stories about angels and about the world they are really a part of, the world that’s hidden behind the shadows of the human world. He narrated them in the form of bedtime stories, as instructed by his royal; Lokhe wasn’t allowed to reveal anything to the little girl. All he had to do was to raise her until she turned fifteen and to make sure she was safe until she finds the academy that is best suited for her. According to his royal, he knew that Lilian will get dreams or visions of the academy she is meant to follow. All Lokhe had to do was make sure Lilian reached the academy and that would be the end of his mission.

Lilian grew up to be a matured young girl; she was a little spoiled thanks to Lokhe of course. She had her mother’s kindness and her father’s fierceness. She didn’t like seeing injustice and she stood up against bullies in her school which lead to fights. It made Lokhe furious with her but he couldn’t stand to be mad at the girl for too long.

When Lilian turned fifteen she began to experience nightmares. It was the same dream over and over, a worn out building, it almost looked like a castle. It had a beautiful garden, classroom, kitchen and a library that has so many books, Lilian didn’t understand why she felt scared in the dream, but she did, there were voices in her head mumbling in unisons in an unknown language to her, the centre of the library had a huge arcane symbol and it began to illuminate and the light just shoots directly at her when the voices all say in a huge scream, “Come!” that is when Lilian wakes up sweating, hear heart beating at a rapid pace.

Lilian always felt anxious ever since the first time she had that dream. She began feeling things she never felt before; everything around her seemed to come to life, the furniture, her books, her clothes and even nature. It was like everything could call unto her and they were speaking to her in an unknown language to her, just like the voices in the dream.

One night, Lilian was having the same dream again when she woke up sweating as usual, she badly wanted a glass of water and the one by her bedside table disappeared and appeared in front of her face. She was too late to react and very stunned that she couldn’t catch the glass so it crashed on the ground and shattered into pieces. Lokhe came running into her room looking worried; he noticed the broken glasses and heaved a sigh of relief. Lilian helped him get rid of mess.

Lokhe tucked her back in bed and asked her what was wrong with her lately. Lilian and Lokhe were close, they had a bond which was strong and it was almost like they were really father and daughter. Lilian never kept secrets from Lokhe; she told him everything that happened with her, at school, parties or at a friend’s place. Lilian told him about the nightmares and the strange feelings she got from her surroundings, as well as how the glass seemed to appear before her to which Lokhe just gritted his teeth and shrugged it off for the moment, he asked her to talk about the nightmare.

“I was in a building, it almost looked like a castle, and it was golden brown and mostly lit with candles. I was walking towards a room and it was a huge library. There was a magical triad in the centre plus there were a lot of voices in my head, in some weird language. It seemed scary, the feeling, but I wasn’t scared. Does that make sense Lokey?” She asked. Lokhe shook his head and smiled.

“Yes, it does make sense, Lil. Sometimes there are places that may appear scary for us at first but when you finally find it the fear with disappear.” He stated then kissed her forehead, “Now, get some sleep. You got school in a few hours.”

Lilian obediently went back to sleep but she continued dreaming about the castle, its library and beautiful garden. Lokhe felt nervous so he decided to write a quick message to his royal. He pulled out a parchment and used his wooden wand to scribble something over the pages;

-My liege, she started having nightmares and she seems to have gotten a hold of her powers as well, she orbed her glass of water to herself. I am totally new at this, never really watched a Nephilim gain their vision back. I need your guidelines.-

The message he scribbled seemed to disappear slowly within the parchment and then a new set of scribbles with a much more elegant writing appeared which stated;

-Tell her everything, man. See you soon.-

Lokhe scowled, his royal always did that to infuriate him but the guy has been his royal for hundreds of years now he was used to it all. He loved the old fart either way. Lokhe sighed and decided he would tell Lilian everything when she came home from school the next day.

Lokhe had the table set and ready for lunch by the time Lilian emerged into the house from school. She quickly went to her room dropping her satchel and getting dressed in comfortable house clothes. As usual, every lunch time they spoke about school and other stuff when Lokhe gently opened up the topic he meant to discuss.

“Remember those stories I used to tell you when you were little? About how angels had a partner that could be a vampire, a wolf or a cat like person?” He asked.

“I remember of course, I loved those stories, I sometimes wished they were real.” Lilian said smiling. Lokhe narrowed his eyes and made sure he chose his next words wisely.

“What if I told you it was real?” he asked, eyeing the girl closely. Liian looked at him and frowned.

“Well, I don’t know.” She said hesitantly. She seemed to shiver a bit at the thought then she eyed Lokhe again. “This is kind of freaky, are you trying to tell me that all those stories are real?” she asked.

Lokhe nodded his head slowly then began to tell her the little he knew about what happened in her life before she was born. He told her that his royal met her father a long time ago and mentioned that if her father ever got a child that he should inform his royal about it and her father did exactly that while Lilian’s mother was pregnant with her. He told her that her father’s angel name was ‘Erelim’ and the human world knew him as ‘Miler’. He also told her that her father was a demon hunter who fell in love with a normal human lady called ‘Trinity’. He told her about how he heard the head nurse calling her by her full name when she gossiped to her to random people. Lokhe thought that her mother must have picked the last name ‘Milere’ on purpose which was the inversion of her father’s angel name so that Lilian would carry her father’s name wherever she went.

Lilian just listened to Lokhe as he told her the story. But this time it wasn’t just a bedtime story, it was her own story, a part of her past. She felt a knot in her throat. Lokhe continued to tell her about how his royal gave him the mission to find her and take care of her until she was fifteen. He also mentioned that he had to make sure she reached the academy for training and sheltering Nephilims. Lokhe was loading her with information after another, about how she has powers thanks to her father being an angel. She wasn’t a normal human, she was called a Nephilim. Lilian got overwhelmed and jumped out of her chair and shook her head eyeing Lokhe with a horrified expression.

“NO!” she exclaimed in obvious anger or shock, “I don’t want to leave you, didn’t you promise you’ll always be with me, Lokey?” she asked in a scared tone. She shivered when Lokhe looked away from her.

“I’m sorry Lil, but this is only until where I am allowed to go, trust me, I wish you were my own daughter sometimes and I will never regret taking care of you.” Lokhe stated looking saddened as he turned his gaze back at her.

 “Why is this happening now?” Lilian asked as she sat back down on her chair, she looked uneasy and worried but she was trying to understand. Lokhe took a deep breath.

“When Nephilims reach the age of fifteen, they begin to experience visions which are sometimes mistaken as nightmares or dreams. These visions show them one of the twelve academies that were set up as schools or training institutes for Nehphilims. Once you have a clear picture, most Nephilims would venture on their own and seek the place or be guided towards it. You see, you’re not safe, the heavenly army is after Nephilims because it’s against nature for a half human half angel being to exist but there are a group of fallen angels who keep the Nephilims safe.”

Lilian listened intently and asked a couple of other questions until she was satisfied, she felt huge amounts of emotions all at once but she couldn’t feel angry at Lokhe or for how her life was being completely turned around. She decided to keep herself controlled and calm, maybe things won’t turn out so bad.

Lokhe began to teach Lilian some basic things she needed to know. He taught her how to defend herself and how to meditate so she could focus on the energy around her. He also showed her that he could shift into a wolf. One day when they were training, Lilian asked him about the Halo-Royal relationship.

“It’s like a brother hood, love, a bond that two people have which is unbreakable except by death. Once you have a Halo, that person will be by your side until the very end. Halos look after their royals. Royals could be fallen angels or Nephilims like you.” He stated pointing at her.

“What are the three types of Halos again?” Lilian asked, “Filius Luna is the wolves like you.” She pointed at Lokhe as well and grinned, he just shook his head smiling.

“Vigil Feles are the cat like people or the felines. Venari Voctu are the vampires. Each fallen angel or Nephilim will have one halo only by their side. Depending on how powerful the angel is the longer their halo would last. Mostly the Feles are the ones with a shorter lifespan compared to the other two since wolves and vampires are kind of immortal, like me, can you guess how old I really am?” he asked raising his eyebrows at her.

“Six thousand years old?”

“I don’t look that old!” Lokhe exclaimed. Lilian giggled as she fiddled around with Lokhe’s wand.

“An angel can have only one halo at a time, like for instance, my royal have had just me as his Halo for all this time. I am a tough one after all.” He smirked.

“How long have you been with your Royal?” Lilian asked curiously placing the wooden wand down on the table in front of Lokhe. He eyed the wand and smiled since it was a gift from his Royal. Halos can’t do magic unless their Royals give them a magical piece.

“This was during the initial days. The watchers or as some of us like to call it ‘the order’, so that no passerby could really understand which order that was being discussed. The order didn’t exist yet and I was on my own with my elder brother, he is the opposite of me even in color, he is a white wolf with black streaks.” Lokhe paused and smiled as he remembered his brother.

”After years of running around the earth on our own we stumbled upon two angels beings, fallen of course because the angel’s of the heavens aren’t allowed to stay on earth. Those two angels were siblings as well, one lady and one male. We actually met by accident, we got attacked and the angels happened to be in the area and helped. As time went by, we four became good friends, my brother fell in love with the girl and her brother became my best friend. We didn’t realize that were turning into the whole Halo-Royal relationship. We were amongst the first Royal-Halo bonds that ever existed.” Lokhe concluded.

“That’s a sweet story, maybe someday I could meet them right?” Lilian asked eyeing Lokhe with a hopeful expression, “Are there other kids like me, I mean Nephilims? And how will we find this academy?” Lilian bombarded him with questions.

“Slow down! I’ll tell you everything, but first.” Lokhe stated then stood up and moved towards the bookcase in their living room. He pulled out a book and handed it to Lilian. “Take this and open it and tell me what you see.” He instructed.

Lilian took the book, it seemed normal, the title was pretty boring. It was about a furniture company promoting discounted products; she flipped the pages eyeing furniture after furniture; couches, beds, tables, chairs and many more.

“I just see a bunch of ugly furniture.” Lilian said with a frown as she shut the book.

Lokhe smiled and shook his head taking the wand from the table and hovering it over the book, it sparked a bit and Lilian gasped when she noticed a thin layer of mist hovering around the book.

“Open it now.” He stated.

Lilian opened the book again and she gasped. She began flipping the pages; it contained pictures of different schools, academies and institutes. A total of twelve names and all meant of Nephilims. Each just showed a picture of the school’s main ground and the insides. There was no address information or location. Lilian pointed at the most familiar picture which she has been dreaming about for a while now.

“The Pervigilium Academy.” She mumbled.

 “Interesting, I’ve never been to that particular one. So now that we know which one is your meant to be academy, we’ll have to pack up and get you there.” Lokhe stated hesitantly and sighed. Lilian shut the book again and set it aside. She moved towards Lokhe and wrapped her arms around him tightly.

“Do I really have to go?” she asked in a quiet tone of voice.

“Of course you have to go, how you will learn to become a badass Nephilim without the proper training. Old papa wolf isn’t trained in magical mojo stuff plus I miss my royal. I’ll have to go back to him as well. I bet he misses me but he just won’t admit it.” Lokhe said as he hugged her back tighter.

“We are going to see each other anyways; it’s not like its goodbye forever, right?” Lilian asked.

 “Of course, just imagine that I sent you to boarding school because you’ve become a spoiled brat.” He said nodding a lot and they both laughed.

After a month, Lokhe and Lilian packed up to set off for the Pervigilium Academy. Lokhe received instructions from his royal about the exact location of the school. It took them nearly a week by car and by foot most of the way to find the location. It was well hidden and Lokhe made sure they were not being followed. When they were almost near the school, Lokhe picked up a foul scent and growled almost feral like which started Lilian for she never heard this side of him, she stopped and he shook his head and ushered her along with him quickly.

“What’s wrong Lokey?!” she asked startled as she breathed heavily trying to keep up with him dragging her. Lokhe scowled.

“Let’s just keep going, I smelled something nasty and that bastard better not come out to mess with me.” He muttered quickly. Lilian looked worried then she gasped as a man appeared before her with a blank expression on his face.

“What a pretty thing you have here, Lokhe, aren’t you going to share?” the man asked in an eerie tone. Lokhe pulled Lilian and shoved her behind him.

“Don’t move.” He half growled then eyed the man, “Caleb, nice to see you again. Did the amount of scratches you received last time heal already?” he asked sarcastically. Caleb hissed and moved into a defensive stance.

“I just want the girl, I see she is probably going to that fucked up school with that stupid Gray cat teaching all of the new halos as if she knows everything.” He muttered then extended his hands and lunged towards Lokhe ready to strike.

 “Lil, Run ahead, you’ll find it.” Lokhe whispered then shoved Lilian aside.

Lilian landed on the ground with a thud and watched before her very eyes as Lokhe’s entire body shifted into a wolf, he was fully black but his tail had white streaks and so did his ears, she had seen this before so she wasn’t surprised. He landed over Caleb and growled angrily. Caleb flashed his fangs and a struggle began. Lilian was stunned for a while then she remembered Lokhe’s instructions so she stood up and ran as fast as she could. She saw a black gate in the distance and she could see a garden over it, a garden she remembered from her dreams. She reached and heaved a sigh of relief. Now she could get help for Lokhe.

“Very interesting.” A voice stated from behind Lilian as she was about to enter the gates, she flipped around and a huge knuckle landed on her face which caused her to fall on the ground in pain, she felt a wetness inside her nose and she could taste the blood. Lilian managed to look up at the person who punched her and saw a medium built black skinned male, his form must have been like a human before because she could see horns protruding from his head and his built began to grow more larger, she tried to crawl away but found the black gates on her back, she didn’t know what to do. The demon snickered enclosing the distance between them.

“Your father killed my whole family; you will pay for his sins.” He whispered and raised his hand as black smoke began to emit from around it then an ugly staff formed out of thin air. He pointed it towards Lilian. She closed her eyes totally terrified when suddenly, she heard the flutter of wings and something seemed to hover over her, she opened her eyes and saw bright white wings that belonged to a girl with long pink hair. She wore a grey short sweater over a white short lace dress; she had mesh net leggings and gray boots with green socks and pink laces. The pink haired angel summoned an axe that was glowing with some sort of green energy and she pointed it towards the demon without uttering a word.

 “Get out of the way; this is none of your business.” The demon snarled. The pink haired angel just snickered and didn’t waver as she pointed her axe towards the demon. Her wings spread wide shielding Lilian from the view of the demon.

“Why don’t you make me? Filthy little creature.” The angel stated as sweetly and mockingly as possible. Before the demon could do anything the girl just lunged at him with her axe extended. The demon defended himself with his staff and the fight went on for a while, the angel was fast and sharp which made the demon nervous and it was pretty obvious. The moment the angel felt the demon was going to bail, she quickly plunged the axe into his heart and the demon gasped and disappeared into nothingness.

“Well, the bastard is back in hell now.” She shrugged, “Darn it would’ve been better if I just exorcized the creep don’t you think?” The pink haired angel turned around eyeing Lilian curiously with her big green eyes. Lilian eyed her with amazement, mainly her wings and then she realized that she wasn’t a girl, she was just short but it was a lady, maybe in the same age group as Lokhe, near twenties.

“Th-thank you, miss.” Lilian blurted out but remained on the ground still a bit shocked. The pink haired angel snorted and moved towards Lilian and knelt down in front of her looking her over.

“Oh, the fucktard managed to touch you.” She raised her hand and hovered it over Lilian’s head and began to mumble something that sounded familiar to the Nephilim, it reminded her of the language the voices used in her dreams. The angel’s hand began to glow and then Lilian didn’t feel any pain or any wetness, the bleeding in her nose stopped and whatever injury she got from the punch was gone.

“Lilian!” Lokhe yelled as he noticed the short pink haired angel with huge white wings so near to Lilian. He ran towards them and eyed the angel with a questioning gaze. The angel snorted again and took her hand back, the glow fading away.

“Relax furball, I was just healing her, seriously, how can you just send a child alone to meet filthy demons?” she questioned in a disgusted tone. Lokhe growled and pointed at her.

“You have no idea what you’re talking about so please think before you speak, and I’m not a furball.” He stated. The angel just waved her hand at him dismissively.

“Gosh, relax, I saw you fighting the leech so I thought I’d make myself useful and slay a few demons, just for your information, the one I sent back to hell isn’t the only one, I killed four others, they seem to be surrounding the school for some odd reason not that I am surprised. I can’t seem to find the entrance of the school, some voodoo thing beyond my baby years.” She muttered. Lokhe shook his head eyeing the angel.

“Slow down for God’s sake!” he exclaimed then asked, “Who are you anyway and you shouldn’t show those off.” He stated pointing at her wings. The pink haired angel shrugged and looked embarrassed.

“Oh yea, I forgot. Fucking Toxian City.” She grumbled and then her expression went serious and her wings just disappeared from her back, now she looked like a normal punk kid.

“Better.” Lokhe stated eyeing the pink haired angel. Lilian had long back stood from the ground and crept behind Lokhe which made him smile, in a matter of few minutes he would be away from her, he’ll miss the little girl who is close enough to be his daughter. Lokhe raised his eyebrows at the angel as if waiting for her to continue speaking.

“My name is Mizaki, I uhmm.” Mizaki paused as if pondering her next words, “I received a message from a demon back at the city where I reside, who stated he was a messenger, so I didn’t kill him but the letter he gave me had information I needed, I need to meet someone important to me who is living in the Pervigilium Academy that is supposed to be around here somewhere.” She shrugged eyeing Lokhe bringing her arms to cross over her chest.

Lokhe raised his eyebrows.“Is that so? Well, we’re here for the same reason then we’re looking for the same place.” He turned his gaze towards Lilian, “Do you see anything familiar Lil?” he asked her. Lilian nodded and pointed towards the garden.

“That was in my dreams and it looks lovelier in person.” She wandered over towards the gates and Lokhe and Mizaki followed closely. They moved into the place and wandered around the garden. Mizaki was frowning as she walked.

“I can’t sense anything; I guess there are some powerful barriers hindering it.” She mumbled. Lokhe rolled his eyes. “You aren’t like the other angels, you seem a bit illiterate, of course it will be well hidden.” Mizaki just glared at him and shrugged her shoulders when she heard a light meow and flipped around.

 “Fuck, I swear, I heard a cat.” She exclaimed then suddenly she got pounced by a pale skinned female who had white hair with black streaks, black and white cat ears and a black tail with white streaks.

 “Oh dear lord, felines here as well.” Mizaki groaned and tried to get the feline off her. Lokhe and Lilian couldn’t control themselves and they just laughed at the sight, the expressions on Mizaki’s face and the feline’s. The feline smiled and jumped off Mizaki and extended her hand offering the angel a support to get up.

 ”Sorry, Miss Mizaki, I thought you were a demon.” She winked. Mizaki took the hand and jumped up.

 “Do I smell like a demon to you?” Mizaki scowled and then shrugged, “Oh, that would make sense, I killed about five of them today, are you Miss Gray Magnus?” she asked her form growing tensed. The feline nodded once.

 “Yes, I am Gray and Lady Lelaiah told me to expect you, Miss Mizaki.” Gray stated then turned her attention towards Lokhe and Lilian, “I didn’t know you would bring company.”

 “I just met them here, I guess they came here to join the school, well I think the little girl probably not sure about the furrball.” Mizaki shrugged then faked a sweet smile towards Lokhe. He just shrugged back at her then stepped forward and bowed towards Gray. “My name is Lokhe Fairmark, I am the Halo of one of the angel’s of the order, I am sure you would know who with my name.” Gray tilted her head and nodded towards Lokhe as she looked him over. 

“Yes, I recognize your name.” Gray’s nose twitched then she hissed, “I smell something pungent, did you happen to meet a bloodsucker on your way here?” she asked then noticed Lokhe’s appearance and shook her head, “I’ll take that as a yes.” Lokhe smirked and nodded.

 “I’d offer you a handshake but I am filthy, I think I like you though since you sensed the smell I hate as well.” Lokhe said quietly eyeing Gray intently. Mizaki rolled her eyes and moved next to Lilian. “Hey Kiddo, don’t they look like such a cute couple?” she whispered and winked then continued watching the two. Gray shook her head for various reasons. 

“I hate Caleb, if I could capture the bastard I’d lock him up for all eternity.” She grumbled then nodded, “Well, let’s get you all to the school then.” She eyed Lilian and smiled, “You will like the academy, we have a few halos already signed in but very rare Nephilims, we’re happy you finally found us.” Lilian nodded and moved towards Lokhe as they all followed Gray towards the greenhouse, Mizaki was behind them and she seemed to be looking around the place as they walked.

 “It is lovely here.” She mumbled. Gray took out a steel rod that was thin and wand sized with a handle, it looked beautiful and had inscriptions. She waved it so that it created a portal near the fountain in the centre of the greenhouse. Gray smiled and gestured the three towards it. Mizaki took it quickly without a second though. Lilian looked hesitant and with a little push and smile from Lokhe, she took it as well. Lokhe eyed Gray and she just smiled towards him, he smiled back and took the portal.


Lilian arrived right behind Mizaki who was looking around the room, Lokhe and Gray appeared behind them. Gray directed Mizaki to the library where she would be greeted by Lady Lelaiah and Nero. Mizaki’s expression turned tensed.

“Thank’s Miss Gray.” Mizaki nodded politely. She then turned to Lokhe and gave him a salute and smiled towards Lilian, “Be safe Kiddo.” She said in a playful tone then moved towards the castle like building and took the door Gray instructed her too and disappeared behind it. Lokhe rolled his eyes watching Mizaki and shook his head. “That angel seems a bit lost and kind of…messed up.” He stated. Gray shrugged at him.

“You can’t judge people by their outer appearance, take some time to get to know them and you’ll probably understand a few things.” She stated bluntly but with a professional tone. Lokhe nodded once.

“I guess you’re right.” He mumbled then gestured towards Lilian, “I came along to make sure she reaches here safely, we got into some trouble along the way, Caleb stopped us half way and I had to deal with him but of course he bailed when things got heated up.” He paused for a bit eyeing Gray who was listening to him intently and eyeing him beneath her glasses; he blinked and took a deep breath.

 “And, what happened next?” Gray asked hesitantly hoping he would continue, “Are you alright, Sir Lokhe?” she asked tilting her head. “I followed Lilian’s trail and found Mizaki healing her I guess, I am not sure what happened exactly but that pink haired angel was ranting about how stupid I am to allow Lilian to venture alone with demons surrounding the place.” Lokhe stated quickly.

 “Why would demons surround the place? That is odd. I’ll have to talk to Lady Lelaiah about it.” Gray frowned, “Well she is safe now that she is here, you may stay until you’ve recovered, I am sure Lady Lelaiah might want to speak to you anyways.” Gray told him where the guest rooms are and she also stated that he’ll get to see Lilian before he leaves but for now, Gray is going to show her around the school. Lokhe nodded and moved towards Lilian giving her a hug and a peck on the head.

 “You’ll be fine, Lil, I’ll be here for a bit, so don’t worry much.” He leaned towards her ears and whispered, “Plus, Gray seems nice, I am sure you’re in good hands.” He stated. Lilian hugged him back and nodded, “I think I’ll be fine, I need loads of training if I’ll have to face stuff like that. If Mizaki didn’t come I don’t know what would have happened.”Mizaki said feeling a shiver down her spine. 

Lokhe nodded and gave her a last kiss on the forehead before venturing towards the guest room. Gray smiled and introduced herself as the head teacher for the halos and she explained that Lady Lelaiah is the head teacher for the Nephilims and also her Royal. Lilian listened to Gray as she gave her a tour around the school, to the kitchen, the classroom, the library and finally the dorm rooms. Lilian wondered why the dreams made her feel scared, for as she stood next to gray she felt like she belonged here. Gray assigned a room for her and Lilian sat on one of the beds looking towards the other one.

 “Do I have a roommate?” Lilian asked the feline curiously. Gray shook her head. “Not at the moment but, in time you might have one, either your Halo or maybe another Nephilim, it all depends.” She smiled. “Well, I’ll let you rest, you must have had a rough day, don’t hesitate to meet the other students.” Gray left Lilian alone in her room new room after giving the Nephilim a smile.

Lilian was tired; she found her stuff already in her room, probably magically. She began unpacking her bag then she locked her room and changed her clothes and hopped into the bed. She felt she was in a dream but she knew she wasn’t. She had to accept that this is how her life is going to be now. She is a Nephilim; she has to live up to that. She’ll miss Lokhe terribly but she knows she will see him again. Lilian drifted off to sleep remembering the times she spent back home, growing up without worrying about vampires or demons or angels. She heard a voice in her head calling her name but she drifted off to sleep by then.