My Lebanon! ❤

So, here I go again, back to Lebanon for a short vacation of 2 weeks! These two weeks where amazing, I always enjoy my trips to Lebanon and I feel super nostalgic whenever it get’s over, it’s like for the short time I am there I forget about my usual normal life and I just get into the Lebanon feel. The greenery, the buildings, my aunt, my cousins and the smell in the air! It’s just different compared to Kuwait, well of course it is different; this is Lebanon I’m talking about.

I traveled with my dad this time, the last time I visited Lebanon, I travelled alone and I had to wait like thirty minutes before I finally found my uncle, but since dad was with me, I didn’t have to worry. I clearly remember the ride to my aunt’s house from the airport, the familiar buildings, and the people walking around the streets of Jounieh. It was per usual, the reunion, hugs and kisses and the food! My aunt prepared the typical Lebanese style dinner you could ever imagine!

The telefaric!


My cousin was still doing his last semester at university so and my other cousin was still in school, so the mornings were quiet, it was basically me and my aunt, I would watch her cook and when she is done cooking, we would go out around the city. She basically took me shopping so I managed to get all the shopping done within three days time. My dad went over to Kobayat to stay with his mom. The first week, my aunt took me and my cousin to the telefaric, it’s like a tradition to ride the cable car up to the mountains and see the amazing view of Lebanon. We went to the church and climbed the round stairs leading up to harissa.

The view from the telefaric. Isn’t it amazing?

Next stop was the road to Jeita Grotto, my aunt always tried to take me to Jeita Grotto, but the last time we were supposed to go, it was close due to heavy rain and this time, it was closed, just my luck I guess, either way, I managed to take nice pictures of our trip going down there. My cousin was having problems with his back so he was stuck in bed, I used to sit on the sofa near his bed and use the internet and play music for him, sometimes I’d annoy him and play real slow Disney songs. I mostly spend time with my younger cousin, she’s super adorable, she’s like the little sister I never had but wish I did!

On the way to Jeita Grotto!

My aunt didn’t give up though, since Jeita was closed, she took be to Jbail, it’s like an old ruin castle kind of place, I loved the small stores that were along the path, it totally gave me the feel of those Arabian night stories. The castle ruins were creepy ofcourse, but I really loved the view and I took a lot of pictures as well.


I took this shot from one of the cellars within the caslte of Jbail.

The view from above one of the ruins in Jbail.

My dad and grandmom are supposed to come back to the city on Sunday and since my uncle was going down to spend the weekend with them, he decided to drag me along so I could at least visit the village, I took two books with me knowing I’d probably spend those two days laying around in the grass and reading since there won’t be anything else to do, I did stalk some poor cats and harassed mother nature by taking so many pictures and I managed to visit some old neighbors. My dad and Uncle went hunting and they dragged me along, I just watched really and sat near a rock covering my ears whenever I heard gunshots. Dad also lost his wallet but I found it because I’m awesome that way. I love Kobayat, to be honest, if there is a place I would want to lock myself in or hide out for a while just to get out of the normal days, I’d come here and just stay here even if there is no internet.

The road to Kobayat! ❤

I took this shot from inside the house at Kobayat. Imagine waking up to that view every morning?!

The hunters!

One little kitty sitting on a wall.

Another cat that I stalked from above! Mew!

One of the cats I stalked :3 He’s hiding!

Kobayat! The Village…

And now we’re back in the city, I finally met my two smaller cousins who are my uncle’s kids. We had a nice dinner in my grandmother’s house back in the city and then my aunt picked me up and took me back, I missed them even if it was over the weekend. The days went real quick after that, we just hanged around, went out here and there. And then before I knew it, it was time to go back to Kuwait. I could feel a knot in my stomach and a lump in my throat when I bid them goodbye and finally got on the plane and watched as the beautiful country disappeared.

Me and my grandmother! ❤

My two naughty little cousins!

Me and my cute lil cousin!

My uncle, my dad, my aunt and myself! Just few minutes before setting off to the airport to go back home. >:C