A very good day ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to be lecturing you all on Rumors 101, a very touchy subject for most of you since we all hate rumors; false rumors and true rumors, in the end it’s none of everyone’s business but sadly, it is in people’s nature to snoop around or poke their nose where they aren’t supposed to.

The sad thing about rumors is when they are false, it tends to ruin people’s peaceful lives and cause them unnecessary stress over something so petty and probably ironic. But, you know what’s worst? It’s when someone who was supposed to be your friend spreads such kind of rumors. We live in a cruel world, wait, that’s false! Actually the world is alright, it’s the people that are the problem, and it’s very hard to trust anyone these days. Even the most trustworthy person you once knew would have the tendency to stab you in the back. Alright, let me go back to the whole rumors topic. So, as I was talking about how false rumors tend to just give us a bad day but not to the extent of a true rumor. A false rumor is false and that is what it will remain, something made up, never happened so people tend to get over it easily. But, a true rumor would turn into facts and real happenings, so, it’s very simple, if you don’t want something to be found out by people that happened, be good in covering your tracks! Or watch out to whom you blurt out your dirty little secrets. In the end if a true rumor spreads, don’t deny it! Just suck it up and face it, after all it’s something you did right? It’s better to stop beating around the bushes and be honest about it. Or, you can also just tell people to fuck off and mind their own business, it’s your life after all, no one has the right to judge what you do with it.

Now, what I got to say about people who start false rumors or maybe slightly true rumors which might possibly happen but haven’t happened yet; you suck! I mean it, you really suck big-time. Maybe you ought to like think twice before you say something because it could really unleash unnecessary wrath upon yourself without you even realizing. Is it so hard to look at yourself and just stick with your own business, why do you have to mention people who don’t concern you? It’s a simple concept look within yourself, improve yourself, be the good person you can be and once you achieved that then maybe you have a little puny mini right to point a finger towards another person.

Well, that’s all I got for now concerning this lesson, Rumor 101, maybe I might write a Rumor 102 if ever it’s necessary. Please don’t mind the sarcasm; it’s just the sort of topic that tends to have sarcasm mixed with it. So folks, the next time you hear a rumor, make sure to look at both sides and don’t spread a rumor or you’ll just be amongst those dumbasses.