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Falling is easy…. it’s getting back up that becomes the problem…..
-Denenthorn Masukami

‘One must always be on alert, even if they are hidden.’ ~ Viviane Masukami

The magpies! These are so far the favorite quotes I have found through their writings.

If one is to trust then they must have some sort of faith in another a truth of actions and character, and if one was to be betrayed by someone then there must have been some sort of lose of that trust some where in time…- Viviane Masukami

They say that everything has a beginning and an end… But what they don’t tell you is which comes first, the beginning or the end. You see the beginning is the origin and the end is where it ceases to exist. But in other aspects one can not have a beginning with out first having an end. So the question now is, is it the beginning or is it the end? Only one can tell the answer to that question, and that one does not yet know its answer… – Viviane Masukami