I participated in an online memorial the other day and even though I didn’t know the person who passed away, the speeches that were given by those who knew her totally made me feel like I knew her in some way. Perhaps certain events like these make us wonder, what if someone close to us just leaves and we can’t ever talk to them anymore? No matter what we do, we won’t ever hear their voice, see their smile, joke with them or wipe their tears. All we have left are the memories, the good and the bad.

Some of us just neglect the important part of life, making an impact on other people in a positive way. What if it’s the last time you’re talking to a friend or a family member? Did you say the right things? Did you bring them laughter or tears? I am sure most of our greatest fears are realizing that during a last conversation with someone, we may have hurt their feelings and there is no way we can turn back time to change that.

So, think twice before words come out of your mouth. There is a difference between joking and being serious. Make people laugh, make people smile and despite your sadness or off mood, try to use that negative energy to brighten someone’s day. Everything happens for a reason after all, people come into our lives, they capture our hearts, if they are taken away too early from us, there must be a reason, maybe they already fulfilled their mission, like little angels and who knows they may come back someday in our dreams, our thoughts or memories, it’s up to us to keep them alive. Never say never.

Don’t allow life to pass you away without having cried your heart out or laugh till your stomach ache, enjoy people’s company and make sure people enjoy your company. Share your smiles. 

I know this may be the softest article I have written so far, well, it may not be considered an article but a speech of some sorts. I tend to get too emotional in topics of friendship, death and family. I am mostly tough when it comes to other topics. I apologize if I offended anyone with this article. Have a good day and don’t forget to smile at the person next to you, even if it’s just the wall. 😉