Writing about people could be a bit complicated because writing depends on a few factors and one of them is our mood, if we’re in a bad mood, we tend to write negative things even though we’re trying to be positive. I am finding it a bit hard to write about people. I know I can write a lot about a certain person, but what scares me is that I may write everything I know or think about them. I won’t hold back. So, before I start writing about everyone I know, physically or virtually, I want you to know that I won’t mention any names and you’ll have to figure out which one goes out to you. I would only write about those who have created an impact in my life, whether it is positive or negative, I am going to write about you.

I love people, not as a group but individually. I prefer to spend time with one person, give them my undivided attention rather than going out and hanging around four or five people at once. I guess I just feel comfortable that way, in close confinement. I prefer staying at home than going out. Well, there are days I want to go out but not with a group of people, rather, that one friend that you can always annoy who would accompany you no matter what.

I am the sort of person who takes people seriously no matter how much of an idiot I think you are, if you’re telling me something seriously, with all your heart, I shall listen and even give my two cents on the matter. If you’ve been in my life once, even for a short moment, I will remember you, something about you, at least one memory. I’m a sucker for memories, especially funny and happy ones.

Alright, I guess I’ve explained my whole opinion on people or how I deal with them. No, wait, I forgot one thing, I hate dumbasses, and by dumbasses I mean people who don’t think before they speak, please think twice before you say anything extremely offensive just because you think you can get away with it, if it is directed towards me, I don’t mind, I have a ‘How to deal with dumbasses’ guide book, but if you offend any of my close friends or those I hold near, then you better have some fear. xD Alright, I’ll end this here before things get ugly.