She had been at it for more than 12 hours, just roaming around the city, merely trying to find an easy way to exit the city which was a bit hard since it was surrounded by water. She guessed the portals are the only easy ways. She managed to climb above the highest roof as she tried to see far beyond, while she was at it she decided to check what sorts of lingering preys she could spot, ironically there were a few stray animals near the more shrubby side towards the end of the place. She sighed heavily and decided to head back to her brother, she missed her twin even though it was only 12 hours, they just arrived a few days ago and she was already going around and trying to sniff the whole place out. She swiftly climbed down the roof and then headed for the direction of the book store her mood totally annoyed due to the failed hunt.

As she walked ahead she heard a few silent voices which made her sniff at the air a bit as she approached the bridge, one smelled of the water a lot while the other two that she noted as she approached was more obvious, one was pale looking, wearing red and he had lots of white and black streaks of hair falling over his face as he remained perched on the railing of the bridge. The other one that had his back facing her had fine white hair but a striking black tail, this caught her attention, she liked tails, she just watched the tail for a bit and even leaned sideways towards her left so that she could catch a glimpse of the beautiful mermaid that perched on the ledge near the water, her tail looked too hypnotizing for her and after a few moments of staring she managed to pull away knowing it was rude to stare.

She had no clue about what the three of them were talking about but she did assume it was something about diets in the city, or maybe just about different races, but then something she said kind of silenced everyone and they were staring at her in a funny manner. She tried to recall what she did or said, apart from giving the feline a mild scare in greeting by whispering a ‘boo’ close to his ears and he just batted his tail roughly near her legs which caused her to step to the side a bit. She even greeted the mermaid and the guy wearing red that she thought was an imp because the mermaid kind of mentioned an imp and well, the feline didn’t look like an imp to her. The mermaid went back underneath the water when the guy in red jumped off the railing and landed near the mermaid. She was getting those usual funny looks which made her feel dumb so she pondered on just heading for the bookstore when the guy in red that she thought was an imp suddenly did something out of the ordinary, according to her at least.

He bent down eyeing her with a serious expression and then he growled at her real low his face forming a sudden grin, the sort of playful growl before someone runs off. And he did just that, he ran off. She was shocked, she obviously didn’t expect that and after a few words to the feline, telling him about the bookstore, she totally gave chase.

She ran after the guy she thought was an imp and she had to actually make an effort to keep up, his speed reminded her of her fellow lycans. So many thoughts rushed through her head, how can imps run so fast? She growled in annoyance as she continued giving chase and then she met a dead end. There was no scent, no form of the male anywhere, she skidded to a stop crouching low letting the animal’s instinct take over, she growled slightly under her breath as she heard light footsteps around, she could hear someone around yet she couldn’t see anybody. This was frustrating for the young lycan. She noticed the feline around the corner who probably caught up and was just watching her, as well as looking around curiously, felines were always like that, and they liked sticking their noses everywhere.

Suddenly from out of nowhere she found herself being pushed down against the ground in a pounced like manner with that same guy over her, she growled, flailed and did everything a normal person would do when they are pounced by surprise, through their rolling around the ground ordeal he managed to let go and crouch a few feet away from her. She just eyed him with an annoyed expression, he was grinning, teasing her and enjoying it. Not that she didn’t enjoy it as well, she was just never used to be on the other end of the teasing since she always did the teasing. Obviously, now she knew he wasn’t an imp but he was just like her, a lycan, just not exactly like her, he was a shadow walker, those lycans who actually mastered the art of being able to get into the shadow realm or blend with shadows and mist, she had never met anyone like that before and up until now she thought it was just a legend.

The feline was laughing his ass off at the scene and no one should blame him for that since the scene was hilarious, both the lycans were crouched down and facing each other. She actually did a slight forward maneuver in a teasing back gesture towards him which he mirrored. He then pulled off his invisible trick again which made her lunge forward only to miss, he appeared behind her and grabbed her around the waist in a sort of back hug lifting her off the ground, she just scowled, she was totally failing but she was mischievous herself, she brought her hands over his arms and tried to dig her claws into them but he dropped her in time before any blood would be spilled; they were totally in the playing zone until they shifted their attention to the feline who looked like he was ready to play as well.

The male lycan’s tail escaped from his pants and it was so fluffy when he went to chase the feline, she couldn’t control herself and her initial plan to chase the feline as well failed since she went for the poofy white tail. She ended up bumping into him slightly catching his tail but she got distracted because the feline pulled an awesome black flip in the air and landing right on his heel behind them only to lose his balance and fall on his butt, now that was a scene you didn’t see every day. She laughed at the poor feline then went back to eye the lycan’s white tail that was swaying around behind him in a totally teasing manner since he was facing her now and they were too close to each other, he even waved his finger in her face in a ‘No,No’ gesture and she snapped her jaw at his finger as if she was going to bite him but she didn’t, she was just teasing as well. It was a weird feeling for her, it was like she was comfortable being near him, it didn’t make her feel weird or awkward, the only awkward feeling she had was the fact that she just met him. It wasn’t something frequent for her to take a sudden liking to someone she just met and in such a playful manner which never really happened with her before.

She gave him her best sad puppy dog eyes which he totally copied, so for a few minutes they just stared at each other with sad puppy dog eyes, the feline was enjoying himself as he watched the two. Then the shadow walker lycan finally brought his hand up to pinch her cheek and he stated his name, “Elly.” And he upnodded towards the feline telling her that he is the imp which surprised her a bit, the feline was acting like a total feline she didn’t realize he could be some other race but it made sense since imps were usually very careful creatures of darkness. Elly just eyed her with an expression that made her feel even dumber, if it wasn’t for her already red cheeks, they wouldn’t have noticed how much more she blushed which was kind of hidden from the dirt on her face from all the rolling around.

After Elly asked her name which she told him, he went towards a pillar and dropped down against it, he looked tired and strained. She conversed with the feline imp while she went to crouch in front of Elly as he seemed far off in thought. She didn’t realize that Elly might be hurt, but the feline imp did, he offered medicine, saying that he had a lot which Elly declined humbly after he stared up at her and teased her a little bit again, she was obviously enjoying his little teasing nature, he said he just had a neck pain and it wasn’t a big deal. She got to know the feline’s name was Grayshon and he was called Gray mostly. She told him about the bookstore and about how she and her brother had to get rid of vermins which pissed the feline imp off, he called her brother a brainless fool before he walked off which got her in a slightly growly mood, she hated people who called her brother names, but she shrugged it off because she was concerned for Elly. She was too close to him and since it was her nature to want to memorize his scent, she sniffed silently in his direction taking in the amount of scents she could from forest, to sea and then as she dug in more she caught a very faint scent of dried blood, not only his blood maybe but a mixture of the blood of the most hated race known to lycans. Vampire blood.

She growled very low as she sniffed at him more obviously this time, she even went as far as to invade his personal space, she asked him if he got into a fight and he was very brief with the answer, he said that the leech got the bad end of it. This was more than enough for her but she was concerned and she gave him a pep talk about sticking together and that he shouldn’t be afraid to talk or ask for help. He just stared at her this whole time in silence as she spoke, she had to compose herself, so much will power it took for her to just pull her gaze away from him since she saw a lady walking into the book store and she had to attend to the lady who was a potential customer or her brother would totally slap her around for being irresponsible. She pulled Elly along with her gently and she was glad he didn’t protest and just silently followed her into the bookstore.

The lady who entered the bookstore got comfortable and was reading a book as a disappointed look passed through her features when she was interrupted by the girl who let Elly wander around the bookstore freely. She decided to let the lady read freely since the lady seemed annoyed by her interjection of offering her services. She just stood by the center table with a crystal ball and few books over it as Elly came back looking different, his skin looked normal toned now and not pale anymore. She couldn’t stop herself from staring at him before she kind of leaned on the center table roughly which caused it to turn over, so many things happened at the same time, she grabbed at the table and the crystal ball that jumped around at the same time that Elly rushed as well to help and his palms were over hers right underneath the ball. This caused her to flush even redder, she seemed to be blushing a lot because of him; the feeling was unbearable for her. He patted her fingers gently with his before he took his hand back after he was sure that she got it under controlled. Lucky for her, Grayshon arrived and just entered the store looking around and eyeing the books commenting about how he used to keep the place clean and organized. Her annoyed mood returned remembering what the feline imp called her brother and for someone with a brother complex, it was hard to try and remain calm. 

She tried to be nice to Grayshon, at least speaking to him with slight respect as she offered him to keep his job, she assumed he was friends with the leeches that were running the bookstore before her bother and herself killed them and just took over. Grayshon spoke his mind to an extent making it clear he would never work there and that he doesn’t hold the same opinions she does about her brother. She swore she heard Elly growling very quietly but maybe she was just hallucinating since the guy moved near the exit and he didn’t seem to want to stick around for he asked if anyone knew a place to get a drink because he totally needed one.  When she explained that it was survival of the fittest and that it was either the lycans or the vampires who can survive, Grayshon just shut the book he was reading, placed it back on the shelf and walked off without a word! This only frustrated her, made her anger rise to its peak, but she managed to get a hold of it as she took deep breaths and a few cuss words leaving her lips.

She obviously didn’t understand why the feline imp didn’t like her brother. Through her rage and near tears, she almost forgot that Elly was in the room and when his fingers touched her and he tugged at her arm, a shiver passed through her body. She couldn’t even protest as he told her to come along with a sort of firm tone that made her feel she couldn’t argue. For once she seized to fight back and just follow her fellow lycan. A number of thoughts were swirling in her head as they walked through the town and then came out in the open, the sea before them. Elly slid down to lay on the docks as she crouched down beside him. He was speaking in low tones as he told her that this was where he usually hangs out when he wanted to cool off and get away from anger. She tried to explain to him why she was angry about Grayshon not liking her brother while he told her that her brother and Grayshon apparently came to some truce. He obviously understood her for he listened and he stroked at her arm in a comforting manner. This helped to calm her down all the more and bring out a lot of other emotions within her. He was being super nice and gentle with her that it made her forget she just met the guy.

She decided to try and poke around at his life as well, since it was just the two of them, she asked him what was his story. He already asked her what her story was previously and she told him about how she and her brother just decided to settle in this town for a while. He told her not to worry about the feline imp since it is child’s play compared to what the ying yang siblings are going to face and she knew this very well. He told her that he is in the town for revenge; he is after an order of vampires who captured his sister, turned her into a blood doll and a mere pet. This pissed her off so much that she couldn’t speak. She just said that she and her brother would help which caused him to go berserk to the point that he just ran off and did his  shadow walker disappearing trick.

She felt ripped off when he just disappeared like that leaving her alone there without a chance to say that she would help him even if he doesn’t want it, even if it caused him to hate her. That comfort she felt with him near was just pulled away from her, leaving her to fall back into that usual black hole. Only one other person could take her out of it, her brother. So she heads back in the direction of the book store hoping that Elly would show up again, she really didn’t want this to be their first and last meeting so she already made plans in her head, he gave her a name of one of the leeches who is probably part of the vampire order, ‘Lucius.” She was going to look for this guy; she had a feeling that if she finds him, Elly will be somewhere lurking around.

She managed to reach the book store mumbling to herself as she made her way to the upper floors and its like all her stress, frustration, exhaustion all hit her at once, she didn’t even clean up nor does she know if she landed on a sofa or bed, she just lay curled up on the floor and drifted off to sleep, her form shivering slightly as slight silent whimpers escaped her lips while she slept through her own nightmares.