She woke up in a more comfortable setting; someone changed her sleeping position, her brother for sure. She was laying on a comfortable bed now, her clothes cleaned, apparently he even changed her dirty outfit. She sat up on the bed with a sudden rush of thoughts, the events that took place the day before. Elly. Was that just a dream? Was it real? She shook her head and jumped out of the bed now rummaging through the place and grabbing some clothes, boots and tying her hair into its usual messy pig-tails. She had a plan in her mind but she wasn’t going to do it mindlessly. She wanted to talk to her brother about it first so now she left the place sniffing around and catching her brother’s scent. She followed the scent all around the city humming a tune to herself as she took her sweet time.

She didn’t expect that the first thing that would catch her gaze or the first sound that would ring through her ears was the sort of hard contact when someone’s palm land hard against someone’s flesh with a good amount of strength and speed exerted into the action. Her brother just got slapped before her eyes by a woman, elegant, in white. She couldn’t control herself, a huge rush of anger totally built into her system instantly and she didn’t even doubt her next move, she just rushed there, her leg extended and ready for a huge kick towards the lady in white. She wanted to get the lady as far away from her brother, even though, her brother seemed to get the upper hand for he had managed to catch the lady’s wrist and through all her emotions and sudden action she still noticed the tight grip he held. She even spotted Aeon, the pretty-face, nearby who seemed a bit dazed. She gave the lady a growl, that was her brother’s future wife, one she always wanted to mess with but right now, the one who slapped her brother was a priority and when the lady fell back into the ground and even bled a little, she seemed satisfied especially after her brother told the lady to tell her clan that The Vectis was here to take over and hunt them down. It means that the lady must have been a vampire, so she felt that she killed two birds with one stone. She also heard Grayshon’s annoyed tone in the background, something about control? No thinking? She totally ignored them all plus the kitten imp was in his demon form which she totally ridiculed yelling that he looked cuter when he was a cat because she was in the raged mode.

She was pretty annoyed that someone laid a hand on her precious twin brother. He totally ruffled her hair and kind of lectured her about her quick reckless action. She was obviously angered further just giving him the reason that he was slapped before her eyes while she glared at him. Her brother went on a rant about how this particular elegant vampire was different, she didn’t have quick reflexes nor did she fight back. His sister didn’t really care much but recalling how the lady just went down without a fight made her feel slightly guilty. She decided to ask her brother what was up with him and the feline imp before she went into other discussions. Her brother didn’t say anything or answer her question, he just pointed towards the feline which she totally slapped away telling him it is rude to point. But she couldn’t wait to tell him about Elly, she was very worried especially after her just ran away from her the previous day without a word, she thought he might just go and attack the vampires. She gave her brother a brief recap of what Elly told her; just that he is out for revenge for his sister. She knew she had no right to share someone else’s story, but this was her brother she was talking too, the one person she could not hide anything from…or so she thought. 

What she didn’t expect was that her brother’s next words would just cause her to feel a puncture in her heart. It caused her to remain silent, remain still and caused her a further rise in her rage. He told her in that usual alpha tone of his that no one should be involved with a lone wolf, he did offer Elly a choice to be part of The Vectis, but Elly declined so he will not bother about the lone wolf’s matters and she wasn’t allowed to either. This was not settling well with her, she couldn’t agree with this, something within her was being ripped to pieces due to the two farther end of options her mind was forming, first, she would try to help Elly and cause her brother hurt in the process and fail at being a beta, second, she would just leave Elly alone, on his own, not get involved at all and live with that hole in her heart and the burden of guilt for the rest of her life. She wasn’t even sure why she was experiencing this feeling, it was ridiculous, and she just met the guy, why was she so attached to him? She even snapped at her brother through his lecture and order stating she understood in a growly manner.

Her brother hugged her and told her he didn’t want to lose her and he gave her a chance to find Elly and talk to him, maybe he might change his mind and join them. She hugged him back, it was the familiar warmth she knew, the warmth of comfort telling her that everything will be okay and she will never be alone, she allowed herself to get engulfed by that feeling and for that moment she even forgot about Elly, it was like he wasn’t in the picture that is until her brother pulled away and the shadow walker lycan just drifted back into her mind which caused her previous confused and worried state to return. Her brother called over the feline imp for coffee which also caused distaste in her throat so she declined the invitation to come along knowing that she won’t be able to control any anger outburst that may reach the feline.

She did need time to herself, to think about all these rush of thoughts and feelings she didn’t understand that were building up within her. She knew now she was torn between the two and she couldn’t help herself, she wanted to help Elly whether he was part of The Vectis or not yet she didn’t want to disobey her brother and be irresponsible. She went to that spot where Elly brought her to calm herself the other day, she just took off her boots and dipped her feet into the sea water as she sat at the end of the docks. She closed her eyes taking the scent of the sea and just trying to clear her mind.