You know that moment when your heart stops, or it felt like it stopped beating, when you’re terrified to move but your body takes over you and you lose all control. That was how she felt for those few seconds, she couldn’t breathe, and she thought he was dead. She caught the foul scent of vampire blood near the area, almost near the book store when she was heading that direction, she looked around and through one of the windows she spotted Elly’s form just lying over a worn out couch, his white fluffy tail like a blanket over him. He wasn’t moving, she couldn’t even see the contraction of his chest for he was laying on his belly nor could she hear his breathing from where she stood leaning against the window. Without even thinking she rushed towards the entrance of the place yanking the door open fiercely and going right up to where Elly laid and shaking his shoulders while she yelled for him to wake up.

Elly woke up startled, like a wolf who was in mid-fight, he got out of her grasp roughly and growled at her then realized who she was then calmed down a bit. He also looked confused as to why she woke him up or why she looked scared and worried. She caught the foulest scent of dried vampire blood coming from his jacket which was sprawled on the ground; she grabbed it, sniffed it silently then let it fall back down as she observed him. She asked him if he got into a fight and all he stated was he should have cleaned the jacket more which brought an indirect answer to her question. He also told her the main reason of the fight was because he stumbled upon one of the vampires taking his sister out on a walk with a leash. He moved near where she sat and tried to throw his jacket away but she grabbed it and stated that she would clean it in a totally robotic tone. It is not something pleasant for a lycan to hear about a fellow lycan being treated as a pet, it destroyed the whole pride their race was built up upon; Freedom.

While Elly was shuffling for clothes she pressed on the issue of his well being. He just tried to mask whatever he was feeling through grins and smirks. This frustrated her, she felt he needed help but his pride or maybe something else was getting in the way. She was trying so hard to get answers but then what she got was a question that just built her rage and caused her to yell at him. He asked her if she would just sit around if she saw her brother out for a walk on a leash and that fired her up. She yelled at him, told him, hell no, she wouldn’t  but she wasn’t going to bust him out alone especially when there are people around who genuinely want to help. This caused her to jump up from where she sat gripping his jacket tightly as she just stared at him with a hint of annoyance and frustration.

She caught her brother’s scent nearby but she didn’t acknowledge him yet, since Elly was also growling back at her and explaining about his ‘gift’, his shadow walking gift, about how he is better off working alone, without having to worry about other people, she shouldn’t judge his actions for there is always a reason behind it. She had to snap back at him before giving up, she stressed on the fact that he isn’t willing to accept help and join them. Elly finally spoke towards her brother who was eavesdropping just leaning by the doorway, he asked if he was there to lecture him as well which only caused her more rage since she didn’t really think she was lecturing him. She decided to give it up at that moment and when she turned to her brother she felt embarrassed, he heard everything, the fact that she disobeyed him was swirling around her head so she seized to speak. She just moved towards where her brother stood, still gripping Elly’s blood scented jacket. Elly was not done yet though, he went on about that day on the dock, ridiculed it like it wasn’t something serious to her, this caused her rage to turn into pain, a stabbing feeling she felt in her very soul and she didn’t know why. She turned to watch Elly not able to say anymore and even frozen in place especially after what he said about changing people being hard unless you have a magic wand in your pockets.

Her brother finally stepped in, he grabbed her arm while he spoke to Elly, informing him that they didn’t want to change him and that he isn’t there to lecture a stranger, it’s just that his sister is willed to protect him and that means he will have to protect both of them whether he likes it or not for his sister’s sake, too much distaste was there in his tone that her heart was aching all the more, it was like before it wanted to explode but hearing her brother speak that way now, in that tone just made her heart feel like there were tiny cracks that are forming over it slowly and painfully. She doesn’t dare to speak; she just listens now allowing her usual black hole to engulf her as her brother shoved her out of Elly’s house.

Grayshon was with them and she noticed that as she was being shoved. It was lucky for her in a way since her brother just spouted her punishment in a casual manner, restricting her from outdoors for two days where she just had to clean the carpets of the bookstore and do two shifts. She had the choice to give him an explanation which she wasn’t in a state to give so she took the punishment. She even snapped at him informing him that she was going to remain involved in Elly’s business whether he liked it or not. She was in a state where she forgot that she was her brother’s beta but remembered she was his sister first. He told her not to touch the history section because Grayshon was going to take care of that. This caused her to send a few growls in the feline imp’s direction. When did this development take place? She thought the feline imp hated her brother.

She realized she was still gripping Elly’s jacket tight in her grasps; she lifted it to sniff through it a bit not after the foul vampire scent but more rather trying to get a whiff of Elly’s scent. This was crazy; she stalked away from her brother and Grayshon as they remained on the bar above the book shop. She decided to start cleaning, two whole days ahead of her. She kept Elly’s jacket safely in the storage room for later cleaning, while she grabbed the cleaning supplies and she began scrubbing the carpets. Very vigorously. She allowed all her anger to flow through the cleaning, she growled, cried, remained quiet, cleaned faster, cleaned slower, paused from cleaning, she was experiencing so many emotions at once, emotions she wanted to lock away.