The night was young and she just ran around the city keeping her form hidden from any night dwellers through her dark attire and sneaky ways. She stuck to walls and rooftops as she followed the scents of those beings she hated the most. Why did she hate them? It was her natural instincts. She feels it within her very soul that these beings are never going to change and there can be no peace between them especially after her pack was wiped out by the likes of them. She continued running and jumping around until she reached an area on the other side of where they resided at the city. It was the one place that was overpowering with their scents. She decided to move around in the open since no one was around, or if there was someone around, she was damn ready to strike back and defend herself if they had hostile intentions. She took a little break and leaned against a lamp post adjusting her mask and checking if her weapons were intact as she stared straight ahead pondering her next plan of action. 

She heard something in the distance behind her, it was like the sound of running and then silence but she felt a sort of eerie presence around. She shrugged it off then Elly’s form began to appear before her and he yanked her mask off. He was wearing a hood over his white hair, so it was hard to see his expression. She growled in surprise and took a jump back away from him. He asked her what she was doing and he growled at her saying that she was too close. Too close to what? She assumed he meant the vampires, the ones she was tracking so she felt satisfied that she was on the right track. She told him not to do that sneaking up on people to which he just smirked and informed her that is what he is, a sneaker. He asked her again what she was doing there alone, she didn’t want to lie to him so she just ran around him and straight ahead aiming for one of the buildings. She crouched down low as she sniffed around. She could feel that she was really close to a possible vampire’s lair.

He grabbed her arm suddenly and pulled her away towards a downtrodden abandoned dock house. She tried to resist him and even considered fighting him but he was someone she didn’t want to fight especially when she just managed to make peace with him after her previous outburst. She followed him unwillingly due to the tight grip he had on her arm plus he kept on growling all that while until he finally got her within the dock area away from the open view. She caught scents of him within the area, maybe he used this part as his stake out place.

Elly pulled the hood off his head as he released her roughly pushing her forward but she managed to balance herself from falling on the ground and instantly gripped her arm, the spot he tightly abused while dragging her. She slapped it a bit to allow the blood flow to resume since it was getting a bit numb but he didn’t stop there, he growled at her angrily, yelled at her and continued moving forward pushing her to walk backwards until she felt the crate on her back and he slid both his arms on either side of her form as he remained close to her almost invading any personal space a person could have so she wouldn’t run from him again. He was angry, that was obvious, he asked her if she was crazy, asked her if she wanted to be caught and chained for their amusement by her reckless wandering alone, he also told her that they tend to run in groups, they are strong and she alone cannot handle them. He sounded helpless, angry and totally annoyed by her actions. Actions that she was supposed to have been doing after arriving at the city, it was what she was trained for. She was a bit shocked as he continued growling too close to her, his body even pressing against her form totally leaving not so much of a millimeter of personal space between the two. She just stood there frozen in between him and the crate trying to hard to control her erratic heart rate and her presence of mind. Her big brown eyes just staring up at him with a look of shock at how angry he was. She tried to answer him, tell him she wasn’t going to attack, she was just investigating but he bought none of it, perhaps in his eyes he saw her as a headless lycan just running into things without proper planning.

He went on and on, growls, words. She tried to shut them off, tried to keep her mind in the hunting zone but it was hard. He mentioned the vampires he had been following, how hard it is to get them alone, how united they were, her brother, what would her brother say if he found out what she was doing? She wanted to snort because this is what she was supposed to be doing, helping her brother gather information. Elly then shifted to the fact that her brother might kill him if something happened to her. She wanted to scoff so badly at that, she knew her brother would do no such thing unless Elly killed her himself. That would be the only legit reason her brother would want to kill him. He then told her that, it was the same way his sister got lured in and then he gave up, he just stood there in that position, pinning her to the crate, his eyes closed and his hands gripping the crate really firmly. She felt her heart sink, seeing him in a lot of pain that she felt emphatic towards. She did the only one thing she felt like doing at that moment, she brought her arms around his waist and pulled him closer than he already was towards her as she leaned her face into his shoulder.

His slight breathing, his scent, his beating heart, his tight muscles that eased off a bit in her hold and his pain, she took them all in, allowed herself to be engulfed by it all. She just told him to help them in a small tone of voice and through that hug he told her he would help her; he would help her just so she won’t do this again. She didn’t understand why he was so angry about what she was doing. She was just doing her job and she totally didn’t understand why he seemed afraid as well. He slid his arms from the crate to her back returning the hug and holding her closer to him as well. She asked him if this meant that he would join the pack but he said he couldn’t, he would just meet with her and her brother and give them all the information he has on Lucius’s clan. She didn’t press on the issue further just held him close in that hug tightly wanting to stay like this forever until he finally pulled away from her, climbed over the crates and laid over it as he closed his eyes beginning to rest.

There was nothing more to say so she decided to wander off, maybe now was a good time to find her brother. Her whole hunting spirit totally got interrupted by Elly that there was no point in continuing it now, not when he was near…maybe later.