The orphanage was huge; it had three wings divided into three different buildings. One building was for the girls and the other building for the boys and the one in the middle was where they go to school. The buildings looked like mini-condominiums and the outer walls were painted light apple green with dark green borders around the windows and edges. The orphanage housed children between the ages of twelve and eighteen, it was basically an orphanage for those who aren’t children anymore and would probably not get a chance to be adopted, adoption was very rare considering their age. They were given the basic necessities; food, shelter and clothing as well as education. After the age of eighteen, the young adults were allowed to venture out in the world or they could remain there and attend the community college which was offered near the area.

The owners of the orphanage were very kind and passionate people and had other branches of orphanages and other businesses all over the place, though they loved this one orphanage the best, since it was their first orphanage, hence why they named it after their family name, The Furkan Orphanage, rumor has it that they are a wealthy couple who visited the orphanage rarely. One of those rare visits changed their life.

Francesco and Molly Furkan drove by the orphanage early one morning and found that the morning guard didn’t arrive as per usual so Francesco got down to manually open the gates when Molly called him back because she noticed a figure laying near the door of the mini booth the guard usually sat in. Francesco moved towards the figure with Molly who quickly got down from the car as well, they both looked in shock as they noticed the little girl lying unconscious near the booth’s door. Molly, being the quick reactor of the two, bent down to look the girl over noting that she had bruises here and there but the major blow was on her forehead which was covered in dry blood. Meanwhile, Francesco was on the phone calling for someone from within the orphanage to come out with a stretcher and some help.

Molly stayed by the girl’s side for the entire week she was unconscious but recovering, this caused the couple to temporarily live in the orphanage’s vicinity near the medical care wing which was located in the school’s building. They never thought they would stay longer in the orphanage so they didn’t have a room made for themselves. Francesco had the top floor of the school which was basically a storage room turned into their new apartment which had a new bed room, a comfortable living room and he also decided to have a small office set up there since his wife seemed too attach to this girl, it might be best that they stay at the orphanage for a while until they figure out who she is and what happened to her.

The other kids around heard the rumors about this new girl and some of them have also witnessed her being wheeled to the medical care wing. They wondered who she was and were all eager to hear her story.