The three decided to leave camp in the morning. Dahlia was a little better and more cheerful than she was the previous day; she asked David so many questions about her mother, which he answered gladly. She suddenly asked him, “How about my father?” David’s expression went blank and he stopped whatever he was doing, they were busy packing up for their long hike back to where they left the car. Mizaki just continued packing not bothering to interrupt the two as she listened. “Your father was a good man.” He stated and didn’t say anything more and continued packing up. Dahlia didn’t look convinced but she decided to pester him about it later once they were back in the van.

After the long hike they finally reached the van and loaded the stuff. David got into the driver’s seat and Mizaki got in next to him while Dahlia sat in the back just like when they first set of for the road trip. The engine roared and they set of for home.

He snickered as he watched the car moving away and out of his reach, he snapped his fingers making the image disappear before him, “We’ll meet again, Angel. We will meet again my dear.” He said to himself out loud then sat down on his chair pondering on his next move taking pleasure imagining the angel’s reaction when he finds the little gift he left at the orphanage.

Mizaki was driving when it was almost lunch time; they decided to stop at a gas station and diner. While they were eating, the news caught their attention when they heard the news caster mention ‘Furkan Orphanage’. The three of them stopped eating and stared at the television screen watching what was happening at the orphanage. The news caster continued to report that there was a dead body found in the orphanage that fit the description of the chain guy’s victims.  The chain guy was a serial killer who had a trademark of leaving his victims in random places with chains of spikes wrapped around their dead naked corpse. The police have been after him for two years now but all their investigations are a dead end. David clenched his fist knowing full well the body was left there on purpose as a warning. The three quickly finished their lunch and continued their journey back to the orphanage.

“This is bad, real bad, what the hell is happening.” Dahlia said, “We just got to get back home and see for ourselves.” Mizaki said rationally, David remained quiet and appeared to be focusing on the road, “You’re not telling us everything.” Dahlia said in a blank tone towards David. He didn’t react and just continued driving.