There were police cars still parked outside the orphanage when they arrived, even though it took them more than a day, it looked like the investigations are still going on. Molly and Francesco were glad to see the three of them back safe and sound. Molly explained to them all what was going on after they have freshened up. The high school was going to be closed for a week due to the pending investigation. The resident nurse was on her way to the clinic when she stumbled upon the body in the hall way and instantly ran to the Furkan’s penthouse above the school, they sealed the hall way and announced a holiday before the kids arrived. They also gave a strict order not to let any of the kids out of their respective building. The police have been there since then and have even set up base in the school while they were carrying out their investigation. They also informed the Furkan’s that it’s best to keep the kids within the orphanage because they are afraid the next victim might be one of them.

Dahlia, Mizaki and David had a long discussion in Mizaki’s room; they were arguing about what to do if the demon came and tried to hurt anyone in the orphanage. David appeared frustrated and out of ideas, “We’ll just have to be prepared for anything.” He said towards the two girls. Dahlia rolled her eyes, “How are we going to be prepared, you said I get my defenses only when I turn eighteen, until then I am just a mere human, how would I even help protect anyone or myself?” Dahlia asked obviously as frustrated as David. Mizaki just listened and kept her thoughts to herself, she was focusing on the necklace in her dressing table, the only thing she had that links to where she came from, she just eyed it when suddenly it disappeared into green sparkles and appearing in her hands.

David was watching her as he spoke and he noticed, “Interesting, summoning.” He murmured, “So you have the power to summon things.” Mizaki held the necklace in her hand and shrugged, “I didn’t do that on purpose.” She said then stood up to place the necklace back on the dresser. Dahlia just grumbled, “I am the only one defenseless!”  She whined.