Almost a month has passed by and it was a dead end for the police, they didn’t find any clues nor did they find any potential next victim. They decided to close the investigation until something shows up. The Furkan orphanage already started classes. Despite the extra one week holiday they got after their spring break due to the police’s investigation, everyone was still in the holiday mood though all the tension from the body discovery died down.

During the one month, David has been training Mizaki and Dahlia in combat. They gathered every day after classes on top of the school’s roof. At first, he gave them lessons about demons and witches then he got both of them weapons. For Mizaki, he gave her two dual dark swords and for Dahlia, a one handed glowing white sword that is telepathically connected to her. He trained them in combat and in the one month time, the girls were doing well, but still needed to learn more. With David’s help, Mizaki was also trying to practice summoning and slowly trying to discover what other abilities she possessed. David gave Dahlia books to read up on telepathy and premonitions. Telekinesis is something she will have to learn on her own through practice. One day, David called the two and gave them crystals. He said that if the crystal started to glow red, there is a demonic presence around and they have to be alert and prepared for the worst.

Mizaki heard a buzzing sound in her head one night while she was sleeping. She jolted awake and noticed the crystal near her bedside table glowing red. She jumped out of bed and grabbed her dark swords from under the bed when suddenly she felt a huge blow on her head which caused her to lie flat on the floor. She gritted her teeth and gripped her swords flipping around to see no one there; she jumped up in a defensive stance pointing one sword in front of her and the other one behind her. She heard a chuckle, a quiet distant chuckle, “How cute.” He muttered revealing himself out of nothing. Mizaki just lunged towards him, one sword aimed at his gut and the other for his throat, when she suddenly found herself falling into a void, her room disappeared and she appeared in a cave, she almost lost her balance when she landed but she composed herself still gripping her swords.

“Let’s play a little game to see if your friends will come.” He said appearing behind her all of a sudden. Mizaki flipped around pointing one blade towards him keeping silent. She had no idea what was going to happen but she vowed not to go down without a fight.