Mizaki wasn’t particularly dressed to fight; she was bear footed and wore only her usual sleeping attire of sweatpants and a T-shirt. She kept trying to lunge at the demon but he always disappeared and reappeared behind her yelling, “Boo!” totally enjoying himself, after about two hours of the same routine. He probably got bored and snapped his fingers, instantly a huge worn out metal cage fell in front of Mizaki, she didn’t have time to react or move away. She was trapped.

David materialized into Dahlia’s room and shook her awake; he told her he couldn’t sense Mizaki’s presence anywhere in the orphanage’s buildings. David orbed himself and Dahlia into Mizaki’s room. He noticed the crystal and picked it up while Dahlia looked around for any clues, there didn’t seem to be a struggle, but when she checked under the bed, Mizaki’s swords were gone. David handed Dahlia the crystal, she was so worried about Mizaki that when she took the crystal, she got a flashback. It was like she was watching the scene happening before her. She saw Mizaki waking up and seeing the crystal glowing red then jumped out of her bed to grab her swords, then Dahlia saw the demon appear behind Mizaki just to give her a hard blow in the head with his fist then he disappeared right when she flipped around and jumped up. She also saw how Mizaki lunged for the demon then disappeared into some void along with the demon.

Dahlia eyed David with a worried expression. David asked her softly about what she saw while he took the crystal, “I think I saw the past.” She told him every detail of what she saw. David frowned thinking it wasn’t possible since Dahlia didn’t even turn eighteen, plus she should only be able to see the future not the past. He shook his head and pondered,” I’ll have to go get her.” “I’ll come with you.” Dahlia said firmly, David shook his head, “No, you’re staying here, you’ll wait for us here.” He said then waved his hand forming a silvery portal, before he could do anything, Dahlia just ran through the portal before him, he grumbled and followed her right when the portal disappeared behind him.