Dahlia found herself stumbling upon a rough surface; she jumped up and looked around taking in her surroundings. The cave was dark, gloomy and dusty, just like how a cave should be. She blinked when David appeared behind her with a sour expression. She smiled innocently then looked left and right then eyed David,”Which way?” .

The demon snickered once he sensed their presence in his lair. He rolled his eyes as he watching Mizaki trying to slash at the cage from the moment she got trapped, “When are they going to learn to preserve their energy.” He grumbled then snapped his finger, instantly the cage around Mizaki disappeared into dust. She stumbled on the ground and picked herself up panting from all the force she was using, she was exhausted, but she kept going. He eyed her with grim expression, “Might as well amuse myself.” He muttered then pointed his hands at Mizaki, instantly a dangling sound could be heard then chains of spikes just wrapped around her from out of nowhere, he tightly closed his fist and the chains wrapped around Mizaki tighter making her scream in pain, she dropped her swords and levitated along with the chains around her. He smiled watching her keeping his fist tightly balled when suddenly her heard a flutter of wings and looked above him in time to move away from David’s silver sword. Dahlia rushed towards Mizaki her expression panicked, she could see her friend was in pain but she didn’t know what to do, the chains bounded around her tightly and were still under the demons control.  Before Dahlia could react, she heard the demon laugh, “This is the reunion I exactly hoped for.” He said eyeing Dahlia. David jumped towards the demon his sword ready to strike, the demon just shimmered away and appeared right next to Dahlia eyeing Mizaki and his work of art, “Isn’t it a beauty, my daughter.” He cooed, Dahlia stood frozen in place, “Daughter? No fucking way…” She growled the anger within her boiling. David flipped around quickly to eye the demon and moved to lunge at him again. The demon pointed his hand at the angel and some of the chains around Mizaki just multiplied and wrapped around the angel in a quick motion pulling him next to the girl, David growled in anger trying to get the chains of spikes off him, despite the pain he felt all over, it even wrapped around his wings. The demon then eyed Dahlia, “Now that all the pests are out of the way, it’s time for father and daughter to reunite.”

“Your mother was a fool, we could’ve ruled the world together, but she was so obsessed with saving lives she neglected her full potential. She tried too hard to hide you from me, but I planned this, I knew one day you would find me on your own.”  The demon explained towards Dahlia. Mizaki appeared to have passed out and David shouted, “You’re a disgrace; you gave up your humanity for the dark side.” The demon just squeezed his fist to tighten the chains around David and poor Mizaki as well; David gritted his teeth while Mizaki screamed in pain again before appearing to have passed out completely. Dahlia remained silent; her expression blank, suddenly her eyes shifted from its normal color to bright blue. A cool breeze started forming around her form. She levitated from the ground and the chains around her friends unwrapped from their bleeding form and just levitated in the air obviously in Dahlia’s command now. Mizaki fell to the ground appearing lifeless; David crawled towards her and took her in his arms as he tried to heal himself. The demon gasped as his face was filled with shock, “She is even more powerful than I thought, and she has both mine and her mother’s powers.” He growled then Dahlia just eyed him and said in a calm blank tone, “You have no right to call me your daughter. I only have a mother and you took her life.” The levitating chains shot towards the demon wrapping around him tightly almost crushing his entire form. The demon roared in anger but he wasn’t too quick to react, he tried to make his own chains disappear which caused a backfire since his own daughter controlled them, a blood curling scream was heard then the chains disappeared into fire along with the demon.

David saw the entire scene before him; he managed to heal up most of his wounds and he worked on trying to get Mizaki conscious. She jolted awake feeling all the pain at once, she gritted her teeth then looked around having noticed some sort of explosion, and she gasped as she eyed Dahlia’s levitating form. Dahlia landed on the ground slowly, the blue glow fading from her eyes, she looked at her friends and  smiled weakly and began to fall, David and Mizaki both darted towards her and prevented her from hitting the ground. David carried her then eyed Mizaki, “It’s time to go back home.” He muttered with a sigh. Mizaki nodded knowing she will get an explanation of whatever happened while she was dealing with the chains, “Next time I won’t sleep with such thin clothes.” She said looking down on her almost tattered and bloody attire, she looked around for her swords and picked them up then moved back next to David, “Ready to go home now.” she announced. David just snorted knowing Mizaki missed the whole climax of the event and created their portal home.