Dahlia remained asleep, while David explained to Mizaki about what happened. He told her that it’s very rare for Dahlia to have received her gifts in advance, plus, it’s also rare that she posseses both her father and mother’s powers. Her mother merely had premonitions from the future, simple telekinesis and telepathy. Her father could manipulate the elements and look back into the past. Dahlia possessed all of them. Mizaki sighed as she listened, “You should have told us that it was Dahlia’s father, what happened to him anyways?” she asked curiously, “He let power go to his head, he got greedy, he wanted to be more powerful. Dahlia’s mother was against it, she left him when she was pregnant with Dahlia. And he somehow tapped into the dark side and gave up his humanity and turned into a demon.” David sighed, “He was a good man. It’s ironic he thought Dahlia would join him and become evil, but she has more of her mother in her, it’s one of my missions, I was suppose to preserve her goodness, but I guess that wasn’t necessary, I am sure without me here, Dahlia would’ve done the same thing. But you understand why I couldn’t disclose this information. It was too risky.” Mizaki nodded and sighed, she knew he was right. Knowing how her friend is, Dahlia might have tried to get revenge without letting them know and probably be consumed with power. When Dahlia woke up, Mizaki gave her a loving squeeze then left the room to allow David and her to talk in private.

Mizaki went into Francesco’s office to find Molly there having tea with him. She smiled at her parents and joined them for tea. Mizaki didn’t tell them of her near death experience but she talked about school work and her plans for the future. Molly and Francesco shared with her a few stories of their studying days. They laughed and teased each other. They had a normal chat, which Mizaki missed; she knew she isn’t normal and would probably never get to have normal chats like these where everyone is innocent about the hidden secrets of the world and the mysterious creatures that existed but remain hidden within the shadows.