Days passed by, weeks passed by, months passed by, before they realized it, a year has flown by. The orphanage celebrated another high school graduation, which included the three friends. Dahlia learnt a lot about her powers and how to control them in such a small amount of time, David was pleased with her. Mizaki was still trying to get the hang of summoning things, she was more expert when it came to healing wounds or other scrapes, she discovered if she had that desire to heal someone badly, the energy just flew out from her. The three of them didn’t run into any trouble from their supernatural world. The only time they were exposed to it was when David gave them lessons which were needed so they would be in practice and prepared for anything at anytime.

Three months after Mizaki’s 18th birthday, she began having a dream. It happened weekly and then slowly became an everyday nightly ritual for her. One day, she decided to share the dream with Dahlia and David, but she didn’t want to tell them about it, she wanted to literally show them. She remembered reading about a ritual that might allow a fellow witch to look into her dreams while she was dreaming, also since David was an angel; it would be possible for him to see into it anyways. So one night, Mizaki decided to sleep over at Dahlia’s dorm. The ritual required the girls to surround Dahlia’s bed with salt to ward off evil souls, knot their hands together with a rope and then fall asleep at the same time. Mizaki used some of the sleeping pills that Molly and Francesco had hidden. As they began to drift to sleep, David orbed into the room and placed a hand on Mizaki’s forehead and closed his eyes.

Dahlia and David woke up and were surrounded by candy wrappers everywhere. “So this is what Miza dreams about all the time.” David said shaking his head, Dahlia gave him a punch and stayed close to him, “If this is what she dreams about then she wouldn’t want to enter my dreams. Ever.” Dahlia laughed then the whole place shifted instantly. The two found themselves in a playground and there was a small girl sitting by a swing who appeared to be sad, they were going to approach her when another girl who looked a few years older just moved pass them as if they didn’t exist and hugged the smaller girl, “Don’t be Sad Miza, I’ll buy you some candy later.” The older girl murmured and the small Miza just held onto the girl and didn’t let go. The girl picked her up from the swing and walked away carrying her. Before Dahlia and David could react the scene shifted again, this time they were in a shop and the small Miza, but little older than the previous scene, was just sitting outside the shop and the same girl from the other scene, but older as well, emerged from the doors of the shop and small Miza just charged her with a hug, “We can go home now.” The other girl looked hesitant and took small Miza by the hand, “Let’s take a walk on the beach first.” She said softly, David and Dahlia noticed that the elder girl seemed to be worried about something but before they could react again the scene shifted. They landed in a house and to a brutal beating. A man was beating a woman badly, he appeared to be drunk. Miza emerged from another room, looking more like how she looked when David and Dahlia met her the first time, and hurled herself in front of the man yelling, “Stop hurting mom!” the man growled at her and shifted his attention to Miza now, beating her up while her mother tried to stop him but she was too weak from her wounds she could barely do anything, after maybe an hour, the same girl rushed through the front door after hearing all the screams coming from inside, it was like she knew what was happening, she just grabbed the lamp and hit the man on the head with it, he was caught by surprise and passed out instantly, the girl grabbed Miza and half dragged her out of the house. Miza’s forehead was bleeding badly. The scene shifted again, David and Dahlia just watched their expressions changing as they witnessed each scene. This time they saw the orphanage and the other girl walking away from it, they also noticed Miza’s form near the security’s booth. “Damn.” Dahlia mumbled suddenly pulling at David’s arms, David held her close as he continued watching, the scene changed again, they were in a dark city, the buildings were all dark, there was an eerie feel about the place, they noticed demons, mutants, angels and people with cat tail and ears walking around, then out in a corner near a church they noticed the same girl but she looked different she had white wings on her back and a bright halo, her eyes were closed and she murmured, “Wherever you are Mizaki, you’re always on my mind.” She opened her eyes then looked up in the sky, “My baby sister.” She said then suddenly the scene all disappeared into smoke as if getting sucked in. Dahlia opened her eyes along with Mizaki. David was still standing there with his hand on Mizaki’s forehead when he opened his eyes, they all stared at Mizaki and she looked from David to Dahlia repeatedly wondering if they saw all of that.