“And, you have the exact same dream over and over, everyday? Like exactly the same one, no variations, no slight changes?” David asked. Mizaki groaned, “I told you for the hundredth time, exactly the same dream over and over like a movie being replayed in my head every night.” Dahlia took a seat next to Mizaki and wrapped her arm around her, “Don’t worry, I am sure the answers will come out eventually. Be patient.” Mizaki shook her head and began to pace back and forth. David just eyed her; his expression looked like he was in deep thought, “I can’t just sit back and wait, it’s like the dream is calling me towards it, it’s like she is calling me to her.” Mizaki blurted out then sighed and stopped pacing turning her head to eye David and Dahlia, “I didn’t even know I had a sister until this dream, I didn’t even know anything about my past but now I have a little hint.” She said then flopped on the bed next to Dahlia again and leaned against her, “I have to do something.” David eyed Mizaki and shook his head, “Your sister is an angel now, and that last part of the dream seemed peculiar, I have never really heard of a place or been informed of a place like that.” He said in a low tone, “First we have to find out what happened to her, maybe you just saw a vision from the future or something.” He shrugged, “I think I should go visit my bosses and ask them a few questions.” He said though hesitantly, “But I’d be missing for a week at least and I am sure people will notice, I guess we’d have to make do with what answers we can find here.” Mizaki and Dahlia both nodded, “Miza, maybe you should ask your parents if they know anything. I mean, I am sure they must know something.” Dahlia said turning her head to eye Mizaki, “I have a gut feeling that they know something about it, I mean, how else did they manage to adopt you.” Mizaki nodded and sighed, “I think I’ll go ask them when I get the chance.” She said then looked at the clock on Dahlia’s dresser, “I am supposed to have dinner with them anyways in two hours.” Mizaki stood up and nodded towards the two, “I’ll talk to you both later.” She left the room and made her way out of the building and towards the school’s building where the Furkan’s penthouse was located, also the place which has always been home to her.

Mizaki went to her room and laid on the bed, she decided to rest for a while. Molly and Francesco were still out and they would be back in time for dinner. Mizaki tossed and turned on her bed, she was thinking deeply, thinking of that girl in her dream, her sister, her elder sister. She doesn’t even remember anything. Mizaki sighed heavily, she grabbed her blanket and crawled under it and closed her eyes and began to dream again, the same dream.

 She didn’t know how long she slept but when she woke up, she realized more than two hours passed so she rushed out to check on Molly and Francesco, they were in the living room, having tea and when they saw her they just laughed and began to tease her on how girls don’t usually sleep during sleepovers. Molly went into the mini kitchen and brought out Mizaki’s dinner and placed it on the side table. Mizaki sat on the carpet and began having her late dinner while Francesco and Molly had their tea. “Do I have a sister?” Mizaki suddenly asked them both, Molly looked shocked and Francesco looked more like he expected this sooner or later, “I guess you should know, we thought you would regain your memory as time passed but, but, I guess the things you had to go through in the past were unbearable that somehow your whole system shut you out from it.” Mizaki just eyed Francesco as if waiting for him to go on. He cleared his throat and reached out for Molly’s hand, “You had a sister, yes. She was a few years older than you. But, she died.” Francesco said softly keeping his eyes on Mizaki as he squeezed Molly’s hand. “I asked around and it seems your father.” He looked a bit pained as he said those words, “Your real father, was a drunk, an addict, a wife beater and all those bad things a father shouldn’t be. Your sister came home late one day to your father beating you and your mother up. She was able to fight him and get you away; I think that was when she brought you to the orphanage. She went back home to her mother and from what I heard, there was a gun shot.” Francesco paused and cleared his throat again, “My sources said that your mother reported that your father was about to pull the trigger meant to shoot her when, Max rushed between them and took the bullet.”

“Max.” Mizaki murmured the name of her sister that she didn’t even remember, it gave her a soft feeling when she said the name, like some forgotten feelings of comfort washed over her, she wondered how could she forget the name. Molly moved away from Francesco and kneeled towards Mizaki to wrap her arms around the girl, “I know it’s hard to find out about this stuff, your father was sent to prison but we haven’t been in touch with your mother, we couldn’t find her.” Molly whispered, “We understand if you want to find her.” Mizaki shook her head hugging Molly tightly, “No, I love you Molly, you’re my mother and will always be my mother, just like Francesco will always be my father.” She stated tears flowing down her face as she held onto Molly. Mizaki knew her sister is alive only because she saw those wings in the dream, David is right; her sister is an angel now. Something deep within Mizaki was causing her to feel a sudden burst of excitement, like she knew she needed to find her, but how? And where does she start?