Mizaki was rummaging through the school library for the past six months, not only the school’s library but other libraries and bookstores  across town. She even checked on the internet for anything that may give her a clue about that dark city she saw in her dream. Dahlia got into law school, David got into business school while Mizaki was putting her college plans on hold. David and Dahlia were worried about her, not only them, but her foster parents as well. They noticed she was constantly hovered over books, her room was full of different kind of books, from historical books to modern day books, there were even some fantasy novels here and there. The furkans didn’t have any clue as to what she was researching or looking for, every time they asked her she’d say that she was looking for something related to colleges and when they insisted on helping her she declined firmly.

“You’re going overboard with the search of that city.” David told Mizaki one day as they hung out in the school’s roof, she just shrugged, “I am not stopping now, I am close to something, I found a journal and in one of the entry this guy talks about some crazy old man speaking of strange creatures in a sort of island.” She stated nodding a lot holding a brown leather bound book and waving it at David, “You can see for yourself!” she showed him the entry and David just shook his head, “You don’t know if he is right or wrong and this is such an old journal, this crazy old man is probably dead by now.” Mizaki took the book back since David didn’t seem encouraging, “You’re supposed to be an angel!” she groaned and then said, “I am going to visit this bar, maybe this crazy old man had relatives, this is one advantage of researching in old local libraries.” She pondered then Dahlia appeared from the roof’s door all suited up. Mizaki eyed her with a proud expression, “Awww, look at the future lawyer, could you sue David for being such a drag?” she asked grinning like a crazy girl. David looked annoyed but didn’t say anything. Dahlia walked towards them then eyed David and shrugged, “He sure does look depressing.” She gave Mizaki a hug then Mizaki felt Dahlia shiver in her arms and Dahlia gasped and pulled away from Mizaki with a horrified expression on her face.

“What happened? What did you see?” Mizaki asked Dahlia who appeared to be in some kind of shock. David rushed towards Dahlia to steady her. He looked worried and in a way it was like he expected this. “Mizaki.” Dahlia stated composing herself a bit more and cleared her throat, “Stop it, just stop researching. Stay here with us. Please.” Dahlia pleaded, it was a witches vow never to give away what they see in the future and Dahlia was so sure she saw the future when she hugged Mizaki and for some reason it pained her, but no one would really know what she saw except Dahlia herself. Mizaki looked confused, “I never said I was leaving.” It then dawned upon her, maybe this is the reason she wasn’t getting anywhere, maybe she should go out and look for the city herself, how hard could it possibly be? Mizaki eyed both David and Dahlia and the two of them shook their head as if they could read what was going on in her mind, “I…have too.” She whispered and rushed out of the roof without waiting for their reply. She held the brown book in her arms and made her way to Francesco’s office and knocked. She heard Francesco’s voice and then told him that she needed to leave the orphanage, she needed to do something or she’d feel an empty space in her heart forever. Francesco began to panic so he called Molly, who was out on one of her business meetings. When Molly arrived home, he explained to her what Mizaki said so the three of them had a family meeting. The Furkans tried to talk her out of leaving but she explained to them that she had to find this place, she didn’t tell them that her sister might be alive, she just said that she needed some answers and this place will help her, she was old enough, she just turned 19 and she is a responsible girl, how hard could it be to be on your own? Little did Mizaki know what she was getting herself into. With a heavy heart and lots of tears, the Furkans agreed and even insisted that she is well stocked with money and she keeps in touch with them. Mizaki was glad and sad at the same time, she was glad they trusted her and allowed her to go, but she was sad because she would miss them terribly and everyone else she would be leaving behind.