I decided to leave in a month’s time, when would I return to the orphanage? I wouldn’t know. Molly and Francesco really stuck with me until the end, they even insisted on sponsoring my trip, they gave me a huge amount of money that will really last me for two years if I was careful; I kept it safely in my backpack. I didn’t pack much since I know I wouldn’t really last long in one particular area, I imagined I might be going on some sort of bag packing adventure just to search for this city I have no idea about. Even that one hint I had in the journal isn’t really a big help because maybe the man was just crazy, but what if he isn’t? Since this is the only clue I had, I decided to make it my first step. I packed some books, a first aid kit, one extra hooded jacket, one pair of jeans and two pairs of house clothes; if I needed more I could just buy them. Dahlia and David were a bit worried and disappointed at my sudden decision to just leave, but they supported me and helped me pack up, David reminded me about my swords and taught me how to keep them hidden magically, which was a piece of cake and I could just summon them whenever I needed them.

Finally the time has come to say good bye to this place I call home where I spent the best seven years of my life. Not that I remembered what happened before, but the fact I don’t even remember my sister just pains me, so I decided I should look for her and find answers. Would I ever find her? It’s too early to tell, I haven’t left yet. I had loads of questions in my head and I almost decided to drop the plan of leaving but every night, that same dream would play in my head and draw me more closer to it, like a sweet dreamy lullaby calling me towards it, wanting me to find it. Maybe she wants me to find her or maybe I am meant to find her. I said all my farewells to everyone. The hardest was saying goodbye to my parents, the only ones who really cared about me, who took me into their family and gave me a very comfortable life. I feel like I have let them down by making this decision to leave, but I know they will forgive me, plus I have the phone Molly gave me so that I could keep in touch with them. Dahlia and David were not that sad since they could visit me anyways, one advantage when you have an angel around. I decided to catch a bus to the next town where the great grandchildren of the owner of this journal probably reside, unless they decided to move out. I guess I’ll know only when I get there.