It’s been a month since she was found by the Furkans, Mizaki still had no idea where she came from or how old she was but thanks to Francesco’s connections they managed to dig up about her but decided to only give her the few necessary information like her name and age, the rest they thought it best to let her figure it out on her own, if she was meant to remember the tragic happenings that brought her to their doorsteps. She has been living with the Furkan’s in their new place on the top floor of the school for her last week after she was released from the medical wing. Molly had arranged for her to start high school along with the other kids the next week as she noticed Mizaki seemed perfectly fit and ready.

Francesco and Molly both grew attached to the thirteen year old that they decided to adopt her after the next month. Mizaki was a real quiet girl but once you get her talking she would never stop. She was very kind, helpful and sweet, everything a little girl supposed to be. She is a bit immature for her age which isn’t something rare. Even though she had missing links to her past it didn’t get her down or cause her to be held back because of it. Mizaki moved on taking whatever what was given to her and using it to the best of her advantage for her betterment and to make the Furkans happy since they were so kind to her and she was grateful to them. She was very thrilled when they asked her if they could adopt her and couldn’t think of any other people she would love as parents, not that she remembers her real parents which saddens her sometimes not knowing.

She became friendly with a girl her age called Dahlia; they had almost the same classes together and they became the best of friends in the short span of time Mizaki joined the orphanage. Every lunch time was spent in the cafeteria with Dahlia and David, who is Dahlia’s cousin. The trio were always seen together when there was no classes or on the weekends. Mizaki was friendly with everyone and though most of them still wondered about her past, they just decided to mind their own business. They gained a new silly and strange friend that they were eager to know more about as time goes by.