It took Mizaki about two days in the new town to locate the bar she wanted to visit; she rented a cheap hotel for the week she decided to stay in the city. On the third day, Mizaki entered the bar and looked around at the people gathered, nothing special really, just normal people who seemed to be passing the time. A typical bar scenario, she moved towards the bartender and hopped on one of the stools, the bar tender raised his eyebrows at her and asked her for an ID card to check if she was above eighteen. Mizaki shrugged and showed him her student card but told him she wasn’t here to drink, she was looking for someone. She had that same brown leather journal in her hand. This journal in Mizaki’s possession is about 30 years old; Mr. Brad seemed to be in his early sixties when he began writing the journal. She bought it from a local library since they were getting rid of hand written personal stuff and no one claimed this man’s journal, obviously the man didn’t have any relatives in Mizaki’s hometown, which is why she used all the information in the journal and narrowed down the possible places where he could have had some relatives and she assumed this bar would be the first place to visit since it’s the most frequently mentioned subject, almost his whole journal was based on people he came across while bartending. In one of Brad’s entries, he wrote about a strange man who visited the bar, this man looked worn out but he wore a top hat, a black trench coat and tattered jeans with strong boots, the Man also seemed armed, he may appear a bit young but his white hair told everyone otherwise. Mr. Brad thought the man was mental, when he tried to convince him that there are creatures that humans only speak about in fiction but in reality they are real, he also proceeded to tell the writer that there is a dark city far away where all these creatures live amongst each other. Of course, Mizaki didn’t show the bar tender that entry, she just gave him the journal and said, “This belongs to Mr. Brad Peckins, and do you know him by any chance?”

The bartender looked surprised when he opened the journal and began to browse the pages. Mizaki noticed changes in the bartender’s expressions; it was like he felt overwhelmed with the book in his hand, he composed himself then answered Mizaki’s question, “This man, is my grandfather.” He stated then sighed, “My grandfather was a bit philosophical during his last few days.” He mumbled then moved behind the bar and placed a glass filled with what appeared to be soda for Mizaki which she took small sips off, he still held the journal, “He claimed that he has seen things in his dreams that no one could ever imagine existed.” Mizaki frowned, “What kind of things?” she asked curious as usual, “He said he dreamt of demons, angels and other creatures, lycans, vampires, cat people I believe he called felines.” He trailed on eyeing Mizaki, “I blame that man, the magic man, I used to call him, he had white hair and he used to visit my grandpa occasionally. In fact he was next to my grandpa when he died.” He sighed again, “I was just a lad during those days, innocent. But now when I recall those days I fear there must have been other things going on that is beyond my mind even now.” He smiled warmly towards Mizaki and extended the book back to her, “There are reasons for everything, why you got this book, why you decided to look for him in this bar.” Mizaki shook her head pushing the book back towards him, “It belongs to you, Sir.” She said smiling; he looked grateful and took it, “Thank you, dear. I’d love to read it and know more about the old man.” Mizaki then asked, “I am quite surprised that Mr. Brad didn’t talk about these dreams in his journal, but maybe it happened after he stopped writing. But he did mention the white haired male, just, there is no name.” the bartender shook his head again, “I heard my dad saying that the journal was accidentally donated to the library, you see, my granddad couldn’t write anymore for two years before his last day, we couldn’t track where the journal went but now it’s back here thanks to you.” he said grinning all of a sudden, Mizaki noticed that the man had a silver tooth instead of one of his canines below; her expression went blank when she remembered an entry in the journal about Mr. Brad complaining about this man who had a shiny tooth on his bottom rows of teeth who kept annoying him for books. She took a deep breath as she eyed this man before her, the grin on his face seemed to turn into a sneer, but before she could react she felt dizzy, like she couldn’t sit up anymore, she wanted to fall and before she could do anything she did fell and the last thing she heard was the bartender laughing before she lost consciousness.