Mizaki woke up feeling a throbbing pain in her head. She groaned and tried to open her eyes feeling that uncomfortable wet feeling, not caused by water but probably her own sweat, she was in the fetus position for some reason, she managed to open her eyes and when her vision began to clear she stretched a bit looking around her expression totally confused. She was surrounded by trees and she was laying on wet soil. It’s like someone dropped her off in the forest or she probably wandered and passed out here. She stood up slowly trying to keep her balance and endure her throbbing head. Once she managed to compose herself she looked around more carefully then frowned when she noticed she was standing in the middle of two paths leading to probably two totally different destinations.

Mizaki eyed both the paths carefully, yet she found it amusing, from both the paths only one of them seemed like the most favorable to venture towards. It was the one that had more life in it, green grass over the path, different colors of flowers, she tried to look beyond the road and could imagine something more livelier and alive, yet the other path looked dead, the plants rotten and burnt and as she looked further she noticed the sky seemed to grow darker. She cringed then came to a conclusion she must be in an illusion or something. “Two roads diverged in yellow wood…” she whispered to herself then sighed heavily and flopped down on the wet soil bringing her hands over her head as she pondered.

“And sorry she could not travel both” A voice suddenly whispered just right behind her ear, she quickly shifted herself around but doesn’t see anyone behind her, “And being one traveler, long she stood and looked down one as far as she could, to where it bent in the undergrowth!” the same voice said again in a sing song manner, the sound coming from behind her, she stood up now getting a little frightened and turned around to see if anyone was near. She heard cackling in the distance and cringed just when the same voice continued a little louder, “Then she took the other, as just as fair and having perhaps the better claim! Because it was just oh so prettier though as for that the passing there, had worn them really about the same!” the voice suddenly began to laugh, Mizaki cringed at the echo and shouted,”Who is there?!” she could hear her own voice echoing as well. The voice responded, “And both that morning equally lay, in leaves no step had trodden black, will she keep the pretty one for another day?” Mizaki sighed and turned her attention to the two paths, the voice still ringing in her head just making the throbbing worst. She looked at the pretty road longer then looked towards the eerie one and suddenly darted towards it hearing the voice from behind her as she ran, “Two roads diverged in yellow wood and she took the one less traveled by.” the voice snickered then suddenly Mizaki found the world shifting around her as she ran. It began to take the form of a  library, she stopped running and tried to catch her breath. Across the room the bartender sat comfortably in a chair holding the brown leather journal, he smiled towards Mizaki closing the journal in his hand, “And that had made all the difference.” He concluded.

(Inspired by the poem ‘The Road Not Taken’ By Robert Frost.)