Mizaki’s memories rushed towards her all at once, until the last thing that happened in the bar before she woke up in the forest. The throbbing in her head stopped, probably it was the cause of why she had no clue of how she got to the forest, but now she was in the middle of a professionally furnished library with so many books around her, all of them appeared leather bounded and in all different colors, just like the journal in the bartender’s hand.

“You!” she pointed towards the bartender. His form began to shift from the built of the bartender who was slightly plum and buff, but he became more lean and younger, probably the same age as Mizaki, though the silver tooth remained and continued to twinkle as his smile remained intact, “A gentlemen doesn’t hide is true form from a lady.” He said in a calm tone still smiling towards Mizaki, he was dressed in a suit and he stood up from his chair and bowed politely towards her still holding the brown leather journal in his right hand. Mizaki eyed him with a confused expression, “Where am I?” was the first thing that came out of her mouth as she tried to assess the situation, “You’re in my domain. You’re my guest.” He said standing straight placing the jounrnal on the side table near his chair, “Sorry about the little prologue you had to go through, I just had to make sure of your intentions.” He said in a soft tone then moved towards Mizaki and stopped in front of her. Mizaki remained still just eyeing him her expression even more confused, “I don’t understand.” She mumbled feeling the same throbbing in her head like earlier as she tried to straighten her thoughts. “You see, Miss Mizaki. I am one of the keepers of the journals of people who have seen or witnessed…” he paused eyeing her carefully, “Those which not every ordinary man has or ever will.” He said and then extended his hand towards Mizaki bowing slightly still keeping his eyes on her, “My name is Actov.” Mizaki listened and took small deep breaths trying to relax, she didn’t even know why she was freaking out, maybe it was a bad idea to leave the orphanage. Actov took back his hand noting her hesitation, he looked apologetic, “I am sorry I had to take extreme measures before I revealed my true form, but I assure you, you’re safe.” he stated. Mizaki shook her head, “How can you expect me to believe you? What if you’re some demon behind that…entire.” she points towards his clothes and sighed, “Look, I just wanted to know about a dark city that has magical creatures, is that so hard to ask! I am looking for my sister, damn it.” She ranted and began to pace back and forth.

Actov just watched her, his expression turning amused, he chuckled and shook his head, “No need to fret Miss Mizaki.” She stopped pacing then eyed him, “You even know my name!” she exclaimed then sighed, “This is all a dream right?” she asked him with a serious expression. He shook his head, “Not at all, its reality, look around you, all these journals, maybe one of them holds the key to the answers you seek.” Mizaki took a deep breath and looked around the library before eyeing Actov again, she still looked hesitant, he waved his index finger in front of her and a chair just appeared out of nothing in front of his other chair, “Shall we? Maybe I could explain it better over a nice cup of tea.” Mizaki blinked then nodded and moved towards the summoned chair a bit cautious as she sat still looking around the room wondering how many journals he collected. He proceeded to take a seat on his chair taking Mr. Peckin’s journal from the side table and placing it on his lap.