Actov waved his index finger again in front of them and a table appeared filled with small sweets, cookies, a huge fancy kettle of hot tea and two fancy cups, both placed in front of Mizaki and himself. The kettle levitated in the air and began pouring the hot tea for both of them. Actov eyed Mizaki, “How do you like your tea?” before Mizaki could answer, two blocks of sugar dropped into her cup and the pot of milk levitated towards her cup pouring little bit of milk, then the spoon began to stir the contents of her tea, she blinked and eyed Actov ,”Like that.” She said all amused, he chuckled at her reaction, “I see you’re not that surprised watching all this.” Mizaki shook her head, “Nope, I am not so surprised anymore.” She said then leaned in to take her tea and began to sip it slowly. She helped herself to a cookie realizing she was hungry, how long has she been here since the bar incident? She asked herself then shrugged eyeing Actov, “So, you keep journals?” she asked a bit awkwardly as if trying to start a conversation, he nodded once and took a sip of his own tea, placing it down on the table then holding the brown leather journal, “I am bounded by a contract, whoever returns these kind of  journals with a good intention will be allowed to go through all the journals here anytime they like.” He said still eyeing her, “You’re the first one…ever…to have passed the test.” He murmured in her direction eyeing her more curiously now, “I’ve peeked into your memories, that’s how I know your name, maybe someday your journal will be one of my collection.” He said eyeing her with a hopeful expression flashing a smile in her direction his silver tooth gleaming. Mizaki frowned, “The test, you mean, those two paths?” she questioned curiously, and he nodded once but didn’t elaborate then asked her, “Why did you pick the other road?”

Mizaki cleared her throat and placed her tea down eyeing him, “Well, I figured I was in an illusion, usually the one that looks more reliable turns out to be a trap and the less favorable ones are the more fruitful options. Just like in life, nothing comes easy, we got to deal with all the obstacles and then in the end whatever we get would be worth it, so I went by impulse, even though it’s kind of dumb, I know.”  She mumbled the last part. He shook his head, “Not dumb at all, most of the greatest wizards and witches usually act on impulse.” He grinned, “I had to put you through this test because those with bad intentions usually seek the easy way out. It’s always accurate, not everyone is as fortunate to stumble upon a wizard’s journal.” He said quietly as he eyed her, “And not everyone is as fortunate to pass my test.” His expression grew a little blank then brightened again, “Mr. Brad doesn’t have any relatives living there anymore, they all moved away, I remained and pretended to be his grandson hoping someone would find the journal, usually.” he leaned towards the table and whispered, “Usually the darker side goes on a hunt for these journals and tries to kill any living relative a wizard or witch has, just to stop the generations of good witches and wizards.” He sighed slightly. Mizaki listened carefully, “So you thought I was from the darker side?” she asked blankly wondering what the darker side is, though she decided to hold the question for later. “Yes, I had to make sure you were really just a normal girl who is learning about her magic and apparently looking for her sister who is in Toxian City.” he said nodding a lot reaching for his tea again, the brown leather journal moved towards one of the shelves on its own and placed itself neatly next to another brown leather journal. “Toxian City?” Mizaki questioned her voice filled with excitement, “Is that really where my sister is?” she asked. Actov nodded, “I have seen the dream you constantly have, and it’s not a dream, just a soft calling on the loop, like a distress call, your sister must be a powerful angel who doesn’t know her true potential yet.” He pointed out then took a sip of his tea again, “So Miss Mizaki, you want to find Toxian City and reunite with your sister.” He said then sighed, “I can’t take you there but…” he pointed towards the shelves with his free hand, “You’re free to read about the stories related to Toxian City.” He said then a huge fat black leather bound book levitated towards Mizaki, “I even have everything compiled for you here.” He smiled towards her as the book landed on her lap, she tried to lift the heavy book her expression turning surprised at the thickness and weight, “Lots of reading.” She mumbled eyeing him curiously but before she could say anything or ask the millions of questions that ran through her head, she found herself sitting on her bed, in the hotel she rented when she first arrived in town, with the heavy book on her lap. It just happened in a matter of seconds, in a blink of the eye.