Mizaki checked the room she rented if any of her belongings were missing, so far everything seemed in the right place. She realized it was morning already so she had only been gone a whole night. She grumbled to herself about how unpredictable her life suddenly turned, she just didn’t know what to expect next and it made her anxious. She eyed the big black leather bounded book that remained on her bed. She had so many questions she wanted to ask Actov but maybe her time was up or maybe it was supposed to be a brief and to the point meeting. Maybe it wasn’t his job to answer her questions. She went to take a quick shower and after she felt calm and relaxed she hopped over her bed and pulled the book over her lap and turned to the first page.


Dear Miss Mizaki,

I apologize for the disrespectful way I had to wrap up our tea party. I had to take care of some pressing issues that suddenly came up. I hope you will find all the desired information you seek within this thick black leather book. It contains all the information I gathered about Toxian City through all the journal’s I possesses and it may also answer the millions of questions that ran through your head before I had to whisk you back to your hotel. I’ll be in touch soon.

P.S: Please don’t mind me invading the privacy of your mind; I only invade the ones relevant to myself.

Actov – Keeper of Journals


Mizaki frowned as she read the first page and sighed, “I guess I can’t be alone in my own thoughts anymore.” She muttered to herself in annoyance but as she turned to the second page she yawned and decided to get some sleep. She moved the huge book next to her as she crawled under the blankets and instantly drifted to sleep. She was obviously exhausted. The black leather book beside her suddenly emitted black smoke and began to glow white but the smoke faded the glowing stopped making it look normal again.