The thick black leather bounded book just remained next to Mizaki while she slept, it glowed occasionally and dark smokes seemed to emit from around it but faded away just as quickly as it came. Mizaki was a sound sleeper, until she heard her name being whispered by a number of voices, “Mizaki.” She stirred awake and looked around before her gaze rests on the glowing book. The glow faded then she wiped her face and sighed, “So it wants me to read it eh.” She mumbled then reached over to pull the book over her lap, it suddenly opened and the pages began turning themselves as it started glowing before her, the elegant scripts within the book began to seep out and levitate around the book. She could see small visions come alive, she gasped and closed the book tightly with both her hands, “Slow down, will you, sheesh, let’s go over it one page at a time, okay?” the book shook under her tight grip and she slowly moved her palms away and the book opened slowly this time as if it decided to be good. One page turned after the apology note, the script began to glow but it didn’t seep out or anything. The book decided to let Mizaki read at her own pace.

Mizaki began to read silently to herself, her expression went through a series of changes as she read, from amused to overwhelmed to annoyed and many more. Every time she got confused the book would show her a series of images which would form over the page like a movie, it was like the book was watching her read and helping her understand. Mizaki didn’t know how much time had passed but when she looked at the watch it was already ten in the night, she was probably woken up by the book around noon. She suddenly felt hungry and decided to pause her reading. She eyed the book with an apologetic expression and black smoke just seeped out from it which made her cringe, she left it open and grabbed her sweater while wearing her shoes then ran out to look for a place to buy something to eat. She found a grocery store and picked up some readymade sandwiches and a couple of snacks, drinks, fruits and cookies that will probably last her for three days, even more.

She pondered on the things she read up so far as she walked home. Mr. Peckins was a great wizard who was pestered by Actov to write a journal during his early sixties. The white haired crazy man, who was called Mr. Howard, wasn’t really crazy, he was also a wizard and he was Mr. Peckins’ best friend who visited him occasionally because he was always on a journey exploring new places, Toxian City was one of those places he explored. Actov had another form in the presence of the two, he appeared older than his age; the only thing he never changed is his silver tooth, he used to pester the two men constantly about writing journals to add to his collection. Actov already had Mr. Howard’s journal and now, thanks to Mizaki, he had Mr. Peckins’ as well.  Mizaki read about Mr. Howard’s adventures in Toxian City, apparently the city was deleted from the map by the government to hide traces of its existence due to the tragic accident that happened due to a factory’s chemical explosion. She also read that most of the citizens started forming mutations and suddenly the city seemed cursed. Demons and angels descended and other creatures of darkness like lycans and vampires decided to settle in the city. What Mr. Howard observed was, even though there was a constant struggle, all of them just wanted a place where they didn’t have to be hiding from the ignorance of people. There were a few humans who ventured to the city probably to hideout from the law or for an adventure. Mizaki didn’t know if Mr. Howard was alive on that, which was what made her anxious to continue reading.

Mizaki reached her hotel and put away all the stuff she bought neatly and began to have the sandwiches while she hopped on the bed again and looked over the thick black leather bounded book that glowed in delight to see her back. She continued eating while she flipped a page and began to read again.