Almost all Mizaki’s question was answered as she neared the end of the thick black leather bounded book, except one, where is Mr. Howard? Mizaki read about so many things that went on in Toxian city, the constant fear and torture. The different groups of people who decided to stick together and look out for each other. She pondered about her sister, where could she possibly be? if she was an angel, she was probably trying to help people there. The book suddenly began to shake and the pages started flipping around wildly again, she frowned as she eyed them when suddenly she could see a black whirly hole being formed in the middle of the book and the top of a hat could be seen, Mizaki looked wide eyed so she moved back a bit when a top hat shot out from the black hole and flew next to her bed and a man with white hair and a black trench coat came into existence right under the hat. Mizaki just blinked looking from the book which continued going crazy then to the man that appeared in her room. The man tipped the top hat which laid on his head and grinned, “Mr. Howard, at your service M’am.” He said with a heavy accent.

Mizaki just eyed him her expression totally confused then it turned a bit annoyed, “Don’t wizards know how to knock on doors?” she asked with a grim expression. Mr. Howard laughed and shook his head,” Sorry my dear, but there is some urgency in my visit, you must pack up all your belongings including that big book over there and come with me at once.” He said. Mizaki shook her head, “What’s the problem? What happened? WHY?” she asked all at once, Mr. Howard waltzed around the room then eyed her, “I have to bring you to Actov and answer whatever remaining questions you have.” He stated eyeing the book on her bed, “But for now, you have to hurry.” He said quietly then suddenly brought his finger to his lips in a sort of shushing gesture, Mizaki kept quiet and stayed still. Suddenly three short cloaked figures appeared around him, without another word Mr. Howard pulled out one gun from his coat and another gun from his thigh and shot two of them while he kicked at the third one. Mizaki quickly grabbed her bag which had all her belongings and went to shove some of the things she bought earlier into it, she ran towards the bathroom and put on some proper clothes as she heard the entire racket outside, those little cloaked figures kept coming.

One of those figures appeared in front of her and she summoned her black swords but paused as if to see what it would do, she suddenly felt herself being levitated and heard the being mumbling strange sounds, ”Noway am I gonna be levitated like this again.” she muttered and threw one of her swords towards the being then dropped to the ground and used her other sword to slash at it, the creature growled and lunged towards Mizaki, she summoned back her other sword which was stuck to the being and used both her swords to slash at it when it lunged at her, she felt small stings within her arms and winced slightly, after much slashing the creature disappeared leaving behind the black cloak. She checked her arms noticing some scracthes wondering how the hell the creature did that as she hurled her bag on her back. She ran towards Mr. Howard who was still shooting at the creatures with his gun, the gun seemed different from normal guns, they emitted yellowish particles that seemed to kill something within those beings making them disappear. “The book!”  Mr. Howard yelled as Mizaki neared him, she made her swords disappear and grabbed the heavy book with both her hands and when she managed to position herself next to Mr. Howard summoning only one of her swords, they got surrounded by more of those cloaked beings who seemed to just stand around them mumbling some weird trance. Mizaki kicked at some of them who tried to come close, as she stood back to back against Mr. Howard in the overcrowded hotel room, she was glad she paid a week’s advance so it could cover up for all the damage. Suddenly, a lady appeared, who was much taller than all the cloaked beings. She had an attractive figure and she wore a leather jacket, leather skirt and tight long leather high heeled boots. Mr. Howard groaned, “I told you! I won’t go to tea with you me lady!” the lady just eyed him with a blank expression then shifted her gaze towards Mizaki. Her yellowish-red eyes began glowing.