The scene was intense, about ten cloaked figures surrounded Mr. Howard and Mizaki while the lady in leather stood in the background keeping her reddish-yellow eyes locked on Mizaki. The cloaked figures continued enchanting then began to grow taller, stopping in almost the same height as the lady in leather. She snickered, “Bring me the book, my sweets.” She cooed and instantly the minions descended upon Mr. Howard and Mizaki. Mizaki grumbled to herself as she slashed at whatever minions she could, she still gripped the book tightly under her arm, Mr. Howard continued shooting at them but then suddenly a greenish shield began to form around the two; the creatures who tried to cross it got thrown back with great force breaking some of the furniture. The lady hissed as she watched from the corner.

“What in the world!” Mr. Howard exclaimed as he realized he was trapped in the shield probably safe, though it worried him because he didn’t do it so he turned to eye Mizaki and gasped. Mizaki was standing straight and stiff like a statue, her expression totally blank as she seemed to be focusing on the shield, the book was still under her arm though her sword was gone. “My dear, you don’t have to worn yourself out.” He moved over to put his hand on her shoulder which caused Mizaki to drop the book and scream. The shield emitted a bright green light that caused an explosion luckily only within the hotel room causing the glass of the windows to shatter and all the minions around them disappeared, the lady in leather got thrown off and hit a wall, she stood up with ease her expression not at all pleased, “My precious minions.” She whispered in annoyance and pointed a finger at Mizaki, “I’ll get you.” She hissed. Mr. Howard cringed and took his hand off Mizaki’s shoulder then glanced at the lady in leather then back to Mizaki again who just seemed to stand there focusing on the shield, “Women!” he grumbled and used one of his guns to bonk Mizaki in the head, she passed out and the shield disappeared instantly, he easily hurled her over his back and grabbed the book and tipped his top hat at the lady in leather, “Till we meet again me lady.” He laughed and  zoomed out of the hotel room like lightning. The lady’s eyes began to bleed and she slowly moved towards the door then stopped and disappeared leaving behind shimmering red smoke. Just that moment an employee of the hotel barged into the already opened hotel room door and looked around at the damage in utter amazement just as the red smoke subsided.