“She has a great amount of power within her, its fluctuating. She hasn’t made a choice on which path she wants to pursue.” Actov said as he eyed Mizaki still resting on the bed. Mr. Howard frowned, “And she wants to go to Toxian City, the kid is totally misguided, there’s no telling how she would turn out if we let her go along with her plan, you know damn well of the evils lurking in Toxian City.” He said as low as possible obvious frustration in his tone. Actov nodded in understanding, “I understand your worry, Mr. Howard, but this is her decision, we aren’t allowed to meddle in her choice and if we do meddle, we’re going to have to face the consequences.” He said in a low tone then gestured Mr. Howard out of the room, “Perhaps we should have a cup of tea.” Mr. Howard took a glance at Mizaki still sound asleep in the bed and shrugged before exiting followed by Actov who waved his index finger making Mizaki’s blanket move further over her form to keep her warm.

Mizaki opened her eyes; she looked around trying to recall where she was but couldn’t remember anything for a few seconds until it came back to her that she tried to form a shield to protect her and Mr. Howard from those weird cloaked creatures. She got out of the bed then groaned at the suddenly head rush she felt. She looked around the place noticing she must be in a hut, from the smell it was like nature, all moist and damped. Suddenly an old lady entered the room with a tray and smiled warmly towards Mizaki, “Good morning deary, sit down and have a cup of tea and some cookies.” She said in a sweet tone like most old ladies. Mizaki just blinked and did as she was told, she felt a warm feeling sweep over her making her all calm, she took the tea and began sipping on it as the old lady sat down next to her looking her over. “You remind me of my grand-daughter.” She laughed, “She always liked her tea with a bit of milk and with cookies.” She smiled. Mizaki smiled back and nodded, “Always love a cookie or two with tea.” She mumbled then asked hesitantly, “Where am I?” the old lady smiled, “I am Howard’s mother, we’re keeping you here for a while until we’re certain its safe. Actov and Howard are outside and expecting you if you’re well rested.” She said eyeing Mizaki straight in the eyes, “I’d suggest you gather your thoughts for a while before you go see them.” She whispered then stood up leaving the tray on the bed and reached out to pinch Mizaki’s cheeks lightly before exiting the room and closing the door behind her.

Mizaki continued sipping her tea and devouring the cookies. She pondered on all the events that happened, how twisted her life just turned into. She felt helpless yet hopeful at the same time. At least she wasn’t totally alone and there were good people around her. Maybe she was just lucky. All she knows is that she really wants to find her sister. After that, who knows what’s going to happen? She took a deep breath and stood up moving towards the door whispering to herself, “Nobody knows.”