Mizaki made her way out of the room then noticed two narrow hall ways on both sides and a staircase in front of her, the staircase was made of wooden logs. She climbed it and noticed a nice sitting room; everything was made of wood, even the picture frames and the decorations. She stayed to admire them before she noticed another staircase, this one was spiral but still made of wood, she climbed it and reached something that seems to be a round hall way, she blinked when she realized she was inside a tree trunk. She noticed the small exit and moved towards it. Mizaki gasped to see the greenery around her, she was within the forest and the house she just ventured from was actually built underground.

Mizaki twirled around and eyed the huge tree, she felt it was staring down at her then she heard her name being called in the distance and turned around noticing a garden surrounded by wooden fences, the more she looked towards it, the garden seemed to come to life. She noticed Actov and Howard sitting on log like chairs with a chest bored in between them. Mr. Howard was the one who called her name and waved her to come over. As she approached she noticed Actov bent over the chest board deep in thought. Mr. Howard chuckled, “Don’t worry much, dear, he gets too serious in our chest games.” Mizaki smiled slightly and suddenly another log chair appeared in between the chest table. Mizaki blinked and took a seat. Actov made his move in the game and smirked, “Checkmate. Mate.” He eyed Mr. Howard who turned to the board and grumbled, “Lucky bastard, I was distracted because of the appearance of Mizaki.” Actov waved his index fingers making the chest board and pieces disappear, quickly getting replaced by a nice tea spread. “How did you rest, Mizaki?” Actov asked her softly shifting on the log seat to eye her carefully. Mizaki nodded once, “I am well rested.” She eyed Mr. Howard, “I had no idea what happened back there, I am sorry if I made things harder for us to escape.” She mumbled, Mr. Howard shook his head, “No my dear, in fact, thanks to your little outbreak, we managed to escape just fine.” He said. Mizaki heaved a sigh of relieve, “Well, that’s good then, at least, I am not that useless.” She muttered. Actov tilted his head, “You have great potential, Mizaki. You’re not useless.” Mr. Howard grunted, “Hell yeah, you aren’t useless, just need some proper training then you’ll be fine.” Actov nodded, “Yes, which is why we brought you here, to make a decision, you can stay with us and trust us to help you learn what you are capable off, or you can blindly go on to Toxian City and look for your sister. If you stay, I know your whole mission will be delayed but at least you will be prepared for the city, as I know you have read most of the things you needed to read about it.” Mizaki eyed both the men and frowned as she thought long and hard, after a few minutes she nodded, “You’re both right, I guess I didn’t really plan everything rationally, I’d accept whatever training you’re willing to provide.” She said quietly looking a bit hesitant.

Mr. Howard smiled and Actov looked pleased, “Don’t you worry now my dear, you’ll be in good hands, we’ll leave in three days, I am going to take you there.” Mr. Howard said. Actov nodded then took out a small book and handed it to Mizaki, “I will be leaving today to take care of things back where I supposed to be, should you require my help or guidance in any matter, just note it down here and you’ll get the reply you seek.” He stated smiling, his silver tooth twinkling. Mizaki nodded and smiled slightly taking the book.