It’s been almost two years since I was taken in by the orphanage and adopted by the Furkans. Molly and Francesco wanted me to go to a better high school and move in with them in their house on the other side of the country but I had made so many friends in the past year and I loved living in the orphanage. My foster parents occasionally have these one or two week trips where they leave the orphanage to take care if other businesses so instead of staying in the sort of pent house Francesco had made above the school, I was allowed to sleep over at Dahlia’s room and we always have great fun during those periods, either way we always have fun anyways.

I still can’t remember anything before I woke up to find Molly beside me in the medical wing, I was thirteen at that time, now I am sixteen, time just flew. I sometimes wonder what my life was like before, how were my parents, if I had any siblings, but I guess there is no use always wondering, if I am meant to know, I’ll surely know about it, yet, I can’t help but wonder. And of course Dahlia would hit me upside the head and tell me to stop thinking and just be thankful of the life I had now and that I am lucky compared to most of the kids to have been adopted by Molly and Francesco, to which I agree totally. The Furkans are really sweet and amazing people; I could talk to them about anything at all and I heed to their advises  I always remember Francesco asking me, “Miza, do you remember what ‘Furkan’ means?” I would just shake my head and fake an innocent expression then he’ll sigh and go on his ramble about what his last name means, “It means someone who can judge between good and evil! Right and wrong!” He would continue to talk about his family’s history, if Molly was around, she would just roll her eyes and hide a snort.

High school, sure there are some boring subjects. I hate Math, it’s confusing and I also hate our Math teacher, he thinks he is God and I wish he would just grow blisters while he robotically solves a problem on the board. Maybe if he was more compassionate about Math, I may have liked it. One day, to my surprise and also amusement, while Mr. Greg was solving a problem blisters indeed started to grow on his face, very slowly, but by the end of the class his face was filled with blisters of all sizes and he didn’t notice! The rest of the class was trying hard to suppress their laughter, yet I was a bit worried because I always imagined this in my head and it was happening before my eyes. The blister wore off after a day though, but, from what I’ve heard the cause was unknown and the healing was also unknown, it was a mystery. There were other such incidences where my thoughts seem to just happen but, I think it was all a coincidence, like Sara’s hair turning blue then going back to normal after a day, Sara just won’t stop bragging and talking about her hair that I wished it would turn blue just so she would keep quiet for a day about it. I was glad when it returned back to normal yet the causes were also unknown, she haven’t tried to dye her hair and no one dared to play a prank on her. Sometimes those incidences make me wonder, “Did I do it?”