Mr. Howard and Mizaki set off the next day. Mr. Howard’s mother packed them up with a rich supply of food for their journey through the forest before they reached the main city.  They stopped twice to have lunch then to have dinner,  Mr. Howard told tales of Toxian City which Mizaki listened too, she asked so many questions as well, which Mr. Howard gladly answered. Toxian City seemed more and more interesting to Mizaki, she never knew such a place could exist in reality and she was getting all the more excited to finally reach the place. She was glad to have met Actov and Mr. Howard, without their guidance and help she wouldn’t have been able to come this far. Plus, Mr. Howard was telling her about Mrs. Quesada, the lady who would be training Mizaki to help her discover her magical capabilities. According to Mr. Howard, she had only a male pupil at the moment, so she didn’t mind taking on a female apprentice.

They arrived at the main city and took a bus towards the airport. Mizaki was wondering why they needed to go to the airport but when they got there, they didn’t go inside the airport, Mr. Howard lead Mizaki towards the field where all the private planes were parked. He grinned as he noticed Mizaki’s amazed expression, “Don’t tell me, you’re afraid of heights, dear.” Mizaki shook her head smiling big, “Of course not.  I just didn’t think we’d be taking a plane!” she exclaimed. Mizaki was far away from the orphanage now, she felt bad that she haven’t been sending her parents any messages, and she forgot her phone during the entire rumble at the hotel. She sighed as she watched Mr. Howard stop in front of one of the mini planes; it was painted in blue with white lines. He fiddled with the engine then opened the door next to the pilot’s seat, “After you, my dear.” He motioned to Mizaki, she entered and then he hopped on next to her and began fiddling with buttons, he explained to Mizaki how everything worked. Before they knew it, the plane was on the runway going very fast and then lifting up into the air swiftly. Mizaki looked out the window in awe as the world below them grew smaller and smaller.