The journey through the air took two hours tops, they moved deeper within the clouds until the world below them was totally invisible. Suddenly the clouds started forming an opening and when the plane went through, Mizaki gasped at the beauty she saw below, the place was ever green and she could see abundance of forest, open fields and mountains.  The more lower the plane got she could see wild life walking around freely. Horses were running wildly below and birds of different colors were flying in the sky.

Mr. Howard landed the plane in one of the open fields when suddenly a metal arrow pierced through the window Mizaki was staring out of. She blinked and yelled, “Duck!” for in that instant so many metallic arrows shot through the plane in probably more than one direction piercing the vehicle all over. “My baby! you bastards are gonna pay!” Mr. Howard excalimed and grabbed Mizaki’s arm to pull her from the front towards the back of the plane. “We can’t possibly go out there.” Mizaki mumbled, Mr. Howard growled, “We’ll explode if we stay; those aren’t just normal metal arrows they are shooting.” Mizaki blinked again her expression growing worried. Mr. Howard kicked down upon the engineering hatch then eyed Mizaki, “Back me up, will yah.” Mizaki nodded and took a deep breath summoning her dark swords. Mr. Howard jumped down and instantly summoned his guns and shot at whatever arrow aimed for them, Mizaki did the same slashing them swiftly with her swords. She also worked on forming a barrier around them, but she didn’t overdo it this time, she managed to form a shield which weakened the arrows so they would drop down quickly before it reached them. The plane made a rumbling sound indicating its explosion. Mr. Howard cussed under his breath and grabbed Mizaki which caused her to drop the shield. He continued shooting at whatever arrows came for them as they tried to get away from the plane when suddenly something descended upon them shielding them from the huge explosion that occurred, Mizaki could feel the feathers, it must be some huge bird that decided to cover them up.

The wings unwrapped from both of them and Mr. Howard muttered, “Nice to see you to my boy.” He grinned. The boy winked at Mr. Howard then eyed Mizaki curiously. Mizaki just blinked as she looked from Mr. Howard to the obvious angel, he had huge white wings, different from David’s, David’s wings looked worn out and old. But these wings seemed fresh. The boy had a good build and appeared to be a bit older to Mizaki, maybe two or three years. A lady walked towards them wearing a black flowy gown, Mr. Howard grinned and took his top hat off and bowed politely towards her, “Me lady.” The lady grinned and then rolled her eyes, “Couldn’t you handle getting my newest pupil in one piece.” She said softly eyeing Mizaki and gesturing her to approach. “I can’t help it if me and Mizaki seem to attract trouble when we’re together, though we make a good team.” He said. Mizaki approached the lady taking her gaze of the angel who still had his gaze on her. She bowed politely just as Mr. Howard did, “I like her already.” Mrs. Quesada smiled and took her by the arm, “We’ll get you cleaned and settled, must have been a rough ride in that piece of junk.” Mr. Howard grumbled, “Don’t you be calling my baby a piece of junk now, those bastards are gonna pay.” Mrs. Quesada snickered, “I took care of them for you, so you owe me one.” She dragged Mizaki along the large field and the further they walked; they neared a very nice looking bungalow. It was small but looked spacey from the outside. Mr. Howard and the boy followed closely behind the two ladies. Mizaki occasionally glanced behind to eye the boy who was still eyeing her surprisingly which caused her to blush slightly. She focused ahead as she listened to Mrs. Quesada explain a few stuff about who attacked them, it’s uncertain who really attacked them but it’s probably part of the opposing side and in time they will find out, Mrs. Quesada said they were wearing brown cloaks and she managed to disarm them but they only disappeared when she tried to get a hold of one of them. She informed Mizaki that she planned to start training in two weeks time, first she wanted to get to know her so she lead Mizaki to her new room and left her there ordering her to rest until supper time. Mizaki thanked her gratefully and looked around the cozy room. She had her own bathroom as well. She took a warm shower and then decided to sleep for a while, dinner wasn’t too soon, and it was still morning. She drifted to sleep recollecting her journey with Mr. Howard and the second attack she experienced. She laughed silently to herself at their near death experienced but somehow she always managed to survive. She also found herself thinking about the angel who shielded them with his wings.