How can time just pass you by so quickly? Six months have passed since I was accepted by Mrs. Quesada as an apprentice. To be honest I was scared stiff but really excited at the same time, she was much more experienced in this field since she was a witch herself and a very old one from what I gather. But she doesn’t like talking about her age, not that it mattered she looked very young anyways. The first two weeks I spent in the bungalow were the best and most peaceful, I made a new friend and I was lucky enough to have another person I could look up to for guidance. This new friend is the same angel who shielded me and Mr. Howard, his name is Zachery, Zack for short, and he came off as a smug, egotistic person at first but a certain incident got me and him closer.

It was during the end of my first week, I was going on my usual walks in the forest when someone attacked me from behind, I wasn’t on the alert because I didn’t face any problems during the first few days, maybe I shouldn’t be too assuming and always prepare for the worst, anyways, this troll like icky green creature attacked be from behind and there was a struggle, I couldn’t summon my swords yet since I was face flat on the ground trying to get it off me when Zack appeared out of nowhere and managed to get it off my back, when I managed to jump up, I watched as Zack beheaded the creature with a long sword called a Masamune, it wasn’t silver like most swords of that type, but it was tinted with black all over. The creature collapsed lifeless in front of him, green blood pouring out. Zack turned to me still gripping his sword with ease and glared at me as he approached, his white wings twitching slightly, “You can’t even fight a freaking troll? Are you sure you’re a witch or just a freaking wannabe poser?!” he asked in an obviously annoyed tone. I glared back at him dusting off my outfit not replying him just yet, I was utterly embarrassed but, how the hell would I know that I’d get attacked by a troll. He grabbed my arm and was about to drag me back to the house when suddenly more troll ugly creatures appeared out of nowhere hissing towards us, along with them, four black cloaked beings floated and levitated in the air watching us, the same chattering I heard previously began to ring in my ears, I roughly pulled my arm back from Zack and summoned my dark swords absentmindedly shifting my form back to back with Zack as he did the same raising his long sword, we moved back to back in a circle eyeing all the creatures surrounding us, Zack sounded like he was smirking when he whispered, “Try not to break a nail, sweetie.” He then swooshed forward spreading his wings and slashing at most of the trolls on his side, I gripped both my swords and took a leap landing behind a few of them and slashing at them in turn. By the time we finished off most of the trolls we found ourselves standing back to back again when the four cloaked figures began to float towards us, Zack whispered something that sounded like ‘Cheaters’ as he lunged for one of them but they didn’t get affected by his sword at all, I tried to swing towards one but the results were the same. Those four creepy beings just closed in on us still chattering loudly. I felt my body grow numb and I could feel a huge amount of energy of some sort being drawn out of me, I leaned heavily onto Zack’s back then slowly dropped to the ground on my knees. Zack noticed my weekend state, “Get up, Miza.” He growled and roughly grabbed me to hoist me up, he seemed to be immune to whatever those creatures were doing, my swords disappeared in my hands leaving behind greenish smoke when suddenly two cloaked beings emerged but they weren’t floating, they were walking towards us, their pale skin shining in the sunlight, I couldn’t see clearly but I felt myself being lifted and then the wind around my hair made me feel sleepy. I tried to open my eyes but all I saw was a blur image of Zack and his wings and nothing but darkness around us until I completely drifted off.  

I woke up hours later feeling totally drained, I saw Zack sleeping in the corner of my room on the couch. He opened his eyes at that same moment and eyed me with his usual blank expressions, “They were vampires.” He said and I eyed him with a confused expression, “I can’t fight vampires so I flew us back here.” He stated quietly his expression still blank, “Those creatures, they were diminishing your magical aura, you have loads to learn.” He said shaking his head when Mrs. Quesada emerged into the room and lectured him about not lecturing me and it was her job. She brought me a cup of some kind of potion that was supposed to help me regain my energies. It tasted weird and icky but I managed to drink it all. She began to tell us stories about vampires. It seems that they had a clan of vampires that have captured some witches and used their blood magic to keep them under their control to lure in their prey. She complimented Zack on fleeing and not being crazy enough to try to fight them. He just shrugged but looked much more relieved.

The next week was more peaceful, me and Zack managed to talk a lot more in peaceful terms, he taught me a few tricks on how to fight using the swords and connect it to my energies, he also told me a few stories about himself, Zack was found loitering around the forest while Mrs. Quesada was out picking herbs, she took him home and decided to adopt him sensing his ability, he didn’t have any memories of why he was alone but he seemed to remember his magic and fighting skills, which Mrs. Quesada decided to maintain and she even made him better at it.

When the training began, the days seemed to go quickly. Mrs. Quesada taught me everything from shields, to summoning, to telekinesis and creating shields and barriers. She even gave many lessons on potion making and ritual preparation. She figured out that I was more capable of controlling the element of earth, so she made me hang around the forest a lot and try to feel the nature around me, I could manipulate the trees, plants, roots and anything related to nature, I could even make a seed sprout into a beautiful flower. She made me memorize so many incantations and enchantments. The most fun I had was our fighting sessions, after three months worth of training, I mixed my abilities with my swords and came up with a great amount of combinations and sneak attacks that it frustrated Zack, he called me ‘worst than a monkey’ and more ‘cunning than a fox’. I felt more comfortable now and less illiterate in my abilities. I finally know what it means to be a witch and all the risks that came along with it. Mrs. Quesada also gave me a class on black magic but made me vow never ever to use them because it was the dark side of magic and it may cause a person to lose their mind over the power. Mr. Howard sent me a few letters telling me of a few adventures he has been in while Actov also sent his regards to me and reminded Mr. Howard to tell me not to forget writing in the small book he gave me, there were times I wanted to write to him about something but, I decided to give him a break, I bet he is busy with his journal kingdom and I am really grateful for all his help, but just as I promised I decided to notedown all my happenings though in another book. I missed everyone at the orphanage, I haven’t been in touch with them and almost a year has passed but, I am sure they are all okay but I don’t know if I’ll ever see them again. I still have that same dream about my sister, every night, I got used to them but the urge to venture towards Toxian city is growing day by day.