Mrs. Quesada watched Zack and Mizaki walk away slowly from the porch right after lunch, the two of them always had their after lunch short walks before tea. She could see them clearly for a while until their tiny forms disappeared in the distance. She smiled to herself heaving a satisfied sigh before she moved into the house and into her room. She snapped her fingers making a doorway shimmer into view right next to her bed; she mumbled something and entered the doorway then moved down the narrow steps into a tiny room. It was all white and there was a black frame on the wall that held a mirror. Mrs. Quesada looked into the mirror just to be greeted with an older image of her which slowly shifted into an old man with a look full of wisdom. She smiled towards the man and bowed politely. The man was frowning and he had his arms crossed, “Trinity, you know that holding those two together is an over surge of power right? We’re supposed to be keeping a balance. You should’ve let the female travel to that city and fulfill her destiny.”  Mrs. Quesada shook her head, “I am sorry, I have caused instability in the timeline but you know, I work for the greater good, I don’t care about balance, I want the good to prevail, if I could keep these two in the light I may be closer to my goal.” The old man sighed, “You do know that because of what you’ve done everything is uncertain, both of them could even be converted to the dark side then it would be the end of us.”  Mrs. Quesada sighed then shook her head, “I have faith in my teachings, I am sure they won’t even think of going into that path.” She said with a little bit of hesitation. The old man scoffed, “The boy. He is the most vulnerable, you think he won’t get angry when he finds out he was abandoned by his father?” Mrs. Quesada glared at the man, “You must not speak of things that are of no relevance.” She old man shook his head,” He is going to find out, whether you tell him or not, Trinity. Take my advice and tell him yourself because if someone gets to him first, it could be your downfall.” He said in a low tone then his image shimmered and her older version returned mirroring her frustrated expression. She mumbled something as the room went dark, then she made her way up the steps into her room snapping her fingers again to make the door shimmer out of sight. Right on time, she thought, for she heard Mizaki’s usually scream before tea time, “Mrs. Quesada, Tea is ready!” Mrs. Quesada smiled and moved out of her room and into the garden. Zack was helping himself to a cookie while Mizaki poured the tea. He smiled towards Mrs. Quesada, “Miza cried like a little girl when a roach flew at her face during our walk.” Mizaki glared at him, “You mention that one more time, I’ll pour the tea over your head!” she grumbled. Mrs. Quesada sighed shaking her head listening to the two bicker as usual. She sipped her tea and smiled to herself appearing totally satisfied despite the thoughts running through her head.