“Why do you have to go to this Toxian city?” He asked her with this pleading expression on his face, “Why can’t you just stay here with us?” Mizaki sighed turning her gaze away from his face looking saddened, “I’m sorry Zack, but I really need to find my sister. I told you so ma…” Zack suddenly wrapped his arms around her preventing her to continue what she was saying, she sighed again and moved her arms to wrap around him as well, “I’m sorry.” She whispered. Zack tightened his grip around her, his wings wrapping around her form as well covering both of them up. Mizaki had already set the date to leave for Toxian City; she planned to leave in two weeks time. It was a sudden decision but, she felt she has been putting it off for too long, it’s been a whole year she has been living with Mrs. Quesada and Zack.

Mrs. Quesada wiped a single tear as she watched her only two students in the garden. She knew why they were hugging. She also knew Mizaki had to follow her destiny and she supported her, but she feared that it would be hard on the both of them. They have grown close in this one year and even if they are still young they formed an unbreakable and strong bond that can’t be compared to anything. It wasn’t love, it wasn’t friendship, it wasn’t kinship, it is probably something deeper than all of that and the both of them didn’t know what it was as well but they treasured each other’s presence at all times and the thought that they would be apart is breaking both of them. And she just watched them feeling those strong emotions emitting from their forms.

Zack withdrew his wings from around their form and slightly pulled away from the hug to look into Mizaki’s eyes. He noticed the tears that formed in her eyes and took one of his hands from around her waist to wipe them off gently trying to hold back his own tears. He smiled warmly towards her and chuckled, “To think we used to want to kill each other when you first arrived here, now I can’t stand being away from you.” Mizaki snorted and used her hand to wipe a few tears her cheeks flushing a bit, “Yeah, I guess it’s true, the more you hate, the more you love.”  She said eyeing him with a huge smile, “You know, it’s not like we won’t see each other, I’ll try to come visit and you could come visit too, I just really need to find my sister, you know right, I haven’t stopped ranting about it since we got close.” Zack nodded once and gave her a squeeze before her reached into his pockets and pulled out a silver key that was hooked around a green leather lace, he slowly inserted it over Mizaki’s head and smiled, “Something you ought to remember me by, whenever you’re lost, just hold it and remember your times here, with me.” He whispered, “All the times I kicked your ass when we were training.” He smirked liked an idiot. Mizaki held the key and smiled looking up at him, “You’re asshole you know!” she said giving him a light punch. He laughed and spread his wings eyeing her with a sort of evil expression. She raised her eyebrows towards him stepping back,”Don’t you dare!” she said extending her palms towards him as roots from under the ground seemed to slither towards him. He snickered and charged towards her in the blink of an eye just to sweep her off the ground taking off high in the air with her in his arms.

Mrs. Quesada watched Zack as he scooped Mizaki into his arms and took off in the air his white wings moving gracefully. She smiled and heaved a sigh of relief then continued tidying the kitchen pondering on so many things at once.

Mizaki grumbled at first but wrapped her arms around his neck as he flew higher into the sky. She smiled and closed her eyes feeling the breeze around them. “I’d never get tired flying with you.” Zack whispered into her ear, Mizaki opened her eyes and smiled, “Just don’t drop me like you do for fun. It gives me a heart attack.” She giggled. Zack snickered which only made her hold onto him tighter, but this time he didn’t drop her, he just wanted her in his arms for a little longer just peacefully flying around. The two souls held onto each other as if time froze. They just wanted to cherish whatever time they had left together. Somehow they both knew it was diminishing. The silver key around Mizaki’s neck twinkled in the moonlight to anyone who was watching the two forms circling the skies.