She awoke in the middle of the night having sensed the nearing chaos. She quickly made her way towards Zack’s room just to shake him awake. Zack groaned and eyed Mrs. Quesada sleepily, “What’s up Miss?” he asked then noticed her pale worried expression despite the darkness of his room, he quickly jumped out of bed and eyed her, “They are coming, wake Mizaki up and get ready for battle.” She whispered then shimmered out of his room. Zack wanted to ask a thousand questions but he heard an explosion in the distance and ran towards the window, across the field he could see a number of figures and different colors of explosions, he assumed Mrs. Quesada teleported herself there to give them time to prepare. He ran to Mizaki’s room and shook her awake, Mizaki jumped up startled then eyed him as he explained what was happening. She quickly put on her sneakers and summoned her swords. David was already dressed in his usual attire of jeans and shirt, his wings spread as he summoned his own long black sword.

Zack and Mizaki stared at each other as they walked towards the field side by side, they could hear growls, cries and chattering. Zack quickly moved towards Mizaki wrapping his arms around her in a quick hug, Mizaki squeezed him as quickly as she could before he pulled back and spread his wings taking a leap forward leaving her behind to join the battle. Mizaki took a deep breath and charged, her swords aiming forward and the ground shook slightly as a few roots followed her form slithering quickly underneath, the moment she reached the battle area she halted and the roots shot up from the ground swirling around her and stabbing any of the creatures that came near her, Mizaki’s green hues were glowing and her expression was totally blank, she spotted Mrs. Quesada battling a bunch of ugly green trolls and tiny cloaked figures with her staff, she had a shield around her and her staff was shooting tiny explosions towards the army. Mizaki also spotted Zack slashing mercilessly at anything that came his way, whether it was trolls or cloaked creatures, his wings shimmered in the moonlight and remained spread. He seemed to have held Mizaki’s gaze for a second before he continued fighting. Mizaki remembered the cloaked creatures from the hotel room. She almost expected to see the lady in leather around as her roots held themselves stabbing at anything that approached Mizaki, she was literally surrounded by the roots that were at her command though she remained on the defensive stance her swords ready to slash at anything that moved passed the roots.

After what seemed like hours of battle they managed to get rid of all the creatures. Mrs. Quesada, Zack and Mizaki moved to the centre of the field, all three of them standing back to back from each other catching their breaths. When the lady in leather shimmered right in front of Mizaki and dodged all the roots that tried to stab at her, she giggled and pointed a finger at Mizaki, “Hi there little one, I knew I’d meet you again.” She said in her squeaky voice her redish-yellow hues tried to hold Mizaki’s green glowing hues. Mizaki gripped her swords, her expression remaining blank, the roots at her bidding seemed to grow further and the ground shook underneath them. “I see the little one has been practicing.” The lady in leather hissed then the two cloaked figures with pale skin from Zack and Mizaki’s previous encounter suddenly appeared on either side of her in lightning speed, they smiled towards the three flashing their fangs.  Mrs. Quesada rolled her eyes, “Be gone you leeches!” she growled and shoved Mizaki from the way to stand in front of her, aiming her staff towards the three obvious enemies when suddenly lightning shot from the sky right in front of Mrs. Quesada pushing her back. Zack Moved behind her shoving Mizaki back as well, the roots around Mizaki followed her like loving pets, Mizaki grumbled for being shoved back the second time as Zack supported Mrs. Quesada aiming his long sword towards the three.

A huge form of a man landed with a thud right on the spot where the lightning hit. He was heavily dressed with armor and his black huge wings were swirling with darkness. His red hues were staring at Mrs. Quesada, his lips forming an evil smirk instantly, “Trinity.” He said softly in a mocking tone, Mrs. Quesada’s expression turned blank and she seemed to grow pale as she eyed the dark angel trying to steady herself, “Zack, Mizaki, get the hell out of here.” She stated in a low tone meant for their ears only. The huge dark angel laughed, “Why are you sending them away, Trinity?” he questioned keeping his gaze upon her, “Why not introduce them to your husband?” he laughed then eyed Mizaki and then Zack. His expression turned blank when he noticed Zack’s wings. “You bitch!” he growled towards Mrs. Quesada, “Why didn’t you tell me we had a son!” he asked his form suddenly erupting dark shadows obviously angered.

Mizaki’s roots seemed to extend further moving around Mrs. Quesada and Zack as well like a half shield. Her green hues stopped glowing and returned back to normal the moment she heard the dark angel’s question. The dark angel’s form continued to be surrounded by shadows as he glared at Mrs. Quesada then eyed Zack again. Before Mrs. Quesada could answer him Zack whispered towards her, “What the fuck is he talking about?! Why is he looking at me?”  Zack asked his expression turning blank. Mizaki didn’t say anything, she just continued forming the roots which sprouted leaves and looked livelier around them. Mrs. Quesada turned to eye Zack with a pained expression, “I’m sorry, Zachery.” She whispered. The dark angel laughed and shook his head, “You’re going to pay for this. No son of mine is going to enter the light. I don’t care if you’re his mother, you won’t win.” He growled then summoned a staff that looked almost like Mrs. Quesada’s except it looked more rusted and it was darker. Instead of a colorful ball of energy in the centre, it had a black swirl of magical essence. He pointed it towards Mrs. Quesada, “Just like old times, lost love.” He whispered then his expression went blank and the darkness around him shimmered into his staff. Zack was utterly confused, he was shocked by what he heard and doubted if it was true, he eyed Mrs. Quesada’s pained expression and clenched his fist turning his gaze to the dark angel that seemed to be preparing for something. Before he could react Mrs. Quesada sent a huge pulse of energy pushing him and Mizaki back with great force.

The two pupils were pushed a good twenty meters away. They could hear explosions and the ground shook underneath them but it wasn’t Mizaki’s doing this time. She stood up quickly trying to regain control of the roots when a form flashed in front of her, it was one of the cloaked vampires who flashed his fangs at her, she summoned her swords and slashed at him but he only moved out of the way quickly as if he didn’t even move from his spot, he smiled a mocking smile towards her and adjusted his cloak appearing carefree and bored. Zack seemed out of it, he didn’t even get up from the ground when the lady in leather approached him; she flashed a smile towards Mizaki who was slashing at the vampire. Mizaki growled, “Get up Zack, damn it.” She got control of her roots and they went to attack the lady in leather to keep her away from Zack. Mizaki also mumbled an incantation trying to form a shield around Zack when the other vampire showed up; she had her hood down and her jet black hair seemed to glow in the dark, “Finish her off already, Brother. Why are you delaying the matter?” She asked in a clear tone her voice very inviting. The vampire who was fighting Mizaki, or more so just dodging her attacks, he shrugged lightly and sighed, “Fine, Sister. You’re always impatient.” In that moment he grabbed a hold of Mizaki’s sword as she slashed at him again, he pulled it closer which only made Mizaki move towards him since she wouldn’t let go of her sword and his incredible speed and strength took her off guard, she dug her sneakers into the soil trying to turn things to her advantage, the roots she controlled continued trying to stab at anything that moved closer to Zack. Zack just remained silent and stationary.

“Don’t resist.” The vampire said in a silent tone towards Mizaki who was still desperately trying to pull her sword back, she rolled her eyes towards the male then before she could even react he managed to wrap his arms around her form from behind locking her hands tight within his own. Mizaki gasped and tried to struggle free using all her strength to wriggle free and kick at him but it wasn’t working. His grip was very firm, it was like she was stuck between concrete. He gripped his fingers around her wrist tighter, she winced and dropped her swords which turned into green dust before it hit the ground. Mizaki took deep breaths eyeing Zack’s form on the ground. She decided to focus on the roots and her shield so at least he was safe. She felt the vampire’s lips move around the back of her neck, “What a marvelous smell.” He whispered into her ear. The lady vampire looked totally impatient and the lady in leather was hissing at Mizaki’s roots that kept on trying to jab her when she moved closer to Zack. “I think Gustav’s kid is dead.” She cooed in her squeaky voice eyeing Zack. Zack heard her and sat up suddenly and what happened next just pissed him off.

The vampire quickly sunk his fangs into Mizaki’s neck and held her tighter in his grip. Mizaki gasped the roots she was controlling dropping on the ground limp. The shield she had around Zack diminishing slowly as she felt her blood being drawn, she gritted her teeth feeling the sting in her neck though she felt totally stunned in place by the male she couldn’t react or even struggle. Zack growled his wings spreading, his form emitting static; he summoned his long sword and ran towards the vampire who was feeding on Mizaki. The vampire kept his gaze on Zack and the moment the angel charged he just threw Mizaki away wiping the blood off his mouth. Mizaki hit the ground and instantly held her bleeding neck, she was losing consciousness but she tried to stay awake. The lady in leather and the lady vampire rushed towards Zack but just got pushed off by the huge static he emitted when they got closer. Zack managed to get a hold on the male vampire who was just laughing at him, the corner of his lips still had a bit of Mizaki’s blood. Zack just plunged his huge sword into the male’s chest where his dead heart was located. The male laughed, “I am a vampire, I am already dead and your friend tasted heavenly.” He whispered towards Zack in intervals despite the fact he had a sword through himself. Zack glared at him and let the static within his form flow through his sword causing the vampire to burn inside, the vampire eyed Zack with a horrified expression knowing he was outsmarted. Zack held his glare, “No one hurts Mizaki and lives to tell the tale.” He murmured then threw the vampire to the ground and watched him squirm around until the static made its way externally on its skin causing it to burst into flames, when it was done, the vampire was nothing but dust.

The lady vampire screamed in anger and charged towards Zack, he only turned around and pointed his sword at her which went through her form since she didn’t stop running. Zack reached out to grab her by the throat and he roughly pulled his bloody sword from her form just to throw her on the ashes of her brother. The lady in leather didn’t make a move, she was merely observing the situation she was much more of an analyzer. Zack moved towards Mizaki who seemed semi conscious, he kneeled down next to her dropping his sword to the ground next to both of them as he pulled her closer to him and stroked the wound on her neck, he rested his palms over it and closed his eyes. A few of his static moved from his palms and began mending Mizaki’s wound. She jolted awake in his arms and he hugged her tightly, she weakly hugged him back, “I’m glad you’re awake.” She whispered and noticed the bunch of ashes and the probably unconscious lady vampire next to it. She then noticed the lady in leather watching them which caused her to freeze in his arms. He felt her tensed state and dragged her on her feet while picking up his sword. He faced the lady in leather who snapped her fingers forming more of those annoying clocked beings. Zack wrapped an arm around Mizaki’s waist, “This is a waste of time, let’s go help Miss.” He said and Mizaki nodded and smiled sweetly towards the lady in red as the ground suddenly shook and each of the cloaked creatures was met with an angry root just as Zack spread his wings and took off in the air with Mizaki.

They both landed a few feet away from Mrs. Quesada and the dark angel, who were still engrossed in battle. “STOP!” Zack yelled which probably distracted Mrs. Quesada because she got hit by a dark energy ball which caused her to fall on the ground. The dark angel’s red hues twinkled as he eyed Zack, “Come to me, my son.” He commanded. Zack shook his head, “I don’t know what the hell is going on, I don’t have parents.” The dark angel looked surprised, “Oh, so she didn’t even tell you, she’s your mother, well I guess I’ll spare her life to be fair then.” He said mockingly eyeing the fallen witch. Mizaki pulled away from Zack and rushed towards Mrs. Quesada and helped her up. Mrs. Quesada pointed her staff towards the dark angel and he pointed his staff towards Mizaki, “I’ll kill her if you make a move.” He snapped at her. She paused and then eyed Zack who had his gaze on the dark angel, “Leave us alone.” Zack said in a blank tone then turned to Mrs. Quesada with a doubtful expression, “You’re my mother?” he asked, Mrs. Quesada eyed Zack with a pleading expression, “Not now Zachery.” She whispered. Zack shook his head gripping his sword, “Then when? It’s now or never. Miss, why didn’t you tell me you are my mother?” he asked her looking extremely hurt. “She didn’t tell you because of me and because she knows if you knew you had a very powerful father, you’d rather be under my apprenticeship.” He said and snickered, “Isn’t that right, love?” Mrs. Quesada growled, “Shut up, Gustav! You gave into the dark side.”  Gustav couldn’t help but laugh at her, “The dark side is what will prevail, I just chose more power and I won’t have you feeding our son with this goodness bullshit.” He turned his gaze to eye Zack, “I’ll teach you how to make proper use of your power.” Zack shook his head and pointed at his staff with his sword, “Move that thing away from Miza.” Gustav narrowed his eyes towards his son, “Don’t tell me you’re in love with a witch too, it ends up badly. Look at me and your mom, we’re trying to kill each other.” He laughed and Zack rolled his eyes darting towards Mizaki and standing in front of her.

Gustav lowered his staff he didn’t want to hurt his son though he looked like he wanted to get his trust, “If you come with me, I won’t hurt Mizaki or your mother.” He said in firm tone. Zack looked uneasy, Mrs. Quesada shook her head, “NO.” she stated towards Gustav, “I’d rather die than give him up to you.” She said. Mizaki kept her grip on Mrs. Quesada looking worriedly at Zack, “Don’t go Zack.” She whispered. Then the lady in leather arrived with her army of minions, not even bothering to assess the situation, she set her minions to attack the three. Mizaki grumbled, “I’ll handle them.” She said and took a leap forward meeting them half way and killing off as many as she could with her swords and with the help of mother nature. The lady in red went to attack Mrs. Quesada and the two witches seemed to have an old score to settle. Gustav and Zack remained in place not doing anything but just standing in front of each other. Mizaki tried to glance back at them occasionally, she thought she noticed Gustav extending a black energy ball towards Zack, but she didn’t really see what happened since the minions were keeping her busy. The two men looked like father and son except for Zack’s white wings that outshined his fathers black ones.

The minions suddenly disappeared and she blinked looking around and noticed Mrs. Quesada had the lady in leather on her knees, “Don’t mess with my pupils, Roshel.” She said towards the lady in leather who shimmered away just hissing. Mrs. Quesada shook her head, “Coward.” She said then rushed towards Gustav and Zack. Everything seemed normal, she pointed her staff at Gustav, “Leave.” She stated. Gustav eyed her with a blank expression and noticing he didn’t have the upper hand anymore, he spread his wings, “I’m sure I’ll see you soon, my son.” He said flashing a mocking smile towards Mrs. Quesada before he took off in the air and disappeared into shrouds of falling darkness. Mizaki heaved a sigh of relief and moved towards Mrs. Quesada and Zack. Zack wrapped his arms around Mizaki and Mrs. Quesada, “Well, we survived.” He whispered as he hugged them tightly his normal blue eyes flashed red for an instant dark shadows forming around it before it turned back to normal.  The three of them walked back to the bungalow slowly to clean themselves up and get some rest.