Two days has passed since that huge battle. The main reason or cause for it was still unknown, Mrs. Quesada still thinks it’s because Mizaki or Zack haven’t chosen sides yet and their power is still easy to manipulate. She and Zack had a long talk about why she kept it a secret from him; she even admitted to have altered his memory a bit to think he was just lost. No wonder he never knew where he came from and nobody looked for him; he was always living with his mother, even if she disguised herself as a teacher. Zack seemed to understand and he didn’t appear angry. Mizaki was contemplating whether to go on with her plans of leaving for Toxian City especially after the attack; she didn’t want anything bad to happen to Mrs. Quesada or Zack.

The next day, Mrs. Quesada wasn’t feeling very well so she sent Mizaki to do her weekly ride to the market. Zack and Mizaki decided that its best one of them stays with Mrs. Quesada and since Zack had low tolerance for shopping; Mizaki decided she would go alone. “Just don’t be too long or I’ll be worried and don’t be stupid like me and fight if you’re outnumbered.” He said towards Mizaki as she hopped on the horse. “Take care of your mom, Zack. We’ll talk about all this when I get back.” She said towards him, he nodded. Since the past two days they were so busy increasing the security around the area and setting up traps in case they get attacked again. Plus, Mrs. Quesada seemed weaker than she usually was and it got them both worried.

Zack watched Mizaki’s form diminish as she rode off into the distance. His blue eyes turned to red and he walked into the house towards Mrs. Quesada’s room. She eyed Zack the moment he entered and her expression grew paler, she covered her mouth and coughed keeping her gaze upon him. “Now that she is gone, let’s have a serious chat, Mother.” He said in an eerie tone. Mrs. Quesada continued coughing, she tried to say something but the words won’t come out, “Yes, you can’t speak, I know, when I say serious chat, I meant only I’d be speaking and you’d be listening and nodding your head.” He smiled and approached his mother who eyed him with a bewildered expression, he took a seat on her bed, “You see, on that day when I had a chat with dad he was kind enough to fill me in, he even shared some of his powers with me, gosh, I can’t wait to join him but I want to bring Mizaki with me, I can’t let her go to that stupid city just to meet some sister who probably doesn’t really care for her.” He shrugged and waved his hand in front of him as if brushing the topic off, “That’s the only reason I stayed back. So I could get Mizaki and get rid of you, you lied to me…” he paused staring at his mother with a blank expression, “How could you lie all these years? Why didn’t you love me as a son? Why mother? What is so important about the light when you aren’t even honest with your own flesh and blood?!” he asked all these questions in an eerie tone, he stood up slowly spreading his white wings, his eyes still glowing red. Mrs. Quesada couldn’t speak or move. She was frozen in her bed, held by an enchantment. She just listened to all his words, her heart aching on the inside since she couldn’t even defend herself or answer his questions.

Zack scanned her room and moved towards the cupboard digging for something when he found her magical staff, he eyed it then eyed her, “I’ll be keeping this seeing as you won’t be needing it anymore.” He smiled madly to himself, “I should show you what dad showed me before I take your life. Would be a treat.”  He pointed his mother’s own staff towards her and closed his eyes mumbling something. Mrs. Quesada closed her eyes and got pulled back to the events two days ago when Zack and Gustav were standing in front of each other.

“Your mother is holding you back, she lied to you, she doesn’t care about you its why she kept it a secret from you, even from me, if I knew I had a son I’d make sure you were given only the best.” Gustav said towards Zack then formed a black swirling ball of darkness and extended it towards Zack, “See for yourself.” Zack reached out absentmindedly for the ball a number of thoughts rushing through his head, the darkness within the ball consumed him, took away most of his reasoning. It altered his thinking patterns, in other words, it turned around every single thing Mrs. Quesada thought him and made it looked flawed. It planted in Zack’s head that Mrs. Quesada never cared about him and was only after his power and she also wanted to take Mizaki away from him so she is allowing her to go to Toxian City. The darkness decided to feed on his tiniest worries making them huge in his mind. As the hours passed by the real Zack was slowly diminishing and was being replaced by this monster.  Tears began to flow down from Mrs. Quesada’s eyes; she opened them slowly just to see the mad expression on her once innocent son’s face. “I loved you, Mother.” He whispered then extended her own staff towards her again. It began to draw out her energy, all her powers, thoughts and magical essence. Her form turned into that of an old frail lady, she continued eyeing her son, the one she looked after all her life, the one she loved, the one she tried to protect, her own failure being the end of her, she didn’t bother to fight back, maybe things were meant to turn out this way, she used her remaining energy to give Mizaki a warning, hoping that the young witch would make the right choice, she closed her eyes just as she breathed her last breath.

Zack’s white wings slowly shifted to black and thorns began to grow from within its bones, his eyes remained red now, the blue totally gone. He eyed the lifeless body of his mother, no emotion escaping his expression; he snapped his fingers making the room turn into a bloody mess. It looked like there was a huge struggle in the room. He sat next to his mother’s corpse and waited for Mizaki to return.