Mizaki reached home in about six hours roughly, it was nearly half past ten when she called out for Zack to help her unsaddle the horse and bring all the stuff she got which was a week’s worth of supplies; meat, bread, oil and other stuff. She frowned when she got no response then looked at the house and noticed the lights were off, she quickly ran into the house after patting the horse and giving it some water and hay.

“Zack? Mrs. Quesada?” She called out and moved up the steps, she peeked into Zack’s room first and found it empty then moved on towards Mrs. Quesada’s room, she pushed the already ajar door and her expression turned totally pale after she switched on the lights. The room was a total wreck, all of Mrs. Quesada’s clothes were out of the cupboards, everything was torn or broken, but her gaze rested on Mrs. Quesada’s lifeless form on the bed. Mizaki couldn’t breathe, she was taking in huge breathes trying not to panic, she rushed towards Mrs. Quesada’s form and tried to shake her awake but she knew that wouldn’t help. A number of emotions began to engulf her.

“Mizaki.” She heard Zack’s voice call out to her, she ran out of the room towards her own room where Zack’s voice came from. She found him in the corner of her room, she didn’t have time to flick the lights on because she was so worried, she knelt down beside him. He instantly wrapped his arms around her and sobbed into her shoulders, Mizaki began to cry as well, “Wh-what happened?” she asked in a hoarse voice . He pulled back and eyed her, “They came again, I wasn’t able to save her, I am a failure of a son.” He said in a depressed tone. Mizaki tried to get him up, “What are we going to do now?” she asked, “I am going to have to send word to Mr. Howard.” She said and as she was about to move out of her room, Zack grabbed her hand and pulled her back towards himself, “No, Mizaki, we have to leave at once, they are going to come back for us. We’ll send word to Mr. Howard later on when we’re safe.” Mizaki nodded and turned the lights on then gasped seeing his black wings. She looked frightened as she eyed him, “Zack…” she mumbled pointing to his wings and the thorns, not to mention his reddish eyes. Zack sighed, “I might have overused my powers when I tried to protect her.” He whispered. She nodded eyeing him with a worried expression. She quickly grabbed her bag pack throwing in relevant stuff while Zack disappeared into his room to collect his stuff.

Mizaki didn’t agree to leave until they gave Mrs. Quesada a proper burial, so she bathed the body, dressed her in the black gown she first saw her in then layed her neatly upon a thomb of stones in the garden. She placed four candles to surround Mrs. Quesada’s body and put an enchantment around it so that no one can steal the body or destroy it. She then eyed Mrs. Quesada’s form and closed her eyes in silence. Zack just stood behind Mizaki watching her curiously as she did all that.

They took the horse after all that and set off into the night. Mizaki wiped the tears that flowed from her eyes as she buried her face on Zack’s back. Zack didn’t say a word about the incident, he heaved a sigh of relief as he felt Mizaki’s face pressed upon his back, he spread his wings slightly to give her more space as they continued travelling.  Where were they going? She had no clue but trusted Zack blindly.